Disney’s Shifty Adam Schiff

The Disney Jewish crime family is at the tip of the spear seeking worldwide depopulation

Above we see Walt Disney in his DeMolay uniform

“DeMolay is the premier youth organization for young men between 12 and 21, and develops leadership skills and good moral character.

The truth however, is that DeMolay is a training grounds on the tenets of Masonry, headed by Freemasons, and named after Jacques DeMolay (1243-1314) the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar.

The main purpose of Freemasonry is to start World Wars and regime change genocides for worldwide depopulation.

Mason Albert Pike

Masons and elite Jews, such as Adam Schiff, want to depopulate the planet to create for themselves, a Jewish earthly paradise, through wars and genocide.

Jew Congressman Adam Schiff

Adam Schiff was raised in a Jewish family from Massachusetts before moving to Danville, California to attend High school near San Francisco.

Schiff attended both Stanford University and Harvard Law School where he received his J.D. law degree.

After Harvard Law School, Schiff began working as a prosecutor in the Los Angeles branch of the U.S. Attorney’s Office. While an assistant U.S. Attorney, he gained attention by prosecuting a case against Richard Miller, a former FBI agent convicted of “passing secret documents to the Soviet Union in exchange for a promised $65,000 in gold and cash.”

The first trial resulted in a hung jury; the second trial resulted in a conviction that was overturned on appeal.[5] Miller was convicted in a third trial.

Schiff was elected to the California State Senate in 1996 representing the 21st State Senate district. – Wikipedia

While working as a prosecutor in L.A. and state senator for the 21st State Senate district in California, is when Schiff reunited with his ‘Walt Disney’ Jewish illuminati royal bloodline family.

“Schiff was elected to the U.S. House of representatives on November 7, 2000, and began serving his first term on January 3, 2001. Schiff began serving his 10th term in Congress in January 2019.

When put to a vote, Schiff voted in favor of the 2003 invasion of Iraq which unraveled the Middle East and created ISIS.

“Schiff has worked on reducing unwanted helicopter noise across Los Angeles County by proposing legislation to force the FAA to study and regulate helicopter noise in Los Angeles, the Helicopter Noise Relief Act. After reintroducing his legislation, Schiff worked with Senator Dianne Feinstein to push the FAA to act.

“In 2015, Schiff supported the Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen, saying: “The military action by Saudi Arabia and its partners was necessitated by the illegal action of the Houthi rebels and their Iranian backers.

Yemen is almost an exclusively Aryan populated country, which Jewish Saudi Arabia wants to invade for its natural resources and geopolitical oceanfront properties – not to mention a Yemenian Aryan genocide.

“Schiff called North Korea “one of the most brutal and despotic regimes in the world.

North Korea also is almost exclusively Aryan, and on the chopping block for Aryan genocide by the tyrannical left, Masons and Marxist Jews. And like the Middle East, a good candidate for starting WWIII.

They Are Not Like Us — by Jack Harper

“Basically, I estimate that about seventy percent of the present crisis on this planet can be fairly attributed to the machinations of (Jewish) Neanderthal-Semitic elements of the human population against the (Aryan) Cro-Magnon majority of the human population.” – Michael Bradley

Schiff is a supporter of Israel. Zionism is designed to start WWIII by false flag nuking Israel’s “chosen’ expendable Judaics, then declaring Samson on the world particularly Aryans.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xq1-oFjuPeI&w=560&h=315]

In order to achieve his goals, Schiff must remove Trump from office so that the Commander in Chief can be replaced by an operative willing to start WWIII.

“On March 22, 2017, in a interview with Chuck Todd on MSNBC Schiff claimed there was “more than circumstantial evidence now” that Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia.

“Trump referred to Schiff as “Sleazy Adam Schiff, the totally biased Congressman looking into ‘Russia’ and called the Russian collusion investigation “the Dem loss excuse”

“In December 2018 Schiff suggested that Trump associate Roger Stone may have lied to Congress, and said the transcript of his testimony should be forwarded to the Special Counsel. Stone hit back, saying Schiff was “a con man” and “full of Schiff”

“When he became Chair of the House Intelligence Committee in 2019, Schiff took a personal mission to investigate Trump’s connections to Russia, separate from the investigation by the Special Counsel.

“On March 28, 2019, the nine Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee officially called for Schiff to resign due to his allegations that President Trump’s campaign colluded with Russians in the 2016 election.

Ousting Trump from office to start WWIII is Schiff’s sole motivation, thus his offensive accusations and false indictments, in attempting to unseat a duly elected president of the United States.

Side Note: With Nibiru/Planet Nine fastly approaching, time is of the essence. As the elite do not want you to meet your maker (Yahweh/Anu) and discover their centuries old lies backed by Lucifer.

“Thus, the “creator god,” Zeus (Anu or Yahweh of the Old Testament) wants to keep mankind (Aryans) in bondage to him and his “natural laws” which he has set up, but a rebel figure, Prometheus (Lucifer) befriends man (Jews) and brings him the means to effect his freedom. That is, the Great Rebel brings man the means to become as one of the gods: “ye shall be as gods” (Gen. 3:5)” – Overlords of Chaos

This is why we now have another attempt by the usual suspects (all connected to each other) to overthrow president Trump from office over a mundane phone call to the Ukraine.

And why Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) specified that successfully pursuing impeachment of President Trump would be worth losing the Democrats’ House majority in 2020.

Further, when Speaker Pelosi was asked if she is worried about losing the U.S. House in 2020, she said “It doesn’t matter” (Nibiru).

John Bolton

According to John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, Disney’s favorite nephew, Leon Kos, saw his father handed control of the money politics in California.

Leon Kos is this writer’s father’s best friend.

Jews Leon Kos, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer

Under this Disney Jewish Sayanim vetting process, Jewish senators Dianne FeinsteinBarbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi were all selected to be elected to the U.S. Congress through the financial efforts of Kos’ Jewish father.

Kos later became an attorney in California, where he fostered a good relationship with the three Jewish politicos his father financially endorsed.

Currently, Leon meets in San Francisco every year with the three to discuss furthering their plans of accomplishing an Aryan genocide aka – The New World Order.

In Washington state, Walt Disney’s favorite nephew (Leon Kos) is secretly the Jewish half-brother (through his money politics father) of Washington State Speaker of the House Frank Chopp – who literally runs the State Legislature.

Jew Speaker Frank Chopp, D-43

Both Leon Kos and Frank Chopp are publicly connected to WA Rep. Larry Springer-D, who married into the Tubs family, of which this writer is an in-law.

Jews WA Rep. Larry Springer and Sandy Tubs

The ‘Tubs’ family is a large extended Jewish family who shares the same bloodline as Victoria Nuland.

It was Nuland who orchestrated the overthrow of the duly elected president of the Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, and the overthrow of the Ukrainian Government.

Jew Victoria Nuland (image: Wikimedia Commons/Ssturner71)

As one can now see, the Disney bloodline is fucking everyone over. And with the newly elected president of the Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, talking to Trump about “draining the swamp”, they freaked-out, and made up another CIA lie to impeach him.

Jewish CBS News Reporter Jan Crawford (Image: Wikimedia Commons/Miller Center of Public Affairs)

Backed up by the CIA mockingbird media, like CBS reporter Jan Crawford, who directly stems from the ‘Tubs’ bloodline, and lives only a few houses from controlled opposition Alex Jones.

This is also why Schiff and Pelosi are going for broke and have stated they have nothing to lose.

To further see the extent of Disney criminality, simply look at the crimes Disney bloodline Jew Leon Kos has commited all by himself.

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