Vince Foster’s Whitewater Cocaine Overdose

Ultimately, both Bill and Hillary killed Vince Foster through use of direct undue influence deliberately imposed on him to complete an unfathomable amount of Whitewater cover-up in an unfeasible 24-hour timeframe, in turn leading to his problematic death through their direct demand of unworkable requisites only cocaine could increasingly seek to remedy.

Mason Vince Foster
Mason Vince Foster

Image the setting:

  • Vince sitting up all night at the White House working on loads of Whitewater documents attempting to conceal wrongdoings by the Clinton’s who are set to meet with him the following morning to be briefed prior to response with investigators regarding the issue.
  • Vince working with boxes of Whitewater documents strewn throughout his office in attempts to complete an impossible task imposed under a feasibly unattainable time frame.
  • Vince, working late, turning to (like most elite in the ‘White House’) lines of cocaine drawn out on his desk to increase his mental stamina and intellectual resolve while endeavoring to complete an unworkable time-frame solution for the Clinton’s.

At the White House the next morning upon arriving for their scheduled meeting, the Clinton’s discover Vince Foster’s body in his office on the carpet floor from a cocaine overdose surrounded by piles of Whitewater documents and fresh lines of coke still drawn on his desk.


Reportedly, the Clinton’s freaked out over the fact that there were so many Whitewater documents scattered throughout Vince’s office surrounding his corpse, and for this reason alone the Clinton’s purged the body from the White House before investigators got a chance to put it all together (Whitewater).This also explains carpet fibers found all over Vince Foster’s body.

Vince’s body was taken to Fort Marcy Park in Virginia, where he was place face up and then shot in the mouth with the exit wound entering into the ground below in attempts to make it appear a suicide. The shot fired would most likely not have caused his death exiting through his neck (missing the jugular vein and spinal cord) had he been alive in the first place. The coroner butchered the autopsy so badly he tore the jugular completely out in covering up the fact the bullet was not the cause of death having missed all the vital areas while exiting through the rear of the throat and neck.

The reason there was initially not much blood at the crime scene is because Vince’s heart had already stopped pumping blood through his veins the previous day. When police moved the body however, blood came rushing out the bullet exit wound while being loading for transport.

Because Vince’s heart stopped pumping blood the previous day from his cocaine overdose, it didn’t pump loads of blood all over the ground as it normally would have otherwise when he was finally shot at Fort Marcy Park the next day, thus the blood only appeared when the body was being moved by authorities.

Afterwards, Bill Clinton visibly cried at Vince Foster’s funeral (a little odd for a murderer). As Vince was good friends of the Clinton’s and was having an affair with Hillary that Bill knew and approved of, as Hillary does with Bill’s flings as long as he keeps it under cover.

Vince was being pressured by the Clinton’s into working all night to conceal Whitewater before their meeting the next day, where he overdosed on cocaine trying to accomplish an impossible task imposed on him by the Clinton’s, and why he had  considering stepping down from his position as deputy White House council prior to is death.

This is how Vince Foster died, he was not murdered as most suspect for obvious reason due to the actual ‘Body Count’ that legitimately surrounds the Clinton’s.

“Don’t believe a word you hear. It was not suicide. It couldn’t have been.” -Assistant Attorney General Webster Hubbell, 7/20/93, cited in Esquire, 11/93.

However, do not under estimate the actual body count my source claims the Clinton’s have murdered to cover up their crooked dealings in Arkansas and beyond, but Vince wasn’t one of them, even though his death helped shed light on the rest.


The Death of Vincent Foster


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