Mass Shooter False Flag Gun Control

Bolshevik politicos driving gun control are also often behind the triggermen false flag mass shootings

“As above so below” – a key phrase epitomizing policy at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

The CFR unquestionably runs the show in Washington while directing individuals and groups to carry out various false flags on the street level to further their globalist agenda.

“As above so below” – for gun control.

A rather simple equation, the unsuspecting masses can never seem to cohesively calculate.

Where’s the simple answer? its revealed in the stunningly rudimentary, multifaceted Hegelian dialectic of PROBLEM, REACTION SOLUTION, the fundamental structure of Marxism.

Joe Biden is set to sign an executive order for gun control, based largely on the recent Colorado mass shooting.

“Boulder Colorado attack is at least the 7th USA mass shooting where the accused attacker was known to FBI beforehand.”

Boulder Attack Is Seventh High Profile Mass Shooting where the attacker was known to the FBI

False Flags Rise since election:

“So after the Democrats get control of the White House and Congress, mass shootings start to make the headlines again, like clockwork.”

The first technique is the use of traumatic events that are reported on in a sensationalist and unscientific manner in the media so as to induce a deep sense of shock, disorientation and confusion in the population as a whole.

The mental trauma of such events is used to induce passivity and receptivity to profound institutional shifts that would otherwise be impossible…

‘The second strategy is to induce a hypnotic state in the brain of the individual, and the population as a whole, through the constant repetition of certain themes and images.

Boulder, Colorado is a heavily Jewish controlled jurisdiction. According to Dave Hodges, it is the most corrupt county in the entire country.

“Six shooting incidents from 1999-2021 occurred within a 40-mile radius of the shooting, on 22 3 2021, at Boulder King Soopers Colorado.”

“The 1999 Columbine High School massacre took place just 33 miles from the King Soopers in Boulder.”

The King Soopers chain is owned by Kroger. Bernard Henry Kroger (1860 – 1938) is the Jewish founder of the Kroger supermarket empire.

The Kroger Company, or simply Kroger, is an American retail company founded by Bernard Kroger in 1883 in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is the United States’ largest supermarket by revenue ($121.16 billion for fiscal year 2019), and the second-largest general retailer (behind Walmart).

The Boulder shooting was on March 22 (322) 2021.

“Skull and Bones, also known as Order 322 or The Brotherhood of Death is an undergraduate senior secret student society at Yale University.”

Biden nominated Attorney General, Merrick Garland, supervised the prosecution of the perpetrators of the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building, led by FBI patsy Timothy McVeigh.

Biden worked alongside Garland, who is Jewish, on legislation over the Oklahoma bombing that took away rights from Americans.

“The University of Hawaii Democide Project in which they detailed that in the 20th century (1) 16 genocides took place on the planet; and (2) each and every genocide was preceded with gun confiscation by the government where the eventual genocide would occur. Each incident used as the provocative incident was usually executed by a lone nut.” – Dave Hodges


Is This Live Video at the Scene in Boulder Evidence of a False Flag?

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  1. There was a False Flag Op planned/Hoped for by Cabal Interests-(National level & Local level)-
    Where: Whidbey Island WA….
    When: Fall>Winter 2012-Sought after TANDEM West>East Coast event(s) #1-To eviscerate Americans 2nd Amendment Rights. #2- Enrich complicit locals. #3-I’d imagine “Sympathy Contracts” would pour in to large south end employers? #4- Large re-construction/demo project using such as COVER for large Underground facility revamp/remodel…

    -Its NO surprise such horrific things were sought after locally, as Whidbey Island is home base to one of the PNW’s most powerful & politically well-connected, not too mention vicious, Luciferian PEDO-Ring/DeathKult with access to CommSats w/onboard weaponized “Stone-R” technology suits. Possibly local “Cell Tower” networks. All the miles of buried phone lines out here could act as one HUGE G.W.E.N “tower” network?-(Ground Wave Emergency Network)- Next time ya go for a short drive out here, try counting all the phone line junction boxes! -Youll be fatigued/run outta numbers in less than 2 miles!…;)

    Ive tried to talk to I.C.S about “Our Little Problem” & share the info/intel Ive collected over the course of a decade now.
    But I also implied I wouldnt be willing to share the info with any F.B.I InfraGard chapter members-(I.C.S-WhidTelCo-NicholsBrothers, DBA: I.C.E>>>F>L>O>E/Any “Critical Infrastructure” gas station(s) & energy utilities being such members-Invite only of course)-

    But just as all my other worthy tips concerning wanted fugitives whereabouts & other myriad BS Ive had to personally deal with have fallen on deaf ears/no call backs/email replies/ect.
    Im not the ONLY one out here that has said such as well…
    Thats how things go out here in the middle I suppose?

    Adam Lanza=David Hogg-(See photo overlay of the two;)- S.H, C.T FemaCapStoneDrill to be the secondary 2012 operation…
    Good thing they only got the false drill!

    Where: South end. Use your imagination…
    How: Breaking of individuals psychologically/emotionally/subliminally via exotic, military grade technology-
    -Abusive V2K-Voice To Skull/Synthetic telepathy tech-(How MANY of those types of calls have ya read in our local papers “Sheriffs Report” over the years now?!-Sheeesh!-All chalked up to “Mental Instability/Mental Health” EVERY time of course-Just like Keaton Farris’s death up @ the I.C Jail -April 7th 2015)-
    -R-emote N-eural M-onitoring tech…
    -Microwave band weaponry deployed-(OUCH!)-…
    -C-ommunity O-rganised P-olicing gangstalking & harassment tactics..
    -The particular group has access to E.E.G Heterodyning Technology-(E-lectro-E-ncephalo-G-raph)-

    -MK’d D.C Naval Yard Shooter/Targeted Individual, -Aaron Alexis, began getting hit with V2k & other such brain-bending tech when he worked up @ N.A.S Whidbey & lived here on the island…
    -Aaron Alexis working at a naval base that specializes in >ELECTRONIC WARFARE<

    -Arcan Cetin, Cascade-Burlington Mall MindKontroled Shooter & Oak Harbor Resident, worked up @ the base PX/Cafeteria when he began "Hearing Voices" & got hit with the same tech as Alexis….
    -I was sitting in Heathrow Airport London the day of Arcans event on Sep 23rd 2016, awaiting an early flight home to Vancouver B.C Airport.
    -Flight time: 8 hours journey. while sitting there I received a telepathic/V2K communication, no doubt from one of the local Island "Networked" perps I deal with 24/7/365 for the last DECADE now-(2009-present-Its like dealing with dozens of "A Christmas Story" known villain, -Scut Farkus;)-
    I was told verbatim: "Mr Rose, your gonna come home to something interesting, this is to let you know, we arent F*#@ing around & we all want you OFF the island"
    I brushed it off as the usual 24/7 V2K lies, UNTIL I arrived in B.C to see the latest news about the recent shooting @ the mall. We drove past the crime scene on our way home via Deception Pass bridge.
    -So someone HERE had PRIOR 6 hour advanced KNOWLEDGE of the event & chose to share it with me!
    -Same thing happened while I was vacationing in Ramsau Bavaria in 2017. I was told nearly the same thing as to "Coming Home To Something Interesting" lacking any pertinent details of course, just that "Americans Guns We're going To Be Taken After This One" That was the 29th of September, I returned on September 30th. The Las Vegas "Harvest Festival" in the shadow of the Luxor Vegas pyramid-(Pyramid Meaning: "Fire In The Middle")- happened on October 1st…..-Hmmmm?

    I believe Tulalip Tribal Member, -Jaylen Fryberg, was also hit with such exotic weaponry. Tulalip Tribal Lands being within eyesight from Whidbey. As he started acting erratically, isolating himself, he also began "Hearing Voices" before his Marysville-Pilchuck HS tragedy. This shooting happened a short 3-4 weeks before the vote on WA Gun Control Initiative 594, which looked as if it wouldnt pass due to ridiculousness of content. It passed after that one. The V2K perp chatter I had heard 2-3 months before Jaylens unfortunate event was that "Something Was In The Works"

    What about the details of the sad Mukilteo shooting involving teenagers?

    -Travis Cruz, of Marjory Stoneman Douglass HS shooting infamy, was ALSO hit with V2K/Telepathic abuses & medicated by Doctors before the event.
    -The son of a former F.B.I Agent & well known gun kontrol advocate, -David Hogg/Adam Lanza was thankfully attending that very HS @ the time to give us all the unvarnished "truth"…-SARC;)

    Aside from VERY obvious national up-tick in M.C.E's/Shootings since the installation of Americas 2nd Gen cellular grid infrastructure, in & around 1996, we have a significant PATTERN of behaviors forming as to the corrosive goings on right here on Whidbey Island….
    SO MANY people over the past few decades have been purposefully targeted by "The Network" out here, most are unawares as to the nature(s) of the technology used however…

    There are two types of people in America, those that have been mind control'd, conditioned, targeted & KNOW it, & those that have suffered the same & have yet to become fully aware of it….

    Its up to US to EDUCATE ourselves as to the capabilities, patents, uses & applications of wireless signals & Electro Magnetic Frequency based technologies!
    -The human mind has ZERO "firewall" to EMF signals & wave forms….
    Like any ordinary baseball bat/steak knife, the tech &/or tool is neutral in nature, BUT it can be weaponized against others by the controllers of the particular tech or tool….
    What matters is the orientation & whats in the heart/head of the individual wielding such….

    Be Well Edmund Dantes'….

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