Jewish Politicos Target Aryan Neighbors for Death

Jewish Island County Politicos: Sheriff Mark C Brown, Judge Alan R Hancock and Prosecutor Greg Banks

As of 2017, there exists extensive documented evidence within the official Island County electoral record thoroughly demonstrating (via article below) Jews indeed hold total dominance over the geo-politico power structure on Whidbey Island, Washington – extending all the way back into the last century.

Jew Island

Where Aryans, not only being misrepresented by this crypto-Jewish government, are in fact its prey.

South Whidbey School Teacher Mark Eager

 “The best of the gentiles – kill!” – Jewish Protocols

For proof of this reality: In 1998, John Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, revealed how the front running Island County prosecutorial candidate at the time, had previously targeted his Aryan neighbor with poison, which produced his premeditated death.

Former US Ambassador John Bolton

Dixon further asserts, that Whidbey Island’s Jewish governing politicos have consistently been targeting Aryans for unconditional death under their political authority all across Island County for some time now, without any legal repercussions or ramifications ever coming to fruition.

One of multiple specific documented cases Dixon laid-out, involves a future front running Jewish Island County prosecutorial candidate (prior to 1998) targeting an Aryan man for death by moving into a Whidbey Island home whose backyard adjoined that of his Aryan neighbors.

Whereby, this prosecutorial candidate poisoned his Aryan neighbor to death, Dixon reports, by repeatedly putting poison into his food after having befriended the man by means of shared BBQ cookouts partaken in the backyard of their adjoining property (where he also supplied the food). A property in due course he became accustomed to and later purchased right after his Aryan neighbor’s premeditated murder.

Current Jewish Island County Prosecutor Greg Banks

Tellingly, the current Island County prosecutor, Greg Banks, who ran and won the Island County prosecutor election in 2000 – as the front runner – is now presently sharing his backyard property boundary in a home well below his income level with an Aryan school teacher on Whidbey Island named “Mark Eager” – who Dixon said “the front running Island County prosecutorial candidate (who claims he murdered his Aryan neighbor with poison) would target next.”

Dixon said that if unable to befriend his future Aryan neighbor, “Mark Eager” (who is being targeted by Island County Jewish politicos based solely on his genetic preeminence), then he will simply break into Eager’s home through their adjoining backyards and poison his food while he is away at work.

It appears by proxy, that the Island County Jewish prosecutor, leading by example, is setting the precedent of prosecutorial immunity for Jews all across Whidbey Island to target Aryans for murder and death, while provided criminal exemption by the state.

A practice also documented in King County (the largest populated and most corrupt Jewish county in Washington state), where ‘The’ King County Sheriff at the time, Charles B Kringen, who is Jewish, stalked and raped multiple Aryan children after moving into a home right next door to his victims well below his income level (sound familiar), causing one young Aryan girl multiple abortions later in life.

Seattle: Jewish KC Sheriff Stalks, Rapes Aryan Girls, Causing One Multiple Abortions Later in Life

To further document the credibility of the source for this information, Greg Dixon, his uncle, Kirkland crypto-cop Bauer Dixon, is a 33rd degree Freemason, and reportedly the largest dealer of child pornography on the entire west coast; dealing mostly to “prominent Jews” in the area, whom he also arranges sex with children for while personally standing by keeping order.

Bauer Dixon: 33rd degree Freemason and first-cousin of John Bolton

Including Jewish Island County politicos on Whidbey Island like Sheriff Mark C Brown, judge Alan R Hancock and prosecutor Greg Banks. And precisely how this information regarding Aryans being targeted in Island County by Jewish politicos became available to Dixon – through what essentially is an elite Jew State Pedophile Network.

Inextricably, it’s safe to say this is exactly what recently happened to Republican Senator Rand Paul (half Aryan nationalist) who was viciously attacked by his Jewish socialist neighbor in Kentucky.

And why the attacker was essentially given immunity for the assault that left Paul with six broken ribs and a punctured lung, that easily could have taken his life.

Rene Boucher and Rand Paul

The State of the Nation reports:

“A close reading of every mainstream media account of the cowardly assault on Senator Rand Paul by his neighbor — Rene Boucher — indicates a premeditated hit.

“Mr. Paul had just stepped off a riding lawn mower on Friday when Rene Boucher, a retired anesthesiologist who lived next door, charged and tackled him. Because Mr. Paul was wearing sound-muting earmuffs, he did not realize Mr. Boucher was coming, according to one of the Kentucky Republicans and a friend familiar with the altercation.”

Special Note:
“Who has ever heard of a board-certified osteopathic physician stalking a neighboring MD ophthalmologist who also happens to be a U.S. Senator? And then waiting for the perfect time to blindside the good doctor by plowing into him so hard that he fractures 5 ribs and sustains lung contusions. This simply does not happen … … … except by purposeful design. Then the assailant is only “charged with one count of fourth-degree assault” and released on a wholly disproportionate $7500.00 bond. That’s even more implausible, especially in a conservative state like Kentucky. This story only gets weirder until you understand that the globalists absolutely detest Rand Paul. Clearly, the patriotic Paul represents the single greatest “senatorial” threat to their New World Order agenda, and planned One World Government.”

“The positive effect of this judicial misconduct, as well as the underlying blatant criminal act, is that TPTB are exposing themselves in ways never seen before.  As the “radioactive” back story emerges regarding the deliberate takedown of Rand Paul, much more serious truth will soon be disclosed.  And, the facts of the case will boomerang on the treasonous NWO cabal that is hellbent on destroying the American Republic.”

All part and parcel of the leftist Jewish game plan, that controls law enforcement, the prosecutor, and judges, who provide legal immunity for themselves and others to commit crimes against their Aryan neighbors.

Globalists Take Down Senator Rand Paul, Could Have Killed Him

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  1. Very interesting article, well written, how in the hell have you not been targeted out here?…You got a switch blade crucifix to keep the vampires at bay?…;)

    Ive been targeted via V2k-DEW’s & Organised Stalking/Harassment out here on the island since 2010-2011. Legal issues/BS “Protection Order” by Sephardic mother of set-up “honeypot” daughter sent my way in 2012. Four disappeared/dead cats in 2 years with prior threats/promises. WHY was I targeted? Who knows? I had a long running Live Leak blog critical of Israeli/Zionist war crimes…..Aside from my US FedGovCo-Alphabet agency musings that are no better from a moral standpoint.

    . “Boston brakes” style car accident on Purim of 2013/Swede Hill road-No brakes-No airbag deployed @ a 55 mph crash. Four lumbar fractures-Multiple Sheriffs had shown up in less than 5 minutes…..Interesting isnt it, -for a fairly rural /out of the way road? Needless to say I wasnt going to the hospital that night. In 2012 Had what I thought was a very near heart attack while writing an article critical of Zionism as a political construct & ideology…Luckily it passed w/o medical attention.

    Tatted-up daughter/honeypot of 2 formerly married FBI agents was sent my direction during healing period from accident in May of 2013……Got a Wa State audit the day after her birthday on May 16th. Reason being that “Several” people all called & said I was working w/o a license. My bad fro giving here an old biz card? Which the timing is funny in regards to my restraining order court hearing which was set for the day before the 1st honeypots birthday mentioned in opening paragraph….

    …Coincidence?…Ha!….My laundry list of sufferings out here is phenomenal. Im certainly not the 1st one living out here to deal with such practices. But Im not going anywhere else, its the devil I know VS the devil I dont.. This island can be one SERIOUSLY disgusting place with a thin veneer of good natured family-friendly folkseyness, sure there are plenty of “good” people out here I suppose? Funny how everyone is always running around calling this place “Paradise”? Its not Hawall for shits sakes?! Most people are blissfully unaware that if one puts the merest scratch in any “paradise” that one will expose the seedy, blemished & corroding underbelly of their previously assumed utopian Shangri-La?

    98% sure there is a vicious incest/pedo/beastiality ring @ work out here as well, being but one part of the criminal whole. Secrets need protecting, if one is dillgently doin dirt-do they not?. A few years back a close friend of mine shared a story that in helping a acquaintance of a friend move residences here on the rock that he was carrying a box that the bottom had fell out of….What spilled out of said box?…Dozens of polaroids of island residents having sexual relations with DOGS & young CHILDREN-when I asked if he knew any of the people, all he would say was one of those people was the semi famous body mod/tattooed “Cat Man” who had lived with a family in Freeland for a while. Cat man later died of “Cancer”. It scared the shit out of my buddy, he quickly put them back in the bottom of the hastily repaired box, his “friend” didnt see the Cat-Ass-Trophy unfold, he told not a soul for years until he confided in me. A few weeks after telling me such he unfortunately died of a massive heart attack. He had complained of light chest pains after telling me the tale he went up to Whidbey General for a check-up & they told him it was just a strained pectoral muscle. Then again, when my genitals were targeted for months on end during 2015 resulting in what they said was a clot in my testicle, all they prescribed was aspirin to help break the clot even in full knowledge I was taking a flight to Europe in 3 days time. He was in good health, didnt smoke, rarely drank, had a physically oriented job. Was it natural or weaponized? Who knows? The patents & technology for such weapons is well documented. Wish he hadnt said anything. Anyone that says ANYTHING to me goes right to my perps via mechanism of V2k…

    I often wonder WHO is the facilitator of the DEW/Microwave “Plausible Deniability” death machine & MK experimentation out here?….I mean, I know who Ive been gang stalked by locally-cause the idiots LIVE here, but then again they didnt think Id live past 2012 either? …..The Navy? They are an Electronic Warfare Air Wing with all the toys & capability to do such damage. A local large employer who does Naval Defense Contracting? A Tele-communications company w/ satellite access perhaps? Point being is that there are some pretty dangerous hi-tech weapons that have somehow gotten into the hands of some pretty unscrupulous people. Heart attacks, cancer & “Suicides” are pretty common islandside? If I had a dime for every time Id read about some one “Hearing Voices” in the local Sheriffs report in the last 10 years Id be about 2,00$ richer…..-Thats NOT normal @ all. People I know have complained about hearing tones of various frequencies-And thats exactly how my targeting started out.

    I applaud you for doing the necessary, -albeit, dirty n’ dangerous work of helping to expose the crimes perpetrated against we the people of this island, state, nation & planet. One solitary voice crying out against injustice in the stormy n’ thorny wilderness can carry weight & momentum out of all proportion to its number & size?

    Keep up the good work, & Ill do my part as well, for no one is going to do it for me. We ARE the calvary…;)

    “To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”

    Take care & stay safe….~CLR

  2. He keeps himself defended the way I keep myself defended. The author is in South Whidbey where my Aryan/blueblood family has a vacation property. The way to defend yourself is to randomize everything so that it becomes blatantly obvious that someone is tailing you. For example, the random bar I’m at in West Seattle right now, it would be beyond obvious if anyone was trying anything on me because they woyld not fit into thw picture whatsoever. And my tails would have to keep track of the random bars I’m visiting right now and what exactly I’m doing. A full time tail couldn’t walk in the bar because they would be beyond obvious. You have to make it so you have absolute control and watch over the situation. Despite the omnipotent all powerful presence of the tribe, they are not gods and are subject to the same human limitations as us.

    1. Hey Solo, good to see ya here-pass along the word of this mans articles & work. I certainly have been. Its important-& a dangerous task to undertake out here as well.

      Yes, randomizing efforts, actions & habits do indeed help, but most of these organised harassment/domestic terrorist cells are a complex network with a plethora of varied psychopathic cadre of all walks of life & socio-economic classes operating within almost EVERY county in our state…

      Druggies, young, old, middle age moms n’ dads, law enforcment ect, ect, ect. Usually one thing that is a uniting factor with any of these perps is ANY criminal & illegal activity that needs protecting, but the pedophilia trade predominates all. -Or as mundane as someone that can be blackmailed into such activity against others on the “Target” list. Ive been on such a list out here since 2010-present. Im a blond haired, blue eyed person of German ancestry who vacations regularly in Berchtesgaden & Austria. Im a transplant out here since ’04, but had a seeking & satirical blog critical of Zionist crimes against humanity from 2011-2012. The “Theys” dont like being laughed at? That got me a teenage Sephardic “honeypot” sent my way that looked 23ish,-no relationship beside platonic, closely followed by my targeting & legal action on the part of her mother on B.S charges, followed 1 year later by yet another “honeypot” spawn of 2 FBI agents who have lived here on the rock…..The list goes on n’ on. I wont bore you with the details, for I am but one of MANY targeted people out here. Not all are here to tell their tales, I feel duty bound to them to speak out on the matter, for they cannot…

      My experience with gangstalking is quite varied, encompassing many counties, states, & even foreign countries. Starting out locally as a “whisper/rumor” campaign to slander ones name/ work. When the covert “passive” surveillance phase is terminated after finding ones “pressure points”. The “Harassment/gangstalking” phases initial aims are to make one self aware that something just “isnt right”, being shortly followed by the overt “attack” phase(which some dont survive when being hit by DEW’s/V2k 24 hours a day for years on end)-I was sentenced to death w/o a trial & due process, or even facing my accusers, for something as brave as speaking truth to power…

      Everyones “attack” phase varies & is custom tailored to the individual standing on the “X”, so to speak, its prosecuted to exact maximum harm, or severe complications & stress within all facets of the targets lives. Its a game for the perps with very real consequences for those targeted. The intensity. scope & breadth of the attack is directly in proportion & related to HOW BADLY someone wants you terrorized, or to just have you simply move away to another location to have some other cell to take over or finish the “job”, whether they covet property/intellectual property-or just plain want you DEAD by any means possible-(by your own hand, or by weapons, tactics & timetables of their own choosing)-Mixing it up DOES help, but then you are adapting & re-acting to their moves & plans. Its quite the chess game…To win you must draw them out with -saintly patience, -supreme situational & sensory awareness, -not biting on the “hooks”, -a positive mental attitude/sense of humor, -a stout constitution for absorbing damage of all kinds & make them re-act to YOU….Turn the tables. It helps to have allies as well, but I dont count on those too much. Not out here. When in such a position you become very isolated & learn to trust NO-ONE. It helps to be ok with solitude & being comfortable with being un-comfortable. It teaches one to rely on themselves alone. Which only makes one stronger as a person. Not everything for a T.I is bad-although it may seem so @ 1st, there are MANY positive things in hindsight that can be rendered from negative experiences following the thesis+antithesis=synthesis model of thought…

      Usually 2 attacks are run in tandem to maximize emotional & financial damage, usually preceded by an previous attack a few months before the targets latest current difficulties. As was my experience when healing up from 4 broken lumbar vertebrae from a “boston brakes” style “accident” While healing, I suddenly “met” a woman employed by such parties, closely followed by an coordinated attack/audit of my painting biz relating to exposure to the same FBI tatted-up, trashy, attention driven “honeytrap” daughter who took a false “liking” to me for her & the offending parties own ambitions. Then a 9K$ engine truck replacement after such….

      For instance,.-I received paperwork & was audited by Wa. State dept of revenue the day AFTER her birthday-(IF her b-day date wasnt a lie to begin with)- the previous years 1st Sephardic “honeypot” sent my way for legal troubles had her court date scheduled for the day BEFORE her birthday-1 year apart, the 1st female was a Scorpio-the 2nd had her sun sign in Taurus,they are opposites on the astrological wheel. The Taurus had her moon sign in Capricorn. In my own personal chart I have a Capricorn sun sign & a Taurus moon sign-again,- totally flip-flopped & reversed, as well as myself having a lifelong interest in astrology, (which they know)-just to provide an example of tactics rendered…

      The sheer amount of pre-planning & efforts pursued according to ones personal “metrics” is quite insane. I can only imagine what the 7 year monetary costs of my targeting amount too? Thats to say nothing of the total co$ts incurred IF I am a lifelong non-consensual MK experimentee of some shadowy FedGovCo program imposed upon select individuals-of which I have my suspicions concerning the oddities of my life. Our Gov’t has a looong track record of such abuses & atrocities committed against an unfortunate minority of our nation.

      So its not usually the same person or persons every instance when being followed. Can you trust ALL the people closest to you?…Because thats usually where they are most concentrated within a targets social structure strata. Its very subtle as well…It HAS to be in order to be effective.

      If you arent in personal contact with someone presently within the T.I community, you most assuredly will be in the near future-barring these programs are exposed somehow & laid waste to-prob be easier to squeeze blood from a stone? Whats happening to thousands of Americans now, is going to be rolled out to the entire population @ some point. Folks like myself are the beta-test & pilot programs for the eventual rollout for the electronic shackle total control grid for all within our nation…Globally perhaps?

      Whos to say that those who arent suffering from malicious targeting arent already having their minds modulated & manipulated?….Food for thought. We are a VERY conditioned society.

      Take care. Be safe….~CLR

      1. You mentioned that I would eventually meet a T.I.

        I have, and they’re now dead. It all started when he worked at the Pike Place market. He took his first paycheck, bought a large amount of cocaine, and had big dreams of becoming a hustler. Only after he did that, the gangstalkers immediately followed. At work he noticed people constantly pointing their phones at him and doing weird things with them (most likely facial tracking and EMF targeting with specialized phones). He started to call them out shouting “HEY! Thats not how you use a phone!” and this prompted the King County Sheriff Department to start personally gangstalking him, to the point of hovering a helicopter over his car while he drove down I5 and having Sheriff’s cars pass him constantly while they stared him down.

        He got smart and started stalking his gangstalkers and eventually figured out their full names and home addresses. This got them to back off really quickly. I suspect they were setting up another “Lang Marine” situation (John Lang in Fresno) because it was around the exact sime time that incident occured.

        My friend did manage to survive for a couple of years, but several months ago he drowned in a freak river accident where he was stuck under a whirlpool for 10 minutes. Witnesses said that before he went into the river he was acting very strangely and continuously talking to himself. Then he walked into the river like he was possessed, but started screaming for help after he was caught in the whirlpool. he could have been suicidal, he could have been drugged, or under a heavy curse/incantation. Something I will never know until I pass over to the other side.

  3. Re-booting my LiveLeak writing once again-feel free to on drop by to peruse ramblings on my experiences as a Targeted Individual on wonderful Whidbey Island…

    LiveLeak UserName: “Krasnaya Zvezda”

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