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September 11In early 1998, John Bolton’s nephew, Greg Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, explained  to me, among many other things, how the elites, mostly Jews, are planning a false flag event on the Twin Towers in New York city on September 11, 2001.  Dixon said this attack will be carried out under a future George Bush presidency aimed at hitting the very heart of the financial district in America and it’s iconic symbology representing Western capitalistic societies that rule the world, particularly through big oil coming out of the Middle East.

Dixon said for years elite Jews who own and control the financial district in New York, have relentlessly been trying to install surveillance bugs and listening devices into the walls of the Twin Towers able to monitor future trades of foreign nationalists as means to gain an upper hand against them, but that do to the buildings architectural design were unable to do so effectively without fear of getting caught by the very foreign nationalist they wish to spy upon to thwart their investments.

Dixon said this is why the Twin Towers became “the” chosen target of elites ushering in a police and surveillance state for which they ultimately aim to rule the world by… the elites will simply blame these false flag 9/11 attacks on Muslim extremists to justify starting wars in the Middle East aimed to take control of the region, as well as to justify taking away Americans civil rights in this push for their New World Order.

Civil Rights

Dixon said before the elites can implement their one world government game plan, they must first take away our ability to question and respond to their tactics through the destruction of our civil rights.  9/11 offered up just that ability through implementation of NDAA, Executive Order 13603 and other draconian legislation now currently in their possession.

Which Path to Persia?

Dixon said before the elites crash the economy of the U.S. and the world, thus ushering in their NWO, they first need to take control of countries which are not part of the IMF and globalist controlled banking.  Where Iraq will be targeted first under this plan mainly because Saddam Hussein is an Aryan leader, and elite Jews do not like rogue Aryan leaders who have vast wealth at their disposal.  Iraq also offers up a geopolitical advantage to go after Iran, the apple of the globalist’s eye.

Dixon said the elites will use weapons containing depleted uranium (DU) as part of their depopulation methodology in Iraq, and then put in Jewish Iraqi leaders who will continue to target Aryans for death and annihilation.  So much of what is done, is done to kill Aryan populations… most of the American soldiers who are fighting these globalist wars are Aryan, and are purposely being put in harm’s way around this deadly cancerous DU weaponry…  Jews love Aryan on Aryan violence, reportedly.

Dixon said Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya (under Muammar Gaddafi), along with other Middle Eastern and Northern African countries, are all on the list of nations the globalist must take control of before they start the final push for their one world currency globalization NWO agenda (culminating with the destruction of Iran).  Dixon said Qaddafi, who was Jewish, was particularly a threat because he held so much physical gold and was planning on creating his own bank to finance the entire African continent… singlehandedly.

Brookings Institution’s “Which Path to Persia?” Report

Petro, Poppies and Gold

Iraq’s oil, along with Gaddafi’s gold and Afghanistan’s poppies are now in the hands of the globalists, which Dixon said they need to fund their final push for the destruction of Iran, and shepherding in of the NWO.

The globalist are now in complete control the drug trade and are shipping the bulk of these drugs through Yakima, Washington using Mexican drug cartels to disperse these drugs further throughout the rest of the United States.  Dixon said the Mexicans are used because they have close-knit families and friends who can be trusted not to reveal their trade to just any gringo.  And to this fact, elites plan on using them as part of the “police state” force to help control Americans under austerity and civil unrest, along with UN troops and paid Mercenaries, as these illegal Mexicans can always be fully trusted to follow orders.

Population Destruction

The end game, after conquering Iran, is total world population destruction, Dixon said. This includes the Russian’s, who are being targeted by U.S. missiles under Europe’s missile defense system – which in reality, is truly offensive.

Dixon said America has Russia’s Jewish genetics a thousand times over here in the U.S., and do not need or want any more of them in the world… as they have already imported all the Russian Jewish genetics they want to remain with the elites to America (i.e. Michael Chertoff, etc…) years ago.

Under this world-wide Eugenics philosophy, the elites are planning to herd Americans into FEMA death camps during civil unrest, brought about by the collapse of the dollar, nuclear or other false flag… where, Americans will be systematically slaughtered one-by-one under a 1917 Soviet blueprint, Dixon said.

The elite Jewish plans to false flag nuke Israel will most likely act as the final blow, as they will then be able to justify nuking the entire continent of Europe, the Middle East and Russia in “retaliation.”  This will cause nuclear fallout to rain down all over the entire northern hemisphere, killing almost all life forms in its wake.  The elites will have already fled to Patagonia, Argentina in the southern hemisphere, away from the radiation – waitiing it out a few centuries, before safely returning.

Building 7

Dixon said the elites will use a nearby building, now known as building 7, to act as their command center to guide the aircraft into the Twin Towers on target … as the closer they are to the target the more control they have over the guidance controlled aircraft used to hit the Towers with.

Dixon said the farther away from the Towers the guidance system, the grater the variable of control becomes.   And why building number 7 was in such close proximity to the Twin Towers – enabling them to successfully guide in the aircraft exactly where they wanted them to hit.

Dixon said this also why all five, count ‘em, Network news cameras caught capturing the coverage of the second plane will all be aligned in a straight row with each other, purposely aligned to hide the fact that “plane” number two was actually a U.S. military aircraft in disguise, and coming in with a trajectory physically impossible for a jumbo jet to achieve.

Suspiciously, Dixon said, they will install bullet proof glass near the top of building 7 to protect themselves from any debris that might fall or be thrown from the Towers into their control room.

After the aircraft have successfully hit the Towers they will bring down building 7 in a controlled demolition to hide evidence of their command center ever existing.  They want to use a controlled demolition to protect an existing historic building standing right next to building 7… something Dixon told me in 1998, they are very concerned about pulling off without public scrutiny revealing its actual cause being a controlled demolition (keep the pressure on building 7… they are very worried).

Tesla Technology

911 toxic dustDixon said the aircraft flown into the side of each of the Towers will not be enough to bring them down alone, and therefore, by proxy, the elites will be using Tesla technology to do the final demolition of each Tower… Ultra-Low Frequency Sound-Wave Tesla technology (ULFS) beamed from a satellite above is what actually will be used to bring down the Towers.  Dixon said this technology will cause long and massive steel I-beams to be broken into small length pieces, and very unique to this type of Tesla technology… which they do not want people questioning.

This ULFS Tesla technology can be beamed as tight as one square foot or, as wide as 80 square miles… and exactly what they plan on using to kill Americans during civil unrest right after they block the freeways in all large metropolitan cities throughout the US – Be warned.

Dixon said this is also their ace-in-hole, trump-of-spades weaponry they plan to unleash on Russia, and China, if so needed.


Dixon said the North America Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) will be ordered to stand down during planned drills to take place on September 11, of 2001, under the direction of future Vice President Dick Cheney, and on the very same day of these false flag attacks.


Dixon said on September 11, 2001, the elites will also be detonating a bomb planted inside the Pentagon, right after flying a jumbo jet over the top of its roof, while simultaneously sending in a dummy missile to justify detonating the bomb inside, then claiming the jumbo jet caused the explosion, as they don’t think the jumbo jet or the missile will be able to fly exactly where they want it to hit, killing key people inside who could testify to the [Rumsfeld] swindled missing 2.3 billion ultimately to be used to fund 911.

Pennsylvania Plane Crash

Dixon said the elites will then fake yet another plane crash by blaming the terrorists as well, this plane won’t actually crash however, as passengers on board will be mostly Jews wanting to leave their mundane marriages and will be using the events of 911 to fund the care of their children while creating a brand new life for themselves away from their previous perceived “monotonous” responsibilities.

Elite Jews

Dixon explained how all the elite Jews will leave the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, specifically, how the father of one Jewish family will put his Aryan wife and her Aryan girlfriend on two separate planes heading to the same destination in California, both allegedly will come back and hit the Towers… as he was sick of them both and wanted a divorce, but didn’t want to have to pay for it.

Dixon also explained how the son of this Jewish father (above) will be taking his daughter to a new school at around 9:30 am, while his brother will remain in the building, a victim of his own family’s eugenic program, to die in the attacks.

First Responders

Dixon said the responding police and firefighters will be breathing in toxic ash dust caused by the ultra-low frequency sound-wave Tesla technology used to bring down the Towers.  These elites will knowingly be killing thousands of first responders, who Dixon says are expendable and replaceable, and by proxy, won’t be receiving government help for their future ailments.

Donna Summers

Dixon said the elites believe the devastating events of 911 will cause the death of untold innocent bystanders who will have compassionately witness such a horrific event.  Dixon specifically explained how the elites believe the shock and awe alone will cause Donna Summer’s, who lives in New York right next to the Twin Towers, to ultimately die from PTSD right after having witnessed the event up close, as well as countless other “up close” witnesses.

Osama Bin Laden

Dixon said the elites will use Osama Bin Laden, who is in on it, and Jewish, to blame the attacks upon. The Bush family is close friends of the Jewish Bin Laden family and just as Prescott Bush helped Hitler by funding him and his war machine, so too will the Bush family directly fund Osama Bin Laden to facilitate the import and training of the patsy Saudi terrorists to be positioned at the right place, at the right time.

Dixon explained in 1998, how Osama bin Laden has a rare kidney disorder and will most likely die within a few years regardless of treatment, and why he is acting as the pasty for this elite Jewish and Masonic agenda, co-masterminded by Neocons.

Barack Obama

Dixon explained how Barack Obama will be our president at the time Osama Bin Laden is hunted down and killed, right before his second term election… as means to guarantee his victory in the election, by receiving credit for Bin Laden’s killing.

Dixon specifically explained how Obama and his staff will be watching the “live killing” of Osama Bin Laden on close circuit television, where after complete, Barack Obama will walk down a long and narrow hallway to a podium, from where he will be making the announcement that Osama Bin Laden has successfully been killed.

Dixon said Bin Laden’s body will then be hastily buried at sea, with no photos taken, under a Muslim custom which no longer exist, but will be performed anyway, to disguise that fact Bin Laden will most likely have already died from kidney failure shortly after the attacks in 2001.

On August 17, of 2007, I verbally preempted this above information while being digitally recorded under oath in a Bellevue, Washington court room of law.

Kirkland Police Chief Pleas Green

On the evening of November 09, 1999, after previously being threatened and harassed by Kirkland police officer’s Bauer Dixon (Greg T Dixon’s uncle), high school classmate Mike Hall and former baseball teammate Bryan McNaghten, I went to the city of Kirkland to file a complaint.

As I was walking into the police station, I was met outside by Kirkland Police Chief Pleas Green, who came running outside along with two other officers to “greet me.”  After making various verbal complaints against Kirkland police officers for a variety of crimes, some very serious in nature, I could tell that chief Green was not interested in hearing me out.

This prompted my memory of Dixon telling me many police officers would be killed in upcoming attacks on the Twin Towers in New York on 9-11, and how Chief Green knew about it, but wasn’t happy and would ultimately quite the force if it went down.

I conveyed in so many words, how planes would be “crashed into some buildings” and “many police officers would be killed” in New York.  This immediately prompted the Kirkland police officer to my right to ask, “What buildings… what planes… by who… when.”  I looked back at Chief Green who was shaking his head at me and giving me a look like: how in the hell will I explain this event to these lowly cops if and when this ultimately goes down.

Kirkland police Chief Green immediately threatened me with a physiological evaluation for making these claims and others against his officers.  Recognizing the situation, and knowing I would not get any help here, I turned and went to leave.  As I did, the officer who questioned me about the planes crashing into “some buildings” went to arrest me, but Chief Green waved him off, to this officers disgust, and prompting him to ask of Chief Green, “Are you just going to let him go?”

The third cop there that night, standing to my right, admitted that he is friends with Scott Becker during our conversation regarding my complaints… I also know Becker, very well, in fact.

Police Chief Pleas Green quite the Kirkland Police department a few years later, after the attacks.

 Tara Bullock

On the evening of September 02, 2000, I went to a friend’s restaurant to meet up and see what was going on.  As he was closing for the night, a girl named Tara Bullock stopped by and asked if we wanted to meet her for drinks.  Tom, the owner of the restaurant agreed, and we ultimately met up at Earl’s bar in the U-district, near the University of Washington in Seattle.

After spending some time at Earl’s, Tara invited me and Tom along with some other people, including an old Jr. high classmate of mine named Herb, over to her house for some more drinks.

After a few hours of drinking, talking and entertaining I began to recognize that Tara Bullock was the girl Dixon had warned me about.  Dixon specifically warned me that Tara Bullock would try and set me up big-time on multiple fronts (more on this later, on another website).

After recognizing Tara Bullock, who is Jewish, from Dixon’s description, I now knew who I was in the company of, but to make absolutely sure, I began to test this theory on her.  It became a kind of tit-for-tat affair with the term “touché” being launched liberally.

At one point however, I pissed Tara off just enough to have her respond by saying in retaliation, “Or crash some planes into some buildings.” This statement immediately prompted my memory of what Dixon told me about 911 in 1998, and I instantly responded by saying, “Tom, did you hear that”? “Terra said she is going to crash some planes into the Twin Towers in New York.”  Tom responded frivolously as thought she was joking – but she was not.

According to Dixon, Tara Bullock is Jewish and a Whidbey Island native who is closely connected to the Jewish MTV family, Rick Rubin, who is also Jewish, and Island Def Jam Records, which is located on Whidbey Island, just as I am now currently.

As sat thinking about her previous comment of “crashing some planes into some buildings,” it prompted my memory of who Dixon said the key Orthodox Jew is, behind this 911 plot, and how he looks just like Charlie Chaplin.

At one point, while discussing with Tara the future Jay Z video ‘99 Problems’ [later to be released in 2004] video, I specifically asked Terra to reveal this Charlie Chaplin looking Jew, who Dixon said was the key architect in the 911 plot, into this video.

Tara arrogantly agreed to reveal this Charlie Chaplin looking Jew into the Jay Z video – for whom Dixon said is the key (Orthodox) Jew in New York, and local mastermind of 911.

Key NY Orthodox Jew Mastermind Behind 911
Key NY Orthodox Jew Mastermind Behind 911

Rick Ruben, who Tara claims to know,  is also featured in this video as the passenger in the car.

Jay Z Video 99 Problems


Check the 2:02 mark to see the key Orthodox Jew architect behind 911.

Other preemptive 911 song lyrics, depicting the preplanned events downing the Twin Towers, were also discussed that night in 2000.  Hopefully, I will be addressing these songs and their incriminating lyrics later in future articles – specifically the foreknowledge of this false flag catastrophe by the Masonic music industry.

In the mean time, Herb and Tom are both witnesses to the above verbal exchanges between Terra Bullock and myself this infamous night in the early morning hours of September 03, 2000.

Sheila DeLongCurrently, I cannot find any trace of Tara Bullock online , but she is closely related to Freeland, Washington Jewish State Farm Agent Sheila DeLong, of whom she bears an uncanny resemblance, and who just sent me a solicitation in the mail today, September 11, 2013.

Over the course of many years, I have consistently received these timely State Farm solicitations from agent Sheila DeLong.  I used to work for State Farm as a sales associate for my mother who was a agent in Kirkland, before she was badly deceived by this corrupt Jewish owned company who successfully swindled her million dollar property in a ruse ultimately aimed to destroy her family.

National Newspaper Story

Dixon said it’s the orthodox Jews based mostly in New York and west coast who are actually in control of the NWO, and not the Zionist as they want everyone to believe, which is more of a philosophy anyway.  However, the Jews who are really at the apex of control hail from Seattle – housing Jews like Walt Disney’s nephew Leon Kos, Bill Gates and many others emphasized.

Dixon said the second most responsible Orthodox Jew in New York for facilitating the 9/11 attacks, will have organized the Saudi hijackers to come to America to be used as patsy’s.

Dixon said as testament to his cunning ability to be able to facilitate 911, his picture will be featured on the front page of all national newspapers the very same day, walking past the wall of missing people that is always posted during these types of disasters, and has since been posted on the New York University Medical Center in Lower Manhattan (below) after the successful attacks.

Orthodox Jew Who Brought in Patsy Saudi Terrorists for 911
Orthodox Jew Who Brought in Patsy Saudi Terrorists for 911

This orthodox Jew (pictured above) will literally be on the front page of every single newspaper issue in the United States on the very same day, except in NY and Seattle, where it will buried in deeper in the pages.

Miraculously, I was able to obtain a copy of this photo from inside the Seattle Post Intelligencer.  It should match up with all other newspapers carrying this exact photo published on the front page in every single major American city simultaneously.

Is this a coincidence?

Dixon said this same Orthodox Jew (pictured above) was also responsible for facilitating the 1993 World Trade Center bombing by bringing the terrorist into America, three of whom traveled using Saudi passports.

Bob Goldsmith

Jew Attorney Bob Goldsmith
Jew Attorney Bob Goldsmith

Right after the attacks on September 11, 2001, a Jewish female Seattle attorney was murdered. Seattle Jewish attorney Bob Goldsmith, representing her husband, stated via CBS KIRO news channel 7, “Neighbors should not be worried… it appears to be a random act.”  If I’m not mistaken, a random act is when you should be worried, isn’t it?

Dixon told me in 1998, how this female attorney stumbled on documents outlining the attacks on the Twin Towers her husband mistakenly left out on his desk at their home on Capitol Hill in Seattle.  Dixon said she made copies of these documents and vowed to go public with this incriminating information should the attacks be successful.

Dixon said she then went to her parents, but they wanted nothing to do with it.  Dixon said her Jewish husband also went to her parents and told them she will be killed if she speaks out after the attacks. Her parents agreed not to say anything if she was murdered.

This murder has never been solved, and her husband has never been implicated as a suspect.  KIRO covered this story, but I could not find it online.  I emailed KIRO and requested information on the story, but KIRO never responded to my email.

I actually retained Bob Goldsmith, who is as Jewish as they come, a year before he represented the dead attorney’s husband, right after being set up by supposed family friend and attorney Leon Kos, also a Jew.  Bob Goldsmith badly deceived me and is a major Jewish criminal behind the attacks on 911, Dixon said.

I believe the reason Bob Goldsmith so badly deceived me is because he was in on 911, and knew I had this information months earlier through Kirkland police officers Pleas Green and most likely Bauer Dixon as well, who just happens to be dealing child porn to him according to his nephew, Dixon.  Bob had to discredit me, based on this information alone, not to mention other key information I have obtained through Dixon, implicating many top level criminals.

Kirkland Police Officers

On September 28, 2004, I was talking with Kirkland police officer and fellow baseball teammate Bryan McNaghten, who is an Irish Freemason according to Dixon, and three other officers, including officer Quiggle, who is Aryan and also a Freemason according to Dixon, about the list of terrorist targets being reported at the time in the news media.  Unaware that the Transamerica (pyramid) building had not yet been reported by the news media as one of the targets, I named it as a landmark target the “terrorists” were planning on hitting.

Officer Quiggle jumped in and cut me off, stating something to the effect of, “that hasn’t been mentioned as one of their targets.”  However, based on information previously obtained from Dixon, where he specifically named the Transmerica building as being a potential target, I thought for sure the Transmerica pyramid building would have been included in the list with the others currently being reported on the news.  Yet, it hadn’t yet , and I preemptively conveyed this piece of critical information in front of four Kirkland police officers that day.

If you would like to inquire about this, here is Quiggle’s contact information: (425)-587-3507 Email: dquiggle@kirklandwa.gov

Here are the other two Kirkland officer’s names who witnessed me preempt the Transamerica (pyramid) building that day: Crocker (346) and Goedeke (330)

9/11 Mural Van

Dixon said conspiratorial Israeli Jews will brazenly film the aircraft impacting the Twin Towers from a van having a mural of the Twin Towers and a Jumbo jet painted on its side – and visually celebrate if the attacks are successful.

Israeli 911 Mural Van
Israeli 911 Mural Van

Rap Album Cover

Dixon said the Masonic controlled music industry will preemptively depict the events of 9/11 on a rap artist’s album cover, where the artists are both black Freemasons aware of the 911 plot.

The Coup Cover Released Before 911
The Coup Cover Released Months Before 911

U. S. Twenty Dollar Bill

In 1998, Dixon said imbedded in the design of the U.S. twenty dollar bill, if folded correctly, is a depiction of the Twin Towers exploding on the back.

911 towers

Rudy Giuliani, Ray Kelly

Dixon said both Rudy Giuliani and Ray Kelly are in on the 9/11 plot to take down the Towers (along with many others in state and federal government).

First Video Capture

Dixon said a local NY television station will send out a reporter on the morning of 9/11 with his cameraman to do a local news story right before the first plane hits the Tower, hoping he will catch it on his video camera, as he is the most aware cameraman the station has, with a history of capturing spontaneous events as they unfold. Dixon also said they will dispense a utility work crew with camera to capture the events.


Camera Angles

Dixon said the events of 911 will be captured by a camera placed at the feet of an Empire State building ticket salesman facing up and aiming at the Twin Towers (now nowhere to be found).

Radio Broadcaster to be Killed

Dixon said a radio broadcaster who had inside information and was planning on broadcasting this information and would be killed if he did (Is this the broadcaster?).


Todd Bits 911 Concrete Pour

Todd Bitts
Todd Bitts

On September 11, 2001, I was visiting a family member who was renting a home owned by Todd Bitts and his sister Gay in Kirkland, Washington.  As we were watching the events of 9/11 unfold on television, Gay Bitts‘ husband came in and told me he had, prior to the attacks in NY, just finished carving in today’s date on a small concrete pour in the laundry room of the other unit that they were renting out to a Dixon family female relative.  “What a coincidence” he told us.

The Bitts family is Jewish, as is the husband who carved “9-11-01” in the concrete pour just an hour or so before the Twin Towers were hit.  The Bitts are friends with Jewish Kirkland police officer Steven Oskierko who Dixon said is friends and a patient of my medical doctor father, Dr James P Haeg, but in reality, really hates him.

Do you really believe this 9-11-01 etched in concrete pour was a coincidence?


With all this preemptive inside information given to me by Dixon in 1998, it’s exceedingly clear exactly what happened this day on 9-11.

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