Jews Recruit Aryan Soldiers to Fight Suicidal Wars

Aryan soldiers are being pawned-off on both sides in Jew wars aimed to facilitate their own genocide.

For centuries, divide & conquer has been the stratagem Jews use to eradicate Aryans (Cro-Magnons) from the face of the globe.

This exclusively Jewish technique has its origins in Sparta during the war against Athenians, fought over cultural control of a divided Greece.

Previously, Jews exclusively used Neanderthal armies in attempt to defeat Athenians and their Aryan city-state empire.

It was during the Peloponnesian War fought between Spartans and Athenians, that the Jews discovered “Aryans make the best soldiers” and thus, only other Aryans could defeat them. Therefore, Spartan warriors were predominantly born of Aryan blood in the conquering of Athens.

Subsequent to their victorious war against Athenians, the Jews/Neanderthals have been using this Aryan vs Aryan technique ever since – Killing them off as “heroes” in the battle of supposed “foes.”  

Smiling Aryan Soldiers Marching to their Death

World War One had Jews manipulating Aryans against one another over threat of losing their businesses, and daughters to their fellow cross-boarder Aryans.

It was this war, particularly the battle of the Somme that Aryans mutually killed the best of themselves from the gene pool of humanity, and where Jews, in retrospect, claim dominance over the affairs of men henceforth.

Hitler, an Aryan soldier of the first world war, came to power as means to save what was left of the Aryan race from the ravages of Jewish manipulations.

German Aryan Youth

However, he too was deeply subverted by Crypto-Jew Nazis in the Third Reich, who set up Germany from the inside to finish off the Aryan race and build Israel, from where they plot their Zionist crescendo Aryan extermination end game false flag finally.

Eugenicide: False Flag Nuking of Israel

Crypto Jewish Nazis: Himmler, Hess, Mengele, Eichmann

America was never built to last, and in fact, Jew Sir Francis Bacon documents this fact in his book The New Atlantis, which in summary documents the creation of America for the sole purpose of worldwide destruction of other nations, via regime change and WARS.

After of which America will be destroyed itself, consequently the point we are currently entering into. America has been at war destroying nation all across the globe since its inception under the guise that “they hate us for our freedoms” as documented in this Wiki War List.

Jews vs Aryans

The reality is that all other nations are controlled by Jews and are in total control of their respective Aryan armies. This is their New World Order end game – Aryan genocide.

Skull and Bones, also known as The Order, Order 322 or The Brotherhood of Death is an undergraduate senior secret student society at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.

Aryan Bones Stacked in Genocidal Form

Skull & Bones is touting Aryan genocide, the members are sworn upon this oath and consist of some of the top people in our government – this is all they think, plot and plan about.

The CIA was founded by Skull & Bones as means to stir up military conflict worldwide, where Aryan soldiers kill their fellow Aryan adversary by purposeful design.

Jew/Neanderthal War Hawks

Uncle Sam is a Jew – “enlist now” for a contrived war against your own Aryan kind – “I want you… DEAD!”

Gulf War Syndrome – is caused by vaccines. PTSD – is caused by Aryan soldiers Killing fellow Aryans in military combat (and/or witnessing Neanderthals killing Aryan children and other innocent for sport, out of hate of Aryans).

Aryan Soldier Suicide Causes

The Globalist are now flipping flimflam on imperialism – and their armies. BLM and Antifa have built their own military arm designed to finish the job of killing Aryans, as per Obama’s plan, currently being implemented by patsy Aryan ‘White Trash’ Biden.

Aryan genocide is the end game… and everyone at the top knows it.

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