Kingsgate Murder: Martin Morgan ‘House of Morgan’ Cover-Up

Top source reveals Kirkland Council Candidate Martin Morgan murdered a young Aryan boy at the Kirkland, WA Kingsgate Apartments before changing his name and running for political office with help from close friend, Rep. Larry Springer D-Kirkland.

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The following information was conveyed to me in 1998, before multiple witnesses, by none other than US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High School friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, and spells out exactly how Martin Morgan Murdered a young Aryan boy while living at the Kingsgate Apartments in Kirkland, Washington.

Martin Morgan
Martin Morgan

Before changing his name, Dixon said Martin Morgan went by a different pseudonym (Sunderland, I believe) while living at the Kirkland development known as the ‘Kingsgate Apartments.’

Dixon said Morgan was routinely sexually abusing various children within the apartment complex and, in particular, a very young Aryan girl who a slightly older Aryan boy caught being painfully raped by Morgan one day.

They believe the young boy knew and was fond of the younger girl and that he didn’t approve of the fact she was in distress at the hands of Morgan abusing her, Dixon said.

It’s clear the boy was acting as the girl’s protector when he threatened Morgan he would expose the abusive behavior to a ‘security officer’ neighbor the boy had befriended in the complex, if he caught him hurting her that way again, Dixon said.

Shortly thereafter, the boy again caught Morgan hurting the girl in his apartment for a second time.

Dixon said The next day, Morgan visually saw the boy talking with the ‘security officer’ and assumed the boy was following through with his threat.

This is when, according to Dixon, Morgan invited the young boy into his apartment and began to terrorize him over suspicion of exposing his crimes to the ‘security officer’ neighbor.

Dixon said Morgan, who is Jewish, tortured and eventually killed the young Aryan boy using a knife for believing he told about witnessing him hurting the crying young Aryan girl a day earlier.

David Jeff Sunderland

Dixon said to quickly conceal the murder, Morgan used the same carpeting from his second bedroom floor, cutting it out with the same knife right where the boy was killed, then wrapped up the body before taking outside and dumping it in the units dumpster, as if nothing had happened, Dixon said, where it was later found.

Absurdly, Dixon said that after the body was discovered rolled up in carpet outside in the Apartment dumpster, the ‘security officer’ never came forth with any allegations of Morgan raping the young Aryan girl days earlier in the same complex, ultimately leaving them to conclude, the boy never told.

Upon neighborly suspicions, and without delay, Morgan quickly moved out of the Kingsgate Apartment complex and promptly changed his name to “Martin Morgan.” Where he then went into the military, the Navy to be exact, further distancing himself from the crime.

Dixon said Martin Morgan descends genetically from the House of Morgan, which is of Jewish origins, and offers up full immunity to crimes committed against virtually anyone, particularly Aryans, and why he ultimately chose ‘Morgan’ for his new surname; as in JP Morgan (Chase).

The owner of the Kingsgate Apartment complex at the time, a prominent Jew Dixon said, knew of Morgan killing the young Aryan boy in his bedroom, and immediately sent in workers to cover up the DNA evidence from underneath the carpet pad, then had the room refitted to conceal the murder.

Bauer Dixon 33rd degree Freemason
Bauer Dixon 33rd degree Freemason Cop

Dixon’s uncle, Bauer Dixon, is a 33rd degree Freemason Kirkland police officer said to be the largest dealer of child porn on the west coast, which is believable being that he’s the first cousin of Neocon John Bolton, and was dealing to Morgan at the time of the killing, Dixon said.

Bauer Dixon remains cop number one in protecting his client Martin Morgan from implication, along with many other Kirkland police officers dealing with Bauer behind the cover up of this young Aryan boys murder, Dixon said, and largely why the murder still remains ‘unsolved.’

Dixon said city of Issaquah Administrator, Leon Kos, a Jewish licensed attorney, is providing Morgan with free legal council on avoiding the public from gaining suspicion he’s actually the young boy’s murderer, as the police are in on it, and don’t need to be protected from the actual truth…. just the public.

Leon Kos, Rep. Larry Springer, Jeff Jared
Close Friends: Leon Kos, Rep. Larry Springer, Jeff Jared

Jewish Washington State Representative, Larry Springer D–Kirkland, is publicly friends with Martin Morgan, Leon Kos, Jeff Jared, as well as being a Tubs family in-law on my mother’s side, and is protecting Morgan from implication in the boy’s murder, Dixon said.

Whilst being directly involved in new crimes against multiple Aryan children Springer and Morgan have committed together with others, including Kos and Jared and Tubs.

Leon Kos is also the Jewish half-brother of Washington State Speaker of the House, Frank Chopp, seeded through the same biological Jewish father, Dixon said. And why when elites commit murder, connected through inbreeding and secret societies, they almost always get away with it.

Coupled with the fact that Martin Morgan shares the same biological Jewish father, Dixon said of both Bellevue prosecuting attorney Jeffery Torrey and Herb Wisebaum of ABC KOMO 4 news in Seattle.

Is it any wonder why no one has caught up with the young boy’s murderer?



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