Jews Secretly Call Biden ‘White Trash’

Behind the scenes Leftist Jews reveal how truly they despise Biden

According to John Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High School friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, Biden merely is a useful idiot working for Leftist Jews.

John Bolton

Further, Dixon revealed how from out of nowhere, in 1972, Joe Biden caught the attention of Jews who needed a candidate to defeat incumbent republican J. Caleb Boggs.

Senator J. Caleb Boggs

“On an objective, senatorial level, Senator Boggs was a militant, but rational environmentalist. A co-sponsor of the National Air Quality Standards Act of 1970, Senator Boggs helped to win congressional approval of this bill, which was signed into law by President Nixon. Further, Cale Boggs was a co-sponsor and helped to write the Water Quality Act of 1965. In 1970, Senator Boggs helped to strengthen State authority to prohibit sewage and pesticide discharge into rivers and lakes and to provide for coordinated Federal attacks on river and lake pollution in the Water Quality Act of 1970.”

Ironically, Leftist Jews wanted the republican senator with an outstanding environmental record removed from any further legislation.

At the last minute, Biden was their only hope for rigging the election and stealing the seat, which is exactly what transpired.

However, upon completion of his usefulness, Leftist Jews tried to kill Biden’s entire family in a tractor-trailer involved car crash, which ended up killing his one-year-old daughter Naomi and Aryan wife Neilia Biden, while injuring his two sons, Beau and Hunter.

Afterward, Biden considered resigning from the Senate to care for his two sons – as per the Jewish plot to remove him from office.

Jill Jacobs

When this didn’t happen, Jill Jacobs, who is half Jewish, targeted Biden in 1975 to become his second wife ‘handler’ on behalf of Leftist Jews.

Biden, who is Aryan, is an admitted Zionist, which unbeknownst to him means Israel being false flag NUKED to justify the use of the Samson Option to exterminate Aryans worldwide under a New World Order.

Reportedly, these same Leftist Jews would try and murder his eldest son Beau, to keep him from ever replacing his Senator father in Washington.

After serving in the US military, where solders receive various mandatory vaccines depending on their pedigree, Beau died of brain cancer in 2015.

As for mind control, Leftist Jews, using underage girls and pedophilia, have thoroughly compromised Biden and his son Hunter with the support of exclusively JEWISH family in-laws.

Fast forward election 2020, where again Leftist Jews rigged the vote for ‘old Joe’ in useful idiot role 2.0.

This reality is reflected in the fact Biden unwittingly selected ONLY Jews to serve in his Leftist cabinet.

The Leftist Jews behind Biden are Marxist secretly working with China to destroy America and depopulate the planet in their quest for Aryan genocide.

In fact, Biden’s Jewish Attorney General Merrick Garland is related to Zionist Theodor Herzl – both of whom related to the Disney Illuminati royal bloodline.

Their big Jewish crescendo is to false flag nuke Israel in order to justify use of the Samson Option against Aryans worldwide.

This will also give them their one-world-government under globalism, where Aryans, whom they consider their nemesis, will be exterminated.

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