GPE False Flag Nuking of DNC: Vaporizing Blacks and Women off Future Presidential Ticket

False Flag Mushroom Cloud

Posturing on the apex of the elitist pyramid sits a rogue group of “super-elites” wielding all power throughout the cultural world… a culture they have thoroughly created through orchestrated monopolies and fraudulent Banking practices. These Global Power Elite are politically unaffiliated neither as Democrats nor Republicans, nor lay any loyalty to any country, and are not subservient to any interest other than “their own” [GPE].

The GPE is on a steady collision course with exploding world populations, which in turn is causing exponential planet destruction.  “Eugenicide” is clearly the GPE’s chosen blueprint of escape… one they’ve even written in stone.  In order for the GPE to reduce populations, first and foremost, they must make sure no rogue “noblest” gains support of the public… and its power, as JFK did right before they had to deal with him.

John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, explained to me in 1998 how “prominent Jews” and Freemasons [GPE] are tentatively planning to NUKE the Democratic National Convention as means to eradicate the potential of non-elite Blacks, and non-elite Women from ever holding the Power of the Presidency of the United States of America.

Dixon said the GPE want to preemptively set up the Democratic ticket by using an elite Black man as candidate for President, and an elite Woman as his VP, respectively.

Dixon said the GPE feel they could potentially loose control of America if any legitimate non-elite Black man or non-elite Woman ever arouse to such aspirations as to the Presidency of the Untied States of America.

Dixon said the GPE are tentatively planning on Nuking the DNC using DNC Presidential nomination Barrack Obama [elite Black] as their flunky victim, but only if  Hillary Clinton [or another elite Woman] is his lackey VP.

Dixon said both Obama and Hillary are being treated as if they are as one with the GPE, yet in reality they are merely useful idiots to be played as star attractions along with the rest of the DNC party members in this potential false flag nuclear attack on the DNC and the American Presidency.

Dixon said if the GPE are successful, most Americans will never again want to vote for any presidential candidate whom is either Black or a Woman in future elections, furthering the GPE agenda of absolute power – by proxy of preemptively controlling any rouge candidate they deem pose a threat to their white, mostly Jewish, male Dynasty.

Dixon said if carried out, the GPE will simply blame the attack on Terrorist… thus, furthering the loss of our civil liberties, and empowering the GPE with an ever increasing confidence that they can literally get away with anything.

Dixon said the riots that broke out at the 1968 Democratic National Convention held in Chicago were orchestrated by the GPE.  CBS’s Dan Rather, the GPE’s nemesis, was roughed up inside while reporting live on air.  But the “big event” planned for the DNC that day failed to materialize, along with the destruction of the Democratic party as we know it.

It’s been circulating in the press recently that Obama may pick Hilary Clinton as his Vice President for the 2012 Democratic ticket.  Is this the sign of the GPE setting the stage for a false flag nuclear attack on the DNC?

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