Jewish Bellevue Judge Steiner Plots to Infect ‘Thai Tom’ with HIV/AIDS

Bellevue Judge David A Steiner
Bellevue Judge David A Steiner

According to John Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High School friend and informant deeply connected to Freemasonry, Bellevue district court Judge David A Steiner is very closely related to prolific Seattle area marijuana dealer and local rock band member, Larry Steiner.

Both of whom bear an uncanny resemblance to each other.

Larry Steiner, who has a hefty renowned pot dealing reputation and rock band fan following in Seattle, also is the best friend of “Thai Tom.”

Dixon said Larry Steiner, and his extended elite Jewish family, are poisoning the weed for which he is afforded immunity to sell to unsuspecting patrons in Seattle, such as Thai Tom.

“Kevin,” another local Seattle area Jewish weed dealer with immunity, who Dixon says is set to take over Larry’s place, has proclaimed that all of Larry’s “customers” are coming down with ailments.

This information is substantiated by Dixon.

Not too far back, I attended one of Larry Steiner’s birthday parties at his home in Buckley, where he is surrounded by homes of his crypto relatives at their family compound near the base of Mt Rainier.

Larry Stiener
Larry Stiener

During this party, I specifically remember watching Thai Tom offer up his freshly filled weed pipe to a Jewish girl, who promptly shook it off, then straightaway took a hit off another pipe offered up by a fellow Jew.  Tom, in the moment, complained to me about this incident, saying it happens to him all the time, which makes him feel uncomfortable.

In 1998, Dixon specifically explained to me how Larry Steiner and other elite Jews he is colluded with, including his close family relative, Jewish Bellevue district court Judge David Steiner, are all planning to set up Thai Tom in attempt to infect him with HIV/AIDS.

Dixon laid out how they will be using a Jewish blonde woman in Amsterdam, who will try to pass Thai Tom the disease during intercourse she will be offering up freely, during this trip they will have arraigned for.

Before I got opportunity to tell Thai Tom this information, based largely on his previous skepticism of similar revelations, he informed me he had just returned from Amsterdam while on vacation with friends.

Where, he conveyed that while visiting in Amsterdam he was offered sex from an older blonde woman who his “friends” introduced him to.

Medina Police Chief Jeffrey Chen
Medina Police Chief Jeffrey Chen

Interestingly, Thai Tom is friends with Ex-Medina police Chief Jeffrey Chen, who he met at his mother’s restaurant in Bellevue, where the two became friends and regular fishing buddies.

However, Thai Tom is not the only victim of this subterfuge, as Jews have a history of infecting people with HIV/AIDS Dixon said, including Julie Johnson, an Aryan girl who was purposely infected by an Arab Jew around 1983, and since has been tested positive.

I feel it is important to get this information out, before the bad news, if any, comes to pass.


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