Susan Hutchison Targets Husband for Aryan Genocide


SEATTLE, WA — CBS Kiro 7’s Susan Hutchison has co-Anchored the local Seattle news channel for many years, up until an employment dispute in 2002, resulting in an age discrimination lawsuit settlement in 2005.  Hutchison then ran for King County Executive in 2009.

Hutchison is an elite Jew who targeted her way into a prominent Aryan family possessing a long career in the US military, with an extensive and proud militarily family history steeped in honor and tradition, according to John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry.

In fact, Dixon has been over to Susan’s waterfront home at Hunts Point in Bellevue for dinner on multiple occasions.

Dixon said Susan Hutchison specifically targeted her Aryan husband Andy Hutchison for marriage, solely in effort to dissolve his Aryan genetics from existence forever – through procreation.

it’s all Susan’s personal campaign contribution effort to help elite Jews genocide the Aryan race, one-by-one, into extinction.

Dixon said Susan Hutchison has two boys resulting from the marriage to her Aryan husband Andy.  One of which, disseminated out with Susan Hutchison’s own Jewish genetics, and the other with more of his Aryan father’s Genetics.

Dixon said Susan Hutchison’s goal, in using an elite Jewish eugenics methodology, is to destroy her own Aryan disseminated child, along with his future Aryan genetics.

And done, Dixon said, by using her emotionally superior parental control to cause him psychological harm, thus causing an early demise… usually ending in a premature death, before he can procreate-out his father’s Aryan genetics any further.

Thus, while simultaneously encouraging her Jewish disseminated child’s genetics to flourish, spreading his genetics into the future… while leaving her Aryan child’s genetics in the dust.

This Jewish eugenics line-of-attack, through collective practice, is silently wiping-out the entire Aryan race from existence, as Jews hunt down Aryan genocide through procreation.

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