NBC King 5’s Allen Schauffler Witnesses Live “Child Snuff” to Stiffen Upper-Lip

Allen Schauffler
Allen Schauffler

SEATTLE, WA – Allen Schauffler, a Jewish top-rated weekend co-anchor currently working for King 5 in the local Seattle news market, was being groomed to become a top National Network news anchor for NBC in the 1990’s.  But Network executives felt he didn’t have enough of an edge and thought he was a bit too passive or maybe compassionate in his on-air demeanor while delivering the news – to make the move up to Network anchor.

This, according to John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, who said Network executives at NBC thought they might have a way to “stiffen” Schauffler’s upper lip and thus bring him up to Network anchor.

Dixon said his uncle, Kirkland police officer Bauer Dixon, is the largest dealer of Child Porn on the west coast and is dealing to Schauffler and most of the reporters and executives in the Seattle media.

Dixon said elite Network Jews at NBC thought they could “stiffen” Schauffler’s upper lip by having him witness the live death of a child being raped – commonly referred to as “child snuff” of “snuff films.”   They felt this evisceration would cause Schauffler to be tougher and more stringent when delivering the nightly news propaganda for the National Network.

Dixon said Schauffler was ultimately forced to witness the torturous crime of a child being raped to death – point blank.  So that elite Network Jews at NBC could produce an indoctrinated, soulless, propaganda spewing news anchor – who can boldly lie directly to your face while smiling.

Dixon said it didn’t work however, and Schauffler remains in the Seattle market, not hard-hitting or ruthless enough for National Network news.

Dixon said since the incident, Schauffler is physically exhibiting signs and symptoms of having witnessed such a heinous and hideous act.  Specifically, twitches and ticks you can observe live on-air – caused from the memories of the incident no less, particularly, during stories involving children.

Interestingly, Allen Schauffler is married but has no children – no kids!

If you Google search: “Jews create child snuff” – you’ll see returns run 15 pages deep with articles implicating many different Jews as “child snuff” film creators.

These people [elite Jewish pedophiles] hold almost every prominent job in America and use illegal images and sex with children as controlling mechanisms to bribe “victims” into compliance.

This is the sad reality.

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  1. Dude, I know him, and you’re out of your mind. Also you should probably be way way more careful, Allen could sue the shit out of you, and he’s a pretty small fish as far as people you slander. It’s also 100% fine to not have kids, it doesn’t mean anything. And what’s your fucking deal about hating Jews? Seriously man, fuck off and go do something worthwhile with your life. Or just die, as the oxygen saved from you not breathing would be of more value than this site. Sincerely, eat shit and die.

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