Germany to Catch Hell from Europe when Euro Fails

Common_face_of_one_euro_coinGermany is the richest nation in the EU.

People in EU nations surrounding Germany do not understand that the Euro is an elite Jew scheme destine to fail.

Germany does not understand that these people will blame rich Germany when the Euro eventually fails.

Banks within Germany have some of the highest leveraged risk in derivatives should the Euro fail.

According to US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton’s first nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High School friend and informant deeply connected to Freemasonry, the Euro is designed to fail and destroy Germany when it does.

Jewish bankers are behind the coming failure of the Euro.

Jewish bankers started both World War I and II which destroyed much of Germany.

Germany was blamed for starting World War I and II.

Germany’s women and children were raped by Soviet troops when it fell in World War II.

WW II rape victimsAccording to Dixon, Himmler, Hess, Eichmann, Gobbles and Mengele along with other Nazi’s were crypto Jews in with Jewish bankers who started World War II.

Germany paid millions in wartime reparations to Jews claiming to be victims of Nazi atrocities.

People in Greece are already beginning to show signs of resentment towards Germany.

Greece protests GermanyItaly and France may have similar financial problems to Greece beginning later this year.

Both EU nations will look to Germany for a solution.

Germany cannot afford to keep bailing out failing EU nations.

The poor in Germany have significantly increased over the last few years.

Germany will be the scapegoat of the elite Jewish bankers when the Euro fails.

Germany will catch hell from the rest of Europe under the Euro’s inevitable collapse, as planned by Jewish banker elite.

History has a tendency to repeat itself.

Greece Protests
Greece Protests Germany 2013

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