WA Rep. Larry Springer’s Crypto Bastard Child

WA Rep. Larry Springer
WA Rep. Larry Springer

Washington State Representative Larry Springer, a Democrat from Kirkland, is a Jew as Jewish as they come.  His facial features appear to be just like those of Jewish concentration camp victims from World War Two, even thought he is being told, and believes, he is elite.

Rep. Springer however, a useful idiot being played in his daily affairs, is not elite and will be genetically exterminated from the planet by his fellow Jews, who truly are elite, once the New World Order commences, just as they did to similar Jews in WW II.

This, as explained to me by John Bolton’s first nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, who further elaborated how Rep. Springer may have knowledge of these ominous plans in store for him once agenda 21 (SHIFT) takes place, and why, they believe, Springer may be attempting to “hide his genetics” in a Chinese woman’s offspring.

Though, having met Larry Springer on multiple occasions, I personally don’t believe he’s that smart however, consequently leaving few additional conclusions.

Nonetheless, according to Dixon, Rep. Springer secretly produced a half-Chinese bastard child through one of his Chinese employee’s at his “The Grape Choice” wine store co-owned by his wife in Kirkland.

The Grape Choice wine store was originally located in the old Kirkland hospital building, where Dixon and other elites believe the conception of Rep. Springer’s “half-Chinese bastard child” actually took place.

Penny Sweet
Penny Sweet

Dixon said Rep. Larry Springer’s wife, Penny Sweet, also a Jew, and current city of Kirkland Deputy Mayor, can’t produce children of her own, and thus, therefore approved of her husband conceiving a bastard-child of his own through this Chinese employee he hired to work at their wine store.

On August 17 2007, I testified for the record in a Bellevue, Washington court room of law before pro tem Judge Elizabeth M Asher, a Dixon family female prosecutor and a Jewish crypto female family in-law (Tubs) court reporter on my mother’s side, who also has in-law family ties to Rep. Larry Springer.

During this testimony, I conveyed the exact same above information to pro tem Judge Elizabeth M Asher, who said she knows of this child (produced by Rep. Springer and his Chinese employee) and told me she thinks the (half-Chinese) boy looks “just like” Rep. Larry Springer.

Larry Springer's Half-Chinese Bastard Child's MotherLeft, is a photo of a Chinese “Larry Springer” supporter who I believe is the mother of Rep. Springer’s half-Chinese bastard child that I found on the “Friends of Larry Springer for State Representative 45th District Democrat” website.


Hidden in plain sight.

Jewish WA Rep. Larry Springer, who is clearly keeping this all secret, has many other secrets, I am aware, some much greater in magnitude that I plan on later revealing.

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