Infowars Paul Joseph Watson Direct Descendant of Eugenicist Bertrand Russell

Infowars Paul Joseph Watson and Eugenicist Bertrand Russell
Infowars Paul Joseph Watson and Eugenicist Bertrand Russell

The year 2013 certainly appears to be an accelerated time period for awakening masses discovering the frequency originating from Alex Jones and

Currently, the radio and internet guru of conspiracy theories is drawing unprecedented numbers.

Numbers, interested in exactly how he winds his way through the massive deceit of our political and corporate controller’s agenda to find their true intentions. However, many things that could easily expose Alex Jones as an insider psyops are being deliberately and systematically left out of his conspiratorial philosophical discussions.

These missing considerations frequently appear, then instantly disappear, in the midst of guest getting into subject matter Alex simply will not discuss. Namely: JEWS, ZIONISTS, and the ORTHODOXY.

In typical fashion, and right on cue, Alex abruptly cuts his “Jewish informed” callers off, whilst vociferously spouting lies and outright falsehoods in their place, or merely remains silent on subject matter wished to be kept secret, which Alex directly and continuously controls by simply disconnecting them… if his Jewish handlers haven’t already beaten him to the punch with music indicating it’s “break-time.”

According to my source, US Ambassador to the UN John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, Alex is a quotient of controlled dissent.

Dixon said it’s Alex’s job to out as many “revolutionaries” (awakened individuals) as physically possible, using mostly truthful information. A common practice being played out all over the internet, as the majority of “truth sites” fall under these same cunning protocols.

“If you do not know your enemy, don’t go to war with him.”  –  Sun Tzu

Alex Jones is an Agent of the Globalists Mission:

As Ketchum reported in his 2008 piece, three unnamed former intelligence officials told him that “8 million Americans are now listed in Main Core as potentially suspect” and, in the event of a national emergency, “could be subject to everything from heightened surveillance and tracking to direct questioning and even detention.” – Information Clearing House

In the third rank we shall set up what looks like our own opposing camp, which, in at least one of its publications, will present what looks like the very enemy of us.  Our real opponents at heart will accept this simulated opposition as their own and will reveal their identities and plans to us – Protocols

According to Dixon, Alex Jones is a Freemason, but he is not making the proverbial elitist “genetic cut,” (he will be killed) ironically, and therefore, is being fooled into performing the role of useful idiot for the true elites, further evidenced by Alex’s Jewish wife, who Dixon conveyed in 1998, will make an attempt on his Aryan life, which has since transpired.

For more proof Alex is a patsy-shill, one need only look at who surrounds him.  Let’s take a closer look: His wife, Kelly Nichols, is a Jew, his behind the scenes studio support staff is all Jewish, his advertising is all Jewish, and his favored and most revered guest like Gerald Celente, Michael Savage and George Noory, are all Jews.

Jewish information Alex is fully aware of, and on familiar terms, yet unwilling to share with his viewers… Why? And what other information is he withholding?

It doesn’t take too much cognitive intellect to exact Alex Jones is really a patsy-shill for elite Jewish interests.

Alex however, is not alone. And in fact, Dixon said Infowars co-host, Paul Joseph Watson, is a direct descendant of elite eugenicist Bertrand Russell.

Bertrand Russell had numerous affairs with a varying number of women, and fathered three known children as follows: John Russell – 4th Earl Russell [Born 11-16-21], Lady Katharine Tait [Born 12-29-23] and Conrad Russell – 5th Earl Russell [Born 04-15-37].

It is highly possible Bertrand Russell had more children we are simply unaware of, as Wikipedia has documented below:

He soon fell in love with the puritanical, high-minded Alys, who was a graduate of Bryn Mawr College near Philadelphia, and, contrary to his grandmother’s wishes, married her on 13 December 1894. Their marriage began to fall apart in 1901 when it occurred to Russell, while he was cycling, that he no longer loved her.[30] She asked him if he loved her and he replied that he didn’t. Russell also disliked Alys’s mother, finding her controlling and cruel. It was to be a hollow shell of a marriage and they finally divorced in 1921, after a lengthy period of separation.[31] During this period, Russell had passionate (and often simultaneous) affairs with a number of women, including Lady Ottoline Morrell[32] and the actress Lady Constance Malleson. – Wiki

Bertrand Russell participated in numerous broadcasts for the BBC, as documented by Wikipedia:

During the 1940s and 1950s, Russell participated in many broadcasts over the BBC, particularly The Brains Trust and the Third Programme, on various topical and philosophical subjects. By this time Russell was world-famous outside of academic circles, frequently the subject or author of magazine and newspaper articles, and was called upon to offer opinions on a wide variety of subjects, even mundane ones. En route to one of his lectures in Trondheim, Russell was one of 24 survivors (among a total of 43 passengers) in an aeroplane crash in Hommelvik in October 1948. He said he owed his life to smoking since the people who drowned were in the non-smoking part of the plane.[56][57]A History of Western Philosophy (1945) became a best-seller, and provided Russell with a steady income for the remainder of his life.

In a speech in 1948,[58] Russell said that if the USSR’s aggression continued, it would be morally worse to go to war after the USSR possessed an atomic bomb than before it possessed one, because if the USSR had no bomb the West’s victory would come more swiftly and with fewer casualties than if there were atom bombs on both sides. At that time, only the United States possessed an atomic bomb, and the USSR was pursuing an extremely aggressive policy towards the countries in Eastern Europe which it was absorbing into its sphere of influence. Many understood Russell’s comments to mean that Russell approved of a first strike in a war with the USSR, including Nigel Lawson, who was present when Russell spoke. Others, including Griffin, who obtained a transcript of the speech, have argued that he was merely explaining the usefulness of America’s atomic arsenal in deterring the USSR from continuing its domination of Eastern Europe.[56]

In 1948, Russell was invited by the BBC to deliver the inaugural Reith Lectures[59]—what was to become an annual series of lectures, still broadcast by the BBC. His series of six broadcasts, titled Authority and the Individual,[60] explored themes such as the role of individual initiative in the development of a community and the role of state control in a progressive society. Russell continued to write about philosophy. He wrote a foreword to Words and Things by Ernest Gellner, which was highly critical of the later thought of Ludwig Wittgenstein and of Ordinary language philosophy. Gilbert Ryle refused to have the book reviewed in the philosophical journal Mind, which caused Russell to respond via The Times. The result was a month-long correspondence in The Times between the supporters and detractors of ordinary language philosophy, which was only ended when the paper published an editorial critical of both sides but agreeing with the opponents of ordinary language philosophy. – Wiki

Bertrand Russell is an eugenicist to the core, if you could only hear what he has been quoted saying you wouldn’t believe it, or would be very concerned… as you should.

However, most of the literary documents evidencing the numerous eugenic assertions Bertrand Russell has been quoted saying are simply currently unavailable online, but were available everywhere when I first got on board the web in 2009. Ironically, I found a couple of incriminating statements on eugenics for which Russell had been quoted saying right from Alex Jones own website.


Recently, at the 2013 Bilderberg confab in Waterford, England, Paul Joseph Watson was able to gain unprecedented access to Ed Balls whilst inside the London BBC studio… Bertrand Russell’s old stomping grounds.

Infowars Paul Joseph Watson Confronts Ed Balls About Bilderberg:


Alex also was granted extraordinary access to one of the BBC’s most popular Sunday Political programs during the Bilderberg meeting at Waterford, called the BBC One show.

Alex Jones Live on BBC One Propaganda Sunday Politics Show:


Why would the BBC even consider giving access to conspiracy theorists?

Perhaps, as documented by Ketchum, to help further expose the awakened citizens the government needs to target and suppress, first, before they herd the remaining unwitting masses into FEMA death camps.

Or, conceivably, with help from Alex, are they deliberately attempting to make conspiracy theorist look like nut cases? Remember, Alex claims he could have been a “player” in Hollywood – therefore, he must be able to act!

Regardless, it’s overwhelmingly clear that Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones aren’t working feverously to save us, oh contraire, but rather to help the elites slay us all in FEMA camps.


But first however, they must deal with the “awakened individual” who could spark the masses into a consciously awakened revolution.

Paul Joseph Watson, in helping Alex “out” all his awakened viewers, to the benefit of the criminal mafia that runs our government, who could rally, convince, or otherwise organize the masses, but instead will be met by murderous mercenaries and drones, is stepping right in line with his biological predecessor – Bertrand Russell’s elitist eugenic philosophical practices.

A chip off the old shoulder, eh mate.

Take a good hard look at their faces, demeanor, attitudes and persona. I don’t think you need John Bolton’s nephew to explain that they are very closely related.

Infowars Paul Joseph Watson and Eugenicist Bertrand Russell
Infowars Paul Joseph Watson Direct Descendant of Eugenicist Bertrand Russell

Just trust yourself. Then you will know how to live – Goethe

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