CBS KIRO 7’s Jesse Jones Linked to Kingsgate Murder

Top level source reveals notorious local Seattle MSM consumer reporter Jesse Jones is closely related to Jewish Kirkland Council Candidate Martin Morgan, who murdered a young Aryan child at the Kingsgate Apartments in Kirkland and is being protected by family connections stemming from within the House of Morgan.

Get Jesse

Flamboyant consumer affairs reporter Jesse Jones loves to chase down meager cash damages in exchange for high dollar ratings at CBS KIRO 7 in Seattle, under the catch phrase “get Jessie.”

“Do you need help with a problem?  “Get Jesse” at 1-844-77-JESSE

Essentially, Jesse acts as a banker’s Sheriff for the Jewish MSM, who sends him out thuging around under the guise of  ‘fraud watchdog’ investigative journalism.

As seen in the video below however, Jesse’s acts more like an instigator of justice rather than an investigator. It appears Jesse’s journalistic duty to publicly intimidate the accused for all the world to see is payback what they took: reminding them, directly to their face, who really runs the show, where “just do the right thing” is only secondarily designed to sooth the masses into believing all is right.


According to my top level source, John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, Jessie Jones descends directly from the portentous bloodline of billionaire banker JP Morgan.

Jesse Jones and JP Morgan
Jesse Jones: direct bloodline descendant of Jewish Bankster JP Morgan

Coincidently, Dixon said another Seattle consumer affairs reporter working just down the block for ABC KOMO 4, named Herb Weisbaum, also genetically descends directly from the JP Morgan bloodline.

House of Morgan Media

In fact, Dixon said Herb Weisbaum shares the exact same biological father with Kirkland Council Candidate Martin Morgan and Bellevue prosecuting attorney Jeffrey D Torrey.

Making all three of them half-brothers – stemming from the same fathering genetics related directly to the House of Morgan.

Martin Morgan
Martin Morgan

Back in 1998, before multiple witnesses, Dixon spelled out the details of exactly how Kirkland Council Candidate Martin Morgan brutally tortured and murdered a young Aryan boy at the Kingsgate Apartments in Kirkland.

Kingsgate Murder: Martin Morgan ‘House of Morgan’ Conspiracy

Leon Kos, Rep. Larry Springer, Jeff Jared
Leon Kos, Rep. Larry Springer, Jeff Jared

Morgan then dumped the body in a dumpster before changing his name and fleeing into the Navy with help from the House of Morgan, the Kirkland police, Jewish Issaquah Administrator and Attorney Leon Kos, who is the half-brother of Washington State Speaker of the House, Frank Chopp, and others, including within the Seattle media.

Dixon’s uncle, Kirkland police officer Bauer Dixon, a 33rd degree Freemason and first cousin of former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton, is the largest dealer of child pornography on the west coast, dealing mostly to “prominent Jews,” including reporters and exec’s within the Seattle media, Dixon said.

Bauer Dixon 33rd degree Freemason
Bauer Dixon 33rd degree Freemason

Kirkland police officer Bauer Dixon also arranges sex with children for a few ‘privileged elite,’ while personally standing by, keeping order.

“The ‘Secret’ of the Crypt is sex with Children.” – Greg T Dixon

Basically, I estimate that about seventy percent of the present crisis on this planet can be fairly attributed to the machinations of (Jewish) Neanderthal-Semitic elements of the human population against the (Aryan) Cro-Magnon majority of the human population.” – Michael Bradley

Martin Morgan, who is Jewish, murdered a young Aryan child while purchasing child porn from Kirkland police officer Bauer Dixon.

“The best part of my job with KOMO is being able to help you avoid scams.” – Herb Weisbaum

Martin Morgan is being protected by Jewish pedophiles within the local mainstream media, like Jewish half-brother Herb Weisbaum, and ‘cousin’ Jesse Jones, who are also procuring illegal images from Kirkland police officer Bauer Dixon, Dixon said.

Martin Morgan stands virtually no chance of ever being implicated for the murder of an Aryan child at the Kingsgate Apartments.

The local Jewish MSM, particularly consumer affairs reporters Jessie Jones and Herb Weisbaum, is a large part of the reason as to why.

Got a Problem? Get Jesse at 1-844-77-JESSE


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