NAZI Cop Targets Jews in America

Bellevue police officer Andrew Hanke has close genetic ties to the Schutzstaffel (SS), and to an official of the Nazi Party (NSDAP) in Nazi Germany named Karl Hanke — according to president Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton’s nephew, Greg Dixon.

Nazi Karl Hanke – Cop Andrew Hanke

Karl Hanke was a high level Masonic Nazi traitor who helped plan the destruction of Germany from within, along with crypto Jewish Nazis out to exterminate the Aryan race.

Crypto Jewish Nazis Himmler, Hess, Mengele and Eichmann

Nazi connected cop Andrew Hanke was hired in 2001 as a police support officer and became a commissioned police officer in 2005 for the city of Bellevue, Washington – a predominantly Jewish city controlled by elite Jews.

Dixon said officer Hanke, due to his direct ties to the Nazis, would be instructed by Bellevue police ‘higher-ups’ to target assimilated (regular) Jews and Bohemian residents and passersby in his duty performed for the Jewish controlled city of Bellevue, Washington.

SS Nazi Karl Hanke

In fact, this information was conveyed by Bellevue police officer John Bosseler, a close a Dixon family member, who would be working directly with Hanke in targeting assimilated Jews and/or Bohemians under their jurisdiction.

Furthermore, a Dixon family Bellevue prosecutor in a relationship with a fellow prosecutor and JP Morgan descendant named Jeffrey Torrey, will help prosecute Hanke’s Jewish and Bohemian victims.

Jewish Bellevue prosecutor Jeffrey Torrey has a history of targeting Bohemians, and in fact, is covering up the attempted murder of a 11-year-old Bohemian girl who was viciously raped by Torrey’s own half-brother, Martin Morgan, in 1987.

Rapist Murderer Martin Morgan Stalks Victims | Corruptico

Dixon said Bellevue 911 Jewish operators work hand-in-hand in targeting assimilated Jews and Bohemians (among others) all throughout the third-largest city in the Seattle metropolitan area.

Hitler and Hanke

However, it appears Hanke, who is a Mason, got his just dessert when he was forced to resign after being pulled over by fellow Bellevue police for suspicion of DUI in 2013.

From Fox News

BELLEVUE — Bellevue police officer Andrew Hanke, who was pulled over in November for a possible DUI but not arrested and allowed to go home, resigned from the Bellevue Police Department Thursday.

In November, Hanke was stopped on Interstate 90 near Issaquah for the investigation of DUI. The traffic stop was conducted by a Bellevue Police Department traffic officer, who allowed Hanke’s wife to come and pick him up.

The on-duty officer said he immediately recognized the Hanke as a fellow policeman and he immediately “smelled an odor of alcohol” when Hanke rolled down his window and that Hanke had slurred speech and appeared “hammered.” The officer called Hanke’s wife, who came to the scene and gave Hanke a ride home.

The on-duty officer notified his superiors of his actions the next day. Hanke was immediately placed on administrative leave, police said, and his case was forwarded to the prosecutor’s office.

Bellevue Police Department spokesman Seth Tyler confirmed that Hanke was one of two Bellevue officers punished in 2012 for their off-duty behavior at a Seahawks game, when they drunkenly confronted and used profane language against a female Seattle police officer who had told one of their acquaintances she saw littering to pick up the trash. Hanke also allegedly used offensive language inside the stadium toward a fan and his family.

Hanke was suspended for 30 days without pay and removed from the Bomb Squad for that Seahawks game incident.

Elite Jew Ole Olson Sold to QFC in 1995, though his Family Still Runs the Bellevue QFC Store

Previously in 2006, Hanke falsely arrested a Bohemian (Czech) man with help from Bosseler after falsifying the 911 call made by an elite Jewish retarded QFC supermarket employee  working for his families QFC store in Bellevue named ‘Olson.’

The Bohemian man had previously attended High school with Hanke’s good friend and Jewish neighbor, Keith Putz, who sold weed to fellow students attending Lake Washington high school  including the Bohemian man Hanke later falsely arrested.

Elite Jewish High School Weed Dealer Keith Putz

Whereby, Putz previously had  ‘Lisa Simpson-ed’ Hanke by telling the Bellevue police officer that the Bohemian man Hanke later arrested was a major “weed-head,” while keeping secret his connection, of which an obviously sheltered Hanke couldn’t handle, and thus became incensed enough to falsify his report upon making the false arrest when the Bohemian man came into his periphery.

Historically, during WWII, Bohemians (Czechs) were also targeted along with assimilated Jews by the Nazis.

Which begs the question: what the fuck ever happened to NEVER AGAIN!

Fittingly, Karl Hanke was shot and killed by Czech (Bohemian) partisans on 8 June 1945.


Jack Nicholson and Greg Dixon (source)

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  1. If you want to know where the nazi gots their genocidal inspirations, look no further than the blueblood elite entrenched in America and Britain. Our ideals in the late 1800s would make the average Nazi blush.

  2. THANK YOU for drawing the line & distinctions between the GOOD-Service To Others/country side of the NSADAP party/SS Org & the destructive EVIL “Service To Self” cryptos working within the NSDAP branches & hierarchy…

    Not all Nazis, men & women in the Allgemiene/Waffen SS were bloodthirsty maniacs hell bent on death & destruction. There is a very good reason their motto was: “Miene Ehre Heisst Treue”-My honor is my loyalty/loyalty is my honor…. But the ones who were blood obsessed tyrants, def make up for the ones that werent-& those individuals are the ONLY ones we ever hear about & are mentioned ad-nauseum in our so called “His-story” books….Books penned by the conquerors @ the vanquished expense, as is ALWAYS the historic case… WW2 was a war fought using humans as proxies….This galactic conflict is EONS old & fought in many a star system using any population @ hand…

    As these Khazarians are NOT originally from this planet & are a predatory & telepathic species. they have Rabbis that have even publicly voiced this fact… Believe me, Ive dealt with em for 8 years now, 24 hours a day via VERY NASTY V2K/Telepathic communications. See my LiveLeak page for details on my targeting experience. ~The Warp & The Weft~ A Targeted Individuals Tale Of Life On Whidbey Island~ LiveLeak UserName: KrasnayaZvezda

    Thankfully the historical “UpsideDown”, Thats all turning around & the Gordian Knot of lies & 1/2 truths being rendered undone due to ALL of us who took part in that horrific conflict being once again re-born back on the planet….All in the Herculean & karmic effort to help right that egregious wrong. Fighting tooth & nail to avoid WW3 once again All being brought to us by the same usual suspects….As thats EXACTLY what these Khazarians/Jesuits & “Hidden Hand’ factions want to bring to fruition..

    Ww2 was foisted upon Germany plain & simple. When one starts ruffling Rothschild/Payeux family feathers & starts backing their own quite worthless fiat central bank dollar/D-Marks with the equivalent value in German LABOR, then the currency actually has true VALUE again, instead of just Fluff, paper, ink & unfounded & misguided belief….

    DEFINITELY watch the multi part documentary “Europa-The Final Battle” for additional insights as to the WW2/Hitler falsehoods busily masquerading as contemporary truth….WELL worth the watch…

    Be well, sty safe & God Bless…;)

    ~Creighton Lee Rose

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