Arrogance is Thy Name: KC Prosecutor Satterberg Thumbs Nose at Murdered Children

SEATTLE, WA — While linking the King County, Washington prosecutor’s website to my latest article, I discovered a sinister web banner featuring prosecutor Dan Satterberg grinning in amusement.  At first take, it appears rather innocuous, but what you don’t know, and I do, is that I preempted this exact banner on the Bellevue, Washington court record in August of 2007.

That’s right, preempted it!

Dan Satterberg Banner

Part of the elitist strategy, as many are aware, is that they love to flaunt their colluded criminality all about, and this preempted banner is a glaring example of that in practice.

On August 17, 2007, while seated testifying in a Bellevue courtroom of law before pro tem Judge Elizabeth M Asher, a Dixon family female prosecutor, a Jewish family in-law court reporter (on my mother’s side), a Jewish administrator, and two Jewish public defenders, I was asked multiple questions over the course of an hour or so by Judge Asher about information John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, conveyed to me in 1998.

Where, during my testimony, Judge Asher admitted to knowing Greg Dixon through being closely aligned with his family, and repeatedly asked me to recite some of the information he had conveyed to me over the course of our friendship.

Of the the hundreds of revelations made by Dixon, of which numerous had already been conveyed in court this day, one in particular, was how the local Seattle news media, according to Dixon, was producing in-house promos and sinister “Head Shots” of themselves intended to intimidate their targets, and how they had specifically designed some of these local media and government promos just for me (Corruptico), of which I explained to Judge Asher.

Amid this process, and in relation to other previous psyop promos conducted towards me by the local media and government preemptively conveyed by Dixon , I specifically told the Judge how I wouldn’t be surprised if King County prosecutor Dan Satterberg, who is Jewish, and obtained his current position through the murder of previous KC prosecutor Norm Maleng, created a logo banner of himself sinisterly smiling from the vantage point near Harborview Medical Center, where my ex girlfriend Jonelle Johnson was treated for her burns caused by King County Sheriff Charles B Kringen raping before catching her on fire when she was only five years old, thus leading to the murderous forced abortion deaths of three of my children.

And further, how Satterberg, who is Jewish, would most likely use the Smith Tower, built by Ivar Haglund, who Dixon said I am related, as the back drop along with the Olympic mountains, repute with a floating barge–representing my dead children–on his psyop banner logo, as a direct message aimed solely at intimidating me from seeking justice in the death of my purebred Aryan children – at the hands of The Jewish King County Sheriff Charles B Kringen.

Particularly, now that I have preempted it… as they love to do this, I explained on the record to pro tem Judge Asher (and other witnesses in court that day).

This is the first ever government banner in the history of Seattle from this vantage point… period, no others exist or have ever existed previously, and thus solely is my design.

Dan Satterberg BannerFurther laying testament to the arrogance that is thy name of Jewish King County prosecutor Dan Satterberg–thumbing his nose at murdered Aryan children–at the hands of King County Sheriff Charles B Kringen, a Jew who proceeded Sheriff Dave Reichert.

Satanists rejoice!

*Floating barge is symbolism for precursor of death, Dixon said.


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