Currency Wars: Death to Almighty Dollar

“The Almighty Dollar” they claim, the one you currently are working ever so securely to hold in your possession is actually nothing other than “Fiat” money.  Fiat money is currency derived from government regulation or law by means of an authoritative and often arbitrary command.  Fiat money is not backed by gold or any other rare physical, tangible or valuable commodity.  In other words, it is only as valuable as your government claims it to be and, no more.

Followers of the Austrian School of economics argue that simply printing money will ultimately cause inflation. They object to the role of the government currently issuing [printing] fiat currency though central banks [the FED] and instead support a return to a “gold standard” where the US dollar is physically backed by gold and can be exchanged for the weight of physical gold at a fixed rate of exchange.

According to John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, the elites, mostly Jews, through manipulation of the FED, are going to purposely crash the US and world economies, by means of the US dollar.  Only later to resurrect one, single, UN central bank issued currency through the United Nations aimed to control all finance investment in every corner of the Globe.

Just as they currently hold over America and most everywhere else.  This scheme is sketched out to control all investments worldwide, particularly investments opposed to their interests.

Natural resources can make nations rich, and men kings, and this scares the elites.  Therefore, this schema cannot be implemented until the elites crush all gold holding and oil bearing countries [Iraq, Libya, and Iran] who are “unfriendly” toward a Rothschild plan of UN Bankster financial domination implemented under the control of issuing a single worldwide currency.

Dixon said [1998] the war in Iraq and the attack in Libya are elite central bankers gaining control of huge oil and gold reserves – natural resources that otherwise pose a threat to their one world currency takeover.


Dixon said Gaddafi alone had enough gold [estimated 450 tons according to Dixon] to pose a banking threat to the elites and was planning a “central bank” of his own, set to finance and develop the entire asset-rich continent of Africa – singlehandedly!  No wonder Hillary cheered Gaddafi death so voraciously.

This is why the elites want to crash the dollar and bring down the world economy – so they can gain control of the entire world economy through a UN implemented one world currency “solution” [problem, reaction, solution].

Dixon said the method for crashing the US dollar will most likely come in the form of manipulating the overly corrupted derivatives market into a meltdown, which will lead to hyper-inflation rendering the dollar trash.

Dixon said [1998] that China is buying and holding US Treasury bonds which will be rendered worthless when orchestrated US inflation hits hard and the dollar is downgraded to junk [opium wars].  Dixon said if the US defaults on the T-bonds then China would own all of our infrastructure and anything backed by these bogus bonds… and will try to collect.

Dixon said the United States Bullion Depository at Fort Knox, which is supposed to be holding 4,578 metric tons of gold, has been looted by the Central Banking Cartel and only a fraction of gold is left inside.   However, the FED and the government are claiming 4,578 metric tons still exist there, but Dixon said our reserves at Fort Knox are closer to, or even less than, China’s reserves which currently sit at 1056 metric tons.  Dixon said China and the world should demand the US show proof of the gold it claims to have inside Fort Knox, but actually doesn’t.

Dixon said all gold physically held by American citizens will be confiscated, as well as all gold held by notes in vaults, of course.  The elites in government will claim this confiscation is for building a gold backed currency needed to rebuild the economy.  He who controls the gold controls the currency… that cannot fail.

Dixon said that because gold will be confiscated, Silver and other industrial metals will be the metals you want to have holding physically as means to barter with for the interim crash of the economy, before it will be rebuilt through an elite UN gold backed one world currency takeover.

Silver cannot, and will not, be confiscated because of its use as an industrial metal across all industries.  Silver will be desperately needed to rebuild the manufacturing base and must be “free trade” available to meet market demands.

During the interim, between the dollars crash and rebuilding a one world currency aimed to control global development, there will be no food distribution or crop propagation and millions, upon millions of unprepared and bewildered Americans [] will be “evacuated” from the planet for lack of food or by systematic FEMA Camp Democide [death by government].

When will this happen?

According to Dixon the housing crash of 2008 was an asset grab and the beginning of the elites plan to crash the “almighty dollar” and throw the US and world economy into catastrophe.  Dixon said the elites will try to recover the economy within a few years after the 2008 crash, which he said will be right before they crash it again, this time for good.

Have we “recovered” yet?

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