Eugenicide: False Flag Nuking of Israel

False Flag Mushroom Cloud

Embedded within the Global Power Elite’s “final solution” passed down from generation to generation with ever increasing evolutionary ferocity, lies a sinister plot that is currently staged to blow things sky-high.

Over the course of past centuries and millenniums, particularly over the last one hundred years, the GPE have let nothing stand in their way on their path to world domination… a domination they plan on obtaining through the only viable means possible – the selective mass reduction of humanity [Eugenicide].

John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, explained to me in 1998, how the GPE, first by silently killing off the majority of their “intellectual competition” in the world, believe they will then be able to herd the remaining ignorant masses into one heaping helping stack of instant “Eugeincide” [FEMA Death Camps].

As for almost no intellectuals will be left to awaken and organize a path of resistance, and any remaining intelligent brave souls who try, will be separated and killed or, shot outright by snipers while attempting to orchestrate such a revolt.

Dixon said the GPE’s imminent false flag nuking of Israel will be the beginning of “the end” of humanity as we know it, culminating in over a hundred years of elite, mostly Jewish planning [Protocols].

If this brazen false flag nuclear attack on Israel is carried out, it will take out a large percentage of the GPE’s “lower-class” Jewish “intellectual competition” in the world… in one day.

A group of lower-class Jews purposely guided to Israel by Global Power Elite Jews [as seen on TV] explicitly for the purpose of taking this nuclear hit, as their useful eugenic-genocidal victims.

This GPE false flag nuking of Israel is designed to set off an all out Northern Hemisphere Nuclear Armageddon, ultimately intended on destroying all inhabitants north of the equator.

3 Missing Nukes, Iran and Pakistan

Dixon said during the ensuing lunacy following the sky-high mushroom cloud over Israel – things could really get out-of-control.  As the GPE plan on vaporizing the entire, mostly Aryan, Muslim Middle East in response to their false flag nuclear attack on Israel.

Dixon said the GPE will then turn and simply blame Aryan Iran and/or Pakistan for their false flag attack on Israel [in addition, Syria is coming unglued].

Dixon also said there are 3 missing nukes to contend with, increasing the number of retaliatory targets for whom the GPE can blame this insanity upon, not to mention North Korea, who is 90% Aryan.

Dixon said the whole of Europe, particularly Germany, is also on the list of targets the GPE want to obliterate under use of the Samson Option.

Seattle, New York, London

Dixon said the Jewish GPE headquarters [HUBS] of the world are actually located and controlled from Seattle, Washington… “Hitler’s Prague for the elite Jews” – not London or New York, like elite Seattle Jews have those Jews believing, respectively.

By proxy, Dixon said the GPE Jews want to take out both London and New York with yet another false flag nuclear attack during this false flag melee madness… London, potentially during the 2012 summer Olympics… and New York shortly thereafter, the very heart of the GPE’s internal intellectual competition in the world.

Patagonia, Argentina

Dixon said these GPE Jews headquartered in Seattle, will flee to Patagonia, Argentina to escape the immense nuclear fall-out and unstable situation.  Particularly, if  Russia and China become entangled in the mess.

Patagonia’s environment has all the natural resources required for a richly sustained life, but most importantly, Patagonia is out of the Northern Hemisphere’s wind patterns that will be thick with deadly nuclear fallout raining down and killing all life forms [click on map to activate].

Radiation Patterns From Nuclear Fallout: Japan Fukushima
Radiation Patterns From Northern Hemisphere Nuclear Fallout Gif: – Click to Start

Dixon said other GPE Jews will also flee to the Southern Hemisphere, including MIT and Harvard taught Benjamin Netanyahu, current false flag saboteur Prime Minister of Israel, but only to be met with his own death as the ultimate Jewish Eugenics patsy.

Dixon said the GPE plan on using only “clean bombs” [nukes] to take out their intended targets, and will shut down all nuclear power reactors in North America, and as many as they can elsewhere, before they flee south… leaving only indoctrinated enablers behind to keep order [FEMA camps].

Then simply wait a few centuries for the radiation levels to subside, and the masses to die off, before safely returning to Seattle, and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere… using newly created minority-status slaves to clean up and rebuild their newly formed GPE Jewish earthly paradise.

Historical Connection

To fully understand what is currently taking place, one must first take a quick look back into History.  As stated above, the GPE have been on this path for millenniums, but one need only look back at recent authentic history of the 20th century to figure out what is currently going on.


Dixon said mostly Aryan Germany, and Hitler, were badly deceived by GPE interest that feared Germany’s proven ability to create new things from virtually nothing.

As these potential future German inventions posed a great threat to the GPE’s continued world monopolistic control and financial dominance. “Germany had to be stopped… too many intellectuals, inventing too many new things,” including a large amount of fear in the minds of the GPE, Dixon said.

Straightforwardly, here is how Dixon said the GPE went about solving the intellectual competitive issue with Germany: The GPE simply infiltrated the Third Reich and set-up Germany from within… making sure Germany would lose the war the GPE would create for them.

Dixon said Himmler, Hess, Mengele, Eichmann, Gobbles and others in the Third Reich [Nazis] were all crypto Jews, who conspired along with the GPE Bush family [German], Roosevelt [1/2 Jew], Eisenhower [Jew], Churchill [1/2 Jew], Stalin [Jew] and many others, including and most notably, the GPE Jews of America, Brittan and Russia to start world war two against Germany.

Himmler, Hess, Mengele, Eichmann

Dixon said the aforementioned all conspired to destroy the genetic lineage [Eugenicide] of as many European Aryans [mostly Germans, Italians and Russians], Bohemians, and “underclass Jews,” as physically possible.  Thus, killing off and dissolving their intellectual Genetic competition in the world… all aimed at preserving their monopolies and banks from ever being “out foxed.”

Dixon said before GPE controlled America entered into WW II, the United States had created “The Bomb” [Nuke], and had access to the blueprints of the German Aryan Henry Ford’s assembly line schematics, that could produce an airplane every hour.

There was virtually no way America and its Allies could lose this colluded and premeditated war against Germany and the Axis.

Dixon said America then staged yet another false flag event aimed at visually justifying America’s way into the war by getting Japan to attack Pearl Harbor.

Done simply enough, using GPE funded covert “non-military” rogue American fighter jets, tagged with US military markings, to bomb Japan’s equivalent of Hawaii – “the Jap’s elite retreat.”

Dixon said it worked, angering the Japanese into foolishly retaliating on the US Navy at Pearl Harbor, and thus launching America into the war… just as planned.

For more authentic information on WW II conveyed to me by Dixon, see: “The Bush Connection.”

Dixon said the GPE’s second main objective in starting WW II was for the inevitable creation of Israel – aimed to bring in as many “underclass Jews” as physically possible… to become future false flag nuke victims, and thus, creating a catalyst for a premeditated GPE planned world wide Eugenicide under use of the Samson Option… so here we are.

Samson in the Temple of Dagon, destroying his enemies, and himself
Samson in the Temple of Dagon, destroying his enemies, and himself

Under the GPE’s demented Eugenics philosophy of “saving” the planet from over population, growing at ever increasing exponential rates, they believe they must first destroy it.

“In order to create, you must first destroy” – Prometheus

In order for the GPE to create this scenario of “justifiably” destroying the northern hemisphere, Dixon said GPE Jews who run Israel fervently order the “underclass” Israel Defense Force [IDF] Jews to commit atrocities against innocent Palestinians.

Dixon said “Hamas is a Jewish GPE controlled fake front,” with GPE Jews working both sides of the conflict.  Mainly, in trying to create “world-wide public dislike of Israel’s tactics” and hatred of Israeli’s – intended to justify their future false flag nuking of Israel… to then be blamed on any “rogue” Arab nation the GPE wish to “retaliate” upon… and obliterate under use of the Sampson Option.

In Israeli’s “approval” of the IDF blindly following their Jewish saboteur GPE leader’s commands to commit atrocities against Palestinians [a large percentage of which are Jewish]… they have angered the world community… and by doing so, have created an opportunity for the GPE to justify playing their end-game trump card, Ace-of-Spades false flag nuking of Israel.

Thus, creating the intended scenario of being able to then “justify” blaming it on Iran, Pakistan… or anyone else they damn well please… by proxy of the three missing nukes.

Not to mention, the vast stockpile of nukes Israel has pointed directly at Europe… along with the GPE Jews centuries long desire to destroy the whole of Europe, particularly Germany, along with the entire White European race, Dixon said, for which they deem the cancer of humanity.

“The white race is the cancer of human history” – Susan Sontag [Jew]

The Samson option – A policy in which any threat to Israels will be responded to with massive nuclear retaliation.



Dixon said the fundamental core reason the GPE assassinated President John F Kennedy, was because he was trying to stop Israel from obtaining a nuclear bomb arsenal… a nuclear arsenal the GPE were/are preemptively planning on using to “retaliate” against their false flag nuking of Israel.

An Israeli nuclear arsenal omnipotent to the strategic methodology the GPE need to fulfill their agenda of “retaliating” and vaporizing the entire, mostly Aryan, Muslim Middle East and whole of Europe with.

Kennedy was getting in the way of the entire purpose for the creation of Israel…. to be enabled to retaliate with nukes under the Samson Option, right after the GPE false flag nuking of Israel, and the main reason JFK was taken out.

Coupled with the fact, that just six months prior to his assassination JFK had signed Executive Order 11110 which returned to the US Government the power to issue currency through silver backed certificates without having to go through the FED.  Specifically, world banking domineer Rothschild, who is the chief Jewish [Ashkenazi] GPE Satanist scheming Israels imminent vaporization, Dixon said.

Not to mention, JFK was publicly speaking out about dealing with hidden powers of secret societies [Masons] behind the scenes of government, and according to Dixon, had just ordered reports to be opened on UFO’s – which the GPE wanted remained sealed … is it any wonder?


Dixon said the GPE want to expedite the nuking of Israel before the Mayan, Hopi, and ancient Chinese calendars are simultaneously set to run out sometime around December 21, 2012.  Just in case they are right, and a pole-shift, Nibiru, meteors, or an Alien landing takes place – enlightening us all. Is this why we are seeing the US military run so many “drills” all across America as of late?


In 2003 the United States invaded Iraq on March, 19 which this year is the holy, “Day of Purim,” in the Jewish calendar.  This, “Day of Purim,” is a day the Jews celebrate their victory over Ancient Babylon, now based within the borders of Iraq, how interesting.

What is also significant is that the previous U.S. led invasion of Iraq ended on the Day of Purim ten years earlier with the slaughter of 150,000 fleeing Iraqis under the then current President’s father, George Herbert Walker Bush.  Purim is also the time when the Jews are encouraged to get bloody revenge against their perceived enemies. – []

In 2012, Purim falls on March 8. I expect this date may be worth noting, remember the Jews are encouraged to ”get bloody revenge” against their perceived enemies, mostly Aryans… Iran.

FEMA Camps

Dixon said in the event of a controlled financial collapse, major catastrophe or war, an opportunity may unfold to facilitate the GPE’s false flag nuking of Israel.

During any of which, the police will try to coral the dismayed American population into FEMA Camps – under the guise it’s for their own protection, where in reality, they will separate and kill each prisoner, one-by-one, well away from the ears of the remaining helpless ignorant flock.

Dixon said the GPE want the terrified American populace [] to turn on the local, county, and state police whilst being herded into FEMA Camps. This way, the GPE can bring in the US military, UN troops, and corporate monopolies paid rouge Private Mercenary Armies [Blackwater] to do the final “Eugenicide” – mass murder at the FEMA Death Camps… the GPE’s final solution.

Under this scenario, the GPE Jews and their Masonic subordinates will have killed off all their perceived intellectual competition in the world, and can begin obliterating the masses without fear of revolt, including the southern Hemisphere’s defenseless populations, who are militarily unmatched.

If successful, the GPE will have created for themselves: a Jewish earthly paradise.

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