The History of Humanity and Satanism


History of human race – how we are run by Satanist seeded by Annunaki from Planet Nibiru, which returns to earth’s orbit every 3,600 years – This mirrors exactly Greg Dixon’s version of events. Must see!

What Could Happen if Planet Nibiru Returns


Every 3,600 years the 10th planet Nibiru comes back into earth’s orbit. The ancient City of Atlantis may be uncovered during this pole shift, which causes earth to rotate on its axis, thus moving entire oceans in violent fashion.  Causing features like Utah’s Canyonlands, as well as depositing seashells in it’s wake as it engulfs the new landmass every 3,6000 years – as recorded in the Bible under the story of Noah’s Arch.

Prediction of America’s New Borders after Pole-Shift


Futurist Gordon Michael Scallion’s visions of what North America will look like in the future.

Nikola Tesla: Free Energy Wizard


Nikola Tesla was the single greatest inventor in all of human history, but because he was not elite, he was never given his due… like many others.

Nikola Tesla – Wardenclyffe Tower (Free Energy)


Wardenclyffe Tower, with financial support from J.P. Morgan, was designed and erected on Long Island, New York as means to transmit free energy (electricity) and communications without wires – solely for the benefit of mankind.

No Society Wants You to Become Wise


No society wants you to become wise, if people are wise they cannot be exploited, they cannot be subjugated, they cannot be forced into a mechanical life to live like robots. They will assuage, they will assert their individuality, they will have the fragrance of freedom around them, freedom comes with wisdom and no society wants people to become free. The moment they start using their intelligence, they become dangerous to the establishment.

People Killed by the Illuminati


Staggering number of deaths surrounding creatives and those who some how posed a threat to the Illuminati and their world domination.

Silencing the Opposition: A Case Study


For centuries elites have been silencing opposition through removal of foes by public demonization, incarceration, and death, made to look natural or self-inflicted.

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