Murder by Pregnancy: How Jewish Kowalsky Family Attempted to Murder Aryan Girl through Act of Conception

Severe burns on Jonelle Kowalsky’s stomach caused by her neighbor, King County Sheriff Charles B Kringen, repeatedly raping her when she was only 5-years-old puts her in dire consequences upon becoming pregnant.

Jonelle Johnson
Jonelle Johnson

Around 1987, TechnaPrint, a Washington based printing company, owned by the Jewish Kowalsky family, placed an ad for an educated print secretary to welcome and guide customers coming through the door of their Issaquah headquarters.

The job position required that candidates be thoroughly familiar with the nuances of the printing industry and accompanied technical apparatus.

According to US Ambassador to the UN John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, a 19-year-old Aryan girl I was dating at the time named Jonelle Johnson applied for this very job around the summer of 1987.

Dixon explained that Jonelle however, was not actually technically qualified for the position, yet the Kowalsky’s did not mention this to her when they hired for the advertised position anyway.

Dixon said the Kowalsky’s then simply moved Jonelle to an off floor menial newly created secretarial position they specifically created just for her, telling her it was the same position she applied for in the paper.

The Kowalsky’s then placed a second ad for the same more advanced position as advertised in the previous ad, where they covertly hired a qualified responder to fill the more technical position, without notifying Jonelle of this fact.

Dixon said the Kowalsky’s were fully aware that Jonelle and I were seeing each other at the time, and decided to hire her as their employee anyway, for this very reason.

Lee Ellis_Linda_Kowalsky_
Lee Ellis and Linda Kowalsky

Dixon said Lee Ellis and Linda Kowalsky, the Jewish owners of TechnaPrint, then had their Jewish son, Steve Kowalsky, targeted Jonelle for courtship while she and I were still dating.

Dixon said the Kowalsky targeting of Jonelle was in fact done under fulfillment of a Sayanim requirement made by fellow elite Seattle area Jews, connected with Jewish HUBS, to hide the fact that Jonelle was brutally raped at the age of 5 by The King County Sheriff, a Jew named Charles B Kringen, in 1972.

According to Dixon, Sheriff Kringen burned Jonelle’s stomach so severely, she risks potential death from mere conception and the subsequent act of child birth.

Sheriff Kringen even admitted, Dixon said, he was careless right after raping Jonelle, when his cigarette ash ignited the spilled gasoline he had used to clean up the accidental mess he had just spewed all over the front of her best Easter Sunday dress.

Jonelle Kowaslky: Gasoline Burns caused by Sheriff Kringen

Upon the aftermath, Jonelle was immediately rushed to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, where Dixon said Sayanim Jews destroyed her best Easter Sunday dress along with the evidence it was soaked with gasoline and the Sheriff’s own DNA, then proceeded to blame Jonelle for playing with matches, thus in turn, protecting Sheriff Kringen from consequence.

And why the Jews desperately needed to separate me and Jonelle, and thus why they sent in Steve Kowalsky, Dixon said. For if the reality of Jonelle’s rape and burns ever surfaced publicly, it would taint the Sheriff’s office, the local police force, and Harborview Medical Center for decades to come.

By proxy, these sinister Sayanim Jews need to keep Jonelle from ever hooking up with any non-elite gentile, like myself, whom she would ultimately, as time went by, confide the truth of exactly how she acquired her burns.

Jews however, through their exclusive practice of Sayanim, are attempting to cover up the fact Jonelle was repeatedly raped and severely burned by Sheriff Kringen so brutally, causing burns so severe, that they could lead to her death upon the mere act of conception, and subsequent delivery.

This is where the Kowalsky’s came in, specifically Steve Kowalsky, who targeted Jonelle to destroy her relationship with me, a non-elite Aryan, Dixon said.

Steve Kowalsky: Getting Away with Murder Smirk

Steve Kowalsky further needed to tie Jonelle up with his own child, or die trying. But first, before this could happen, he had to convince Jonelle that it was safe for her to take a child full-term, without fear of dire consequences Sayanim Jews clearly knew she clearly, deeply harbored, namely, dying on the delivery room table, as she had confided so many times before.

Dr James P Haeg MD
Dr James P Haeg MD

And precisely what I told my father, Dr James P Haeg MD, right before he examined her at a Haeg family get-together in Salem, Oregon around 1985.

Upon completion of the visual examination, my father was concerned enough to ultimately recommend Jonelle see a burn specialist, making absolutely sure she could take a pregnancy full term, “due to the severe buildup of scar tissue.”

My father further recommended Jonelle not have a C-section, based on the severity of the burns and thick scar tissue Harborview still maintains was caused by her dress alone, which my father ultimately confessed is an outright lie.

Due to this obvious hardship, as well as others, Jonelle and I eventually separated a few years later.

Not long after, Dixon said the prominent Jewish Kowalsky family eventually guided Jonelle Johnson (now Jonelle Kowalsky) to only Sayanim Jewish doctors who knew not to go beyond the simple explanation of having received her burns from playing with matches, thus causing her fire-retardant dress to catch fire.

Jewish doctors who knew all too well the real cause of her burns (gasoline) and moreover, the highly potentially fatal implications of Jonelle taking a child full term.

According to Dixon, these Jewish doctors along with the Kowalsky family knew full well Jonelle could easily die while giving birth on the delivery room table, but it didn’t matter because their loyalty belongs to Sayanim Jews protecting Sheriff Kringen, and Harborview Medical Center from implication of rape of a child, thus leaving Aryan Jonelle fully expendable while in their exclusively Jewish care.

Jonelle is clearly being MK-Ultra brainwashed by the Jewish Kowalsky’s into believing that everything is fine, when in fact the Kowalsky’s only goal is to protect Jewish Sheriff Kringen and Jewish Harborview doctors through the uniquely Jewish practice of Sayanim, regardless of Jonelle’s Aryan death.

Dixon explicitly explained that how during labor, Jonelle thought she was going to die on the delivery room table while giving birth to her first child… and was right, because a C- section simply would not have been an option, Dixon said, and the Kowalsky’s knew this but didn’t care.

Jonelle most certainly came very close to death during labor and subsequent delivery of her only son, Dixon said, and why she claims she will never have another child, and hasn’t since. Even though it was confided to me on multiple occasions how she wanted many children.

Thus, one could argue this constitutes attempted murder by pregnancy, where using forehand knowledge obtained from Sayanim Jewish doctors concerning the severity of the burns, the Jewish Kowalsky family conspired to murder Jonelle, an Aryan girl, through the simple act of conception, all to protect Jewish Sheriff Kringen.

Furthermore, this same Sayanim subterfuge also conceals the murder of Jonelle’s previous aborted children at the hands of Sheriff Kringen, also in need of being covered up by high ranking Sayanim Jewish officials within government, the media, and at Harborview Medical Center.

It does appear however, that Sayanim Jewry has accomplished defining the fact that Jonelle can indeed have children… or at least a child, now all they need to do, to get away with collective murder of her previously aborted children, is to bury evidence that before the Kowalsky’s MK-Ultra handling of Jonelle, she had (at least) five abortions (three by me alone) performed out to fear from dying on the delivery room table – to which my medical doctor father can attest.

This is why the Kowalsky’s and Sayanim Jews need me outright dead, otherwise their highly structured efforts to bury Jonelle’s previous aborted children, through the actions of being repeatedly raped and severely burned by King County Sheriff Charles B Kringen, will essentially be for not.

Jewish City of Snoqualmie attorney Pat Anderson, Jewish North Bend John L Scott Realty Broker Tom Antone, and City of Snoqualmie Development Director LeRoy Gmazel are all owners of the Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Company, Dixon said.

Jews Tom Antone and Pat Anderson

The Jewish Snoqualmie Brewery owners are all close friends of the owners of The Pour House Bar & Grill located in North Bend, which Dixon said is owned by the Jewish Kowalsky’s.

In fact, The Pour House Bar & Grill was the first place Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Company beer was offered to the public, through Jewish Sayanim connections, Dixon said they have with the Kowalsky’s.

Snoqualmie City Attorney Pat Anderson and King County Sheriff Dave Reichert
Snoqualmie City Attorney Pat Anderson and King County Sheriff Dave Reichert

The Kowalsky’s are also friends with the local police, Dixon said. In 1998, I caught the Snoqualmie police breaking into my residence. Dixon said they were poisoning my food in an attempt on my life, partly to cover up the fact that Jonelle had been repeatedly raped and burned by King County Sheriff Charles B Kringen, thus causing her multiple abortions.

Seattle: Jewish KC Sheriff Stalks, Rapes Aryan Girls, Causing One Multiple Abortions Later in Life

When I complained to the City of Snoqualmie attorney about this incident involving the Snoqualmie police, the King County Sheriff, and other crimes being committed against innocent Aryan children, City attorney Pat Anderson (friend of good family friend Leon Kos) lied and nearly, with the help of other Sayanim Jews, got me killed.

Steve Kowalsky Post: ‘The Man’ Approves

Dixon said Snoqualmie City Attorney Pat Anderson and JLS broker Tom Antone are both friends and Satanic Sayanim Jews who helped the criminal Kowalsky family try to kill me.

Can you can see the Jewish Sayanim connection here?

The city of Snoqualmie, and Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Company, through the unique practice of Jewish Sayanim, are helping the Kowalsky’s cover up the murder of my pure Aryan children, Dixon said.

Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Company Satanic Offering

Do you really need any more proof?



Sayanim Jews
Pat Anderson, Leon Kos, Fuzzy Fletcher, Steve Kowalsky, Martin Morgan, Bob Goldsmith, David Black.

According to Dixon, his uncle, crypto-cop Kirkland police officer Bauer Dixon, John R Bolton‘s first cousin, is the largest dealer of child porn on the west coast and is selling to all the aforementioned Sayanim Jews.

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