US Secret Weapon ‘Russian Reset’

The ‘Cold War’ officially is over because US technology can disable entire nuclear arsenals in seconds.

Resonant Frequency Equation

This is the same ‘resonance frequency’ secret (RF) technology used on 911.

Many people think the US is insane for provoking nuclear war with Russia.

However, America now holds technology which can render all nuclear missiles obsolete.

This RF technology can disable the DIGITAL detonation sequence of a nuclear missile, thus making it undeployable.

The Cold War is NOW over because nukes have become irrelevant – a war ‘RESET’ has occurred.

Not only can this secret US technology make nuclear deployment inoperable, but it can also detonate them right where they sit, in Russia, under the mother of all BACKFIRES. And this is the reason why the Deep State is provoking nuclear war.

This top level information come from John Bolton‘s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry.

John Bolton

Historically, America has only ever truly acted as a proxy for endless wars around the globe. (List of US Wars).

America was never intended to be the shining city on the hill. Rather, it was created to destroy all other nations, before being destroyed itself.

A Jewish Sir Francis Bacon game plan, documented in his book ‘New Atlantis‘ that was printed in 1626.

1776 and the American Revolution was a Jewish psyop, designed to bring freedom minded people to America to fight endless wars defending their freedoms.

“They hate us for our freedoms.” – George Bush (911)

A mantra the CIA has masterfully used to justify ‘Wagging the Dog’ all over the place, on a Jewish path to a Jew World Order.

Even top-level America patriots and ‘founding fathers’ (Masons) were used by the Jew Bacon to implement his plan of endless US wars before they too are set to be exterminated for their efforts as cannon fodder.

Bring the best and brightest GOY to America to destroy all other autonomous nations, then destroy America too, thus creating a JEW earthly paradise, or New Atlantis, is the plan.

It appears however, that under Putin Russia has woken from its Jewish stranglehold and has now begun to chart its own course.

This makes them the number one NATO Missile Defense (offense) System target, still operated under the guise of mutual ‘Cold War’ compliance, used for respective ‘Strategy of Tensions’ population control, of which Russia no longer willingly complies.

Russia is in deep shit. They can’t fire their nukes off the surface, and their nuclear submarines are being tracked while being allowed to think they are stealth enough to enter the water of San Francisco Bay.

Uranium One, known as the ‘RUSSIAN RESET’, is where Hillary Clinton handed Russia north American uranium, implying mutually assured destruction (MAD) would bring a ‘reset’ to the world order because Russia can now build endless nukes to match America’s nuclear arsenal.

Now you know why Hillary Clinton handed uranium to Russia – this is what ‘Uranium One’ or ‘Russian Reset’ is really all about.

Peregruzka means “Overloaded” – Not “RESET”

“OVERLOADED” – get it? this is no mistake, as the Neocons thoroughly plan on using the European Missile Defense System stationed all throughout Eastern Europe to bombard Russian nukes right where they sit, right AFTER US secret RF technology disables them, thus causing them to become ‘overloaded’ before they can be launched from positions on trucks or underground.

Therefore, the ‘Russian Reset’ is a “overloaded” Trojan horse (like the red button says).

With the US currently pushing Russia into alliance with China, who secretly strategically is aligned with America, Russia will be further ‘Flimflammed’ during WWIII. (protocols)

Deep State Jews have pivoted East to China, and wish to destroy Western civilization (and India), where selected cities will be allowed to be nuked by Russia (or by false flag) during WWIII.

“Now, we need to understand, we think, “oh, we’re big, and we’re bad, and we have all this stuff.” Russia is roughly comparable to the United States in nuclear power. They have hypersonic missiles, that we do not have. They can absolutely evade any timely detection, and they can fire missiles from Russia and reach San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., New York City.

According to Bolton’s nephew NY, CHICAGO, HOUSTON and LONDON will be targeted for nuclear annihilation by Deep State JEWS under cover of WWIII – and Russia will be blamed.

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