Globalist Plan Russian Annihilation

The Neoconservatives who planned 911 inside America, originally were Bolsheviks who overtook Russia in 1917 and murdered 100 million white Christians

John Bolton (second from lower left)

The Jewish led Bolshevik game plan of 1914, was to eradicate Christians worldwide. But by the grace of god, Trotsky fell ill, and Stalin, who was a Jewish Nationalist similar to Hitler, didn’t fully play along with the globalist hegemony he knew would ultimately weaken the Jewish race, and why he had many top Bolsheviks killed before they got to Bohemia.

Top Bolshevik Leon Trotsky, chased by Stalin, fled to Mexico and was later killed after a Mason’s son overheard of his globalist plot for world domination, whereby he planted an ax in Trotsky’s skull in a villa in Mexico.

Jew Leon Trotsky

According to John Bolton‘s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, Bill Kristol (along with other Neocons) descends directly from top Bolshevik leadership who escaped Stalin’s Soviet Russia, and now is a key Neocon currently plotting a globalist takeover of the world today from America.

Jew Bill Kristol

During an 1814 Bankers meeting of world leaders plotting the course for globalism, the Czar of Russia refused to participate, which infuriated the Jewish globalists, who 100 years later through use of Jewish Bolsheviks, threatened the current Czar’s life.


By proxy, this time around (1917) Czar Nicholas Romanov agreed to flee Russia taking his family with him, after collectively faking their death using Aryan Christian peasants to fill the grave.

Czar Nicholas Romanov agreed to flee Russia with his family

The Romanovs dispersed into Austria, where some family members later ended up in America, like famed actor John Lithgow, a direct descendant of the Czar, who eventually became a publicly known figure due to Marxist Hollywood’s bravado of showing off their wares.

Relatives; John Lithgow and Nicholas Romanov

Grigori Rasputin, an influential Jewish mystic who befriended the Czar and his family, was partially blamed for Russia’s downfall in the course of mishandling affairs through his high-level access – as was his intent.

Rasputin reportedly had an insatiable sex drive, and was later killed by a group of men led by Prince Felix Felixovich Yusupov, for having sex with too many Russian women – where afterward, his phallus was removed and pickled for posterity.

Aryan Prince Felix Felixovich Yusupov Jr. (1886 – 1967)

The surviving Bolsheviks who fled Stalin’s Soviet Russia, are currently ‘The Neocons’ of America today, and want Russia annihilated using Russian made nukes, positioned right where they sit, all throughout the vast expanse of Russia.

Peregruzka “Overloaded”

This is what ‘Uranium One’ or ‘Russian Reset’ is really all about.

“Overloaded” – get it? this was no mistake, as the Neocons thoroughly plan on using the European Missile Defense System stationed all throughout Eastern Europe to bombard Russian nukes right where they sit, thus causing them to become overloaded before they can be unloaded from positions on trucks or underground.

Moreover, the Neocon plan is to further complicate the issue for the Russians by using Tesla technology, which can disable digital electronics at the push of a button from hundreds of miles away, just as they did to the Russian Sukhoi Superjet in Indonesia, causing it to crash into the side of a mountain – preempted by Bolton’s nephew in 1998, and again when I testified about it in court in 2007.

via (click to enlarge)

Currently, as Bolton sits in Russia discussing the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) with Moscow while I write this article, Dixon claims Russia needs to spread their nukes out across Russia to places like Siberia, and get them the hell out of urban areas where they are set to be swarmed (overcharged) by missiles right where they sit.

But perhaps more importantly, Russia needs to refigure their detonation device from digital (which is susceptible to Tesla technology disablement) to analog, by running “copper wire” as a backup solution to detonate their nukes before they are disabled then “overcharged” right where they sit, which would clearly be the final annihilation of Russia, and reset world events.

Video: Jewish Bolsheviks



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  1. Got a GREAT documentary you may be interested in watching? Its like 10-12 hours long & QUITE comprehensive in its content & professionally executed format…

    “Europa~The Final Battle” parts 1-10-ish…..Youtube.

    For -$ome reason, parts 1 & 5 or so are on YouTube, but ya gotta jump through flaming hoops/Solomon Sigils in order to view~((Usual Khazarian Suspects @ YT no doubt))~ Prob the REALLY important shit in the “Lost” vids?..

    Check em out, REALLY insightful & well done…

    ~Be Well


  2. “But perhaps more importantly, Russia needs to refigure their detonation device from digital (which is susceptible to Tesla technology disablement) to analog, by running “copper wire” as a backup solution”

    Pay close attention to those lines. Analog electrical engineering is a dead art that was phased out of schools in the 80’s in favor of digital microprocessors. As a result today we have poorly engineered, slowly responsive, and innacurate digital equipment that is a far cry from what used to be accomplished with analog technology. The true elites of the world do not want the common folk to use analog for many reasons. In fact, many elite families have coimpletely forgetten how to use analog technology themselves.

    This has also rewired everyones brains to better suit a world dealing entirely in numbers. The real world is far too complex to be boiled down any equation. Mathematics is only useful for providing estimations. One example, everyone today is only focused on the value of the stock market and fiat currencies instead of physical production. A new pickup truck now costs $50,000 fiat dollars for the base model, while physical silver, one of the only true forms of money, is the cheapest it has ever been in the history of mankind. People kicking themselves for not getting into bitcoin when it was $20 will be even more depressed about not buying physical silver right now.

    If you want truly useful skills to survive the next collapse. Start researching online and teach yourself how to create analog circuits and fabricate your own equipment. A bit of assembly language programming skills would help as well. New software has always relied on faster and faster hardware running top heavy programming languages. With the advent of decentralized crypto economies, people will now be rewarded for creating the most lean and efficient software and hardware possible.

    If you want an example of analog technology in it’s prime, look to the rife 50,000x optical microscope.

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