Barbara Walters Targets Arafat and Castro with Radiation Poisoning

Arafat and Castro
Arafat and Castro

Barbara Walters, who is Jewish, was secretly poisoning both Arafat and Castro, both who are Jewish as well, by putting trace amounts of radioactive substances in their food, drinks and on their clothing.  This was done during the course of many interviews Barbara Walters conducted over the years, followed by dinners they ate together, according to John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry.

Dixon said Arafat also was targeted for HIV/AIDS by an Arab Jew who was infected with the virus, but had immunity to the deadly AIDS onset of the disease itself, and willing to be an “infector” for the Jews who created the AIDS virus for population control, particularly aimed for homosexuals and their organized gay parades.

Hugo Chaves
Hugo Chaves

Radiation poisoning is most likely what happened to Hugo Chaves as well.  In fact, Chaves has even stated that US interests are most likely behind leaders, “they don’t like” all coming down with ailments.  Of which, all have had access to Barbara Walters and her crew of Jews during interviews and subsequent dinners.  Venezuelan President Hugo Chaves is heading back to Cuba to under go more cancer treatment this week.


Thanks to Dionysios for linking this video and comment:

“Did barbara walters poison Chavez? Note the conversation in this video interview beginning at time 2:55:”



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