Top 10 Jewish Late Night Talk Show Hosts Engaged in Mind Control

Mind control is a Jewish preoccupation, and television its delivery system –

ALL Jew Late Night Talk Show Host Photo Shoot

When pursuing mind control, it makes sense to also be at the front end of its delivery system. Which in large part, represent Late Night comics (pictured above). Being, that’s who most of the dumbed-down viewership gets its geopolitical news from.

According to Lake Forest Park High School, these are the top 10 [Jewish] Late Night Talk Show Hosts [engaged in Mind Control]:

1. Conan (Jew)

Conan O’Brien, who is Jewish, reportedly is dispensing CIA disinformation to the youngsters, and young of heart via his Late Night talk show on TBS. Conan reportedly comes from an elite Jewish family engaged in a hidden hand agenda to depopulate the planet, in a quest to become demigods like their god Lucifer – and rule over humanity under a new world order (NWO).

“Thus, the “creator god,” Zeus (Anu or Yahweh of the Old Testament) wants to keep mankind (Aryans) in bondage to him and his “natural laws” which he has set up, but a rebel figure, Prometheus (Lucifer) befriends man (Jews) and brings him the means to effect his freedom. That is, the Great Rebel brings man the means to become as one of the gods: “ye shall be as gods” (Gen. 3:5)” – Overlords of Chaos

The Hidden Hand (video)

Which means these people can pretty much do whatever the hell they want, while aligned with the Democrats, Neocons, and Masons (Illuminati) in spreading their weapons of mass distraction (Mind Control) propaganda depopulation agenda disinformation.

“Basically, I estimate that about seventy percent of the present crisis on this planet can be fairly attributed to the machinations of (Jewish) Neanderthal-Semitic elements of the human population against the (Aryan) Cro-Magnon majority of the human population.” – Michael Bradley

They Are Not Like Us by Jack Harper

2. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (Jew)

Stephen Colbert, who is Jewish, reportedly is an elite patsy. Meaning, he’s elite, but NOT making the final cut therefore is a useful idiot, as is the case with so many so called “elite.

Steven Colbert with John “Pedo” Podesta

Nevertheless, Colbert sure likes to protects his elite Jewish pedophile buddies, via a classic example of gaslighting Mind Control documented in the outrageous video below.

3. The Late Late Show with James Corden (Jew)

4. Jimmy Kimmel Live! (Jew)

5. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (Crypto Jew)

Jimmy Fallon, a crypto Jew, reportedly earned his Late Night Talk Show spot specifically because of the fact he directly descends from a top-level Bolshevik-Jew, who reigned Red Terror over White Russian Christians during the 1917 ’Revolution’ the exact same Jewish game plan he has for America, via his late night propaganda disinformation distractions.

Jimmy Fallon’s Crypto-Jewish Genetic tie to Marxist Communist Jew

6. Late Night with Seth Meyers (Jew)

This reportedly also is the case with Seth Meyers, sporting Jewish ancestry steeped in deceit and subversion through the successful historical use of mind control of the Marxist Bolshevik variety.

7. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (half-Jew)

8. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Jew)

9. Real Time with Bill Maher (admitted Jew)

Other mentions must include John Oliver in the UK and Bill Maher in Hollywood, both on HBO, and both Jewish. Interestingly however, Maher likes dating only young Aryan women (and many of them reportedly).

Side Note: To further demonstrate the prowess of elite Jewish deceit (using mind control propaganda to subvert humanity through the form of late night distraction and misdirection) many of these Jewish Late Night Talk Show Host reportedly are engaged in homosexual relationships with their on-air sidekicks, as is the case with Conan and Andy, Fallon and Mr. Higgins, Kimmel and Guillermo – not to mention Corden is openly gay among fellow party elite.

10. Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen (gay-looking Jew)

To round out this fully Jewish list of Late Night Talk Show Hosts, ‘Watch What Happens Live’ with Andy Cohen, who is Jewish, sums it best.

The source for this information is John Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry.

Dixon is also closely related to Jay Leno’s good friend and mechanic Dave Killackey (among other notables) whom he regularly visits frequently in California.

Dave Killackey and Jay Leno

Additional source: A Definitive ranking of all the Late Night Talk Show Hosts


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  1. Most Jews in America are not right-wing conservatives. Most Jews in America are moderate-liberals. It is no secret that Jews maintain an intensive role in Hollywood which is disturbing to non-Jews who sometimes possess more talent. However, while the facts mentioned above do suggest that Jews are more capable of working together and assisting each other in ways that non-Jews deem racist and unfair, the contention that a Jewish conspiracy exists over our American airwaves, only reveals how non-Jews are often less cohesive and more insecure.

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