Kirkland Cop Crashes Cruiser Headshots Windshield Seattle Media Claims was Wearing Seat-Belt

Kirkland Cop Headshots Upper Passenger-Side Windshield of Cruiser
Kirkland Cop Headshots Upper Passenger-Side Windshield of Cruiser

A Kirkland police officer was speeding to a reported car prowl when he lost control of his patrol car early Thursday on a rain-slick street and crashed into a pole.

The officer was bleeding when other officers and paramedics arrived but alert and talking as he was taken to Evergreen Hospital.  [ source – The Associated Press]

Once more, the local Seattle news media is caught blatantly lying to us.

A “Kirkland officer was responding to a car prowl,” it was reported as I watched the news story on King 5.  I wonder, was it a Jewish “victim” who made the call,  specifically, the one who repeatedly likes to check response times, as well as make Kirkland Aryan cops, who sit on their ass most of the day, feel as if they are useful and needed.

According to John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, and whose uncle is also is also a Masonic Kirkland police officer, this is a common practice by Jews who live west of Market Street.

As the call came only blocks from the Kirkland police station into the ritzy west of Market neighborhood on Waverly Way, housing mostly Jews.

Regardless of the legitimacy of the call or not… this Kirkland police officer definitely hit his head hard on the far right upper corner of the passenger-side windshield, enough to leave behind a shattered head-shot sized “whiteout” imprint of his cranium… meaning, he hit it very hard indeed.  Hard enough, to send him to the hospital, it was reported, but interestingly, that’s all they said.

As I continued watching this news story being reported on NBC King 5 news by co-anchor Lori Matsukawa, she stated, and I quote: “The officer was wearing his seat-belt at the time” [of the accident].

What!?  Are you kidding me?  I couldn’t believe what I just herd.  There is absolutely no way under the sun this officer could have hit his head on the far upper right corner of the passenger-side windshield and been wearing his seat-belt at the same time – that’s a flat-ass lie Lori – and you fucking know it.

When I went online for the story, the media hid any, and all front-end [clear] photos of the police car, including the head shot piercing nearly all the way through the upper passenger side corner of the windshield – made by the “buckled-up” Kirkland police officer.   Dizzying!

This clear and blatant lie is propagated proof that the corporate media is protecting the interests of the corporate funded police, criminally.

Kirkland Cop Headshots Upper Passenger-Side Windshield of Cruiser
Seattle Media Hides Fact Kirkland Cop Headshots Upper Corner Passenger-Side Windshield of Cruiser

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