Pedophile Jew Rapes Mason

Mr. big shot socialite spout in Seattle, Herb ‘Miles’ Johnson, who is a Freemason, got drugged unconscious and raped by pedophile Al Williams while playing for the Little Dribblers in Kirkland, Washington along with other 12-years-olds in 1977. This is why he’s never had a girlfriend yet pretends to be Sir-mix-a-lot publicly.– source

Pedophile Al Williams

Normally, I would never talk shit about someone pedophile Al Williams drugged unconscious and raped, however ‘Miles,’ as he is communally known throughout Seattle, is a Freemason who is subverting ‘underclass’ citizens all over Puget Sound, including attempting to infect them with HIV/AIDS.

Miles, who is Neanderthal German (not Aryan like most his victims), is a good friend of Tara Bullock, who is the source of the virus Miles is using to infect people with HIV/ AIDS all over Seattle, according to Greg Dixon, a top level source closely related to John Bolton.

Tara Bullock, who is Jewish, has herself also been infecting people with HIV/AIDS since gaining access to the virus through caretaking AIDS patients for the state of Washington at her home near the U-district in Seattle, Washington.

Whidbey State Farm agent and Tara Bullock relative look-alike Shelia DeLong

Dixon reports Tara Bullock originally hails from Whidbey Island, Washington, and is part of very influential extended Jewish family directly connected to the prominent Jewish MTV family from New York, who stared Music Television. In fact, Tara Bullock knows Jewish music producer Rick Ruben personally, who has produced music for Island Def Jam Records, located on Whidbey Island.

Tara Bullocks Seattle Home where she cares for AIDS Patients and throws Parties

Tara Bullock, by law, is required to keep secret from the public the fact that she cares for HIV/AIDS patients for the state of Washington at her home in Seattle, thus giving her both access to the virus and full immunity to spread it to unsuspecting targets of her choosing, as my source claims she is doing (with help from Miles) without ever being publicly connected to the virus herself.

Including an attempt on ‘Thai Tom’ through Miles (a friend of his), Dixon reports, who owns a restaurant in the U-district and is fully unaware that when partying at Tara’s home in Seattle, he is surrounded by AIDS patients Tara cannot legally reveal.

Steve Springer’s Red Apple Grocery in Langley, WA

Yet Tara Bullock has publicly revealed she knows Chris Smith, who is Jewish, and Dixon reports, among other dealings, is friends of Jewish Red Apple grocery owner Steve Springer, who is closely related to Washington Rep. Larry Springer-D Kirkland.

Jews Steve Springer and Rep. Larry Springer-D Kirkland

Rep. Larry Springer-D is close friends of Walt Disney’s nephew, Leon Kos, a Washington state Jewish politico whom is best friends of Dr. James P Haeg MD.

Jews Walt Disney and Leon Kos

Leon Kos literally grew up at Disneyland while it was being constructed in Anaheim, California, and is also the half-brother of Jewish Washington State Speaker of the House, Frank Chopp (same father, Dixon said). In addition, Leon Kos is closely related to Jew Merrick Garland, who was to be appointed to the Supreme Court under a Clinton presidency.

Jews Leon Kos Frank Chopp and Merrick Garland

Keith Lohnes, who attended Kirkland Jr. High with Miles where they became best friends according to Dixon, has family members who married into the Tulalip Indian tribe in Marysville, Washington, where a Lohnes ‘overweight Indian half-breed relative’ named Dean Lohnes worked for the Washington State Ferry System along with Tulalip Indian Lavon Major, who is best friends of a Dixon relative WSF co-worker Jeff Knaplund related to another Dixon relative who captain’s the Ferryboat between Mukilteo and Clinton.

Keith Lohnes (Miles Buddy)

Apparently, no photos are available of Miles (Herb Johnson) in grade school because his Masonic parents didn’t want rumors along with his school photos circulating publicly if ever the police caught Williams raping other children and went public with the numerous images he took of Herb ‘Miles’ Jonson being raped while unconscious.

Further, Miles knew full well in 1978 when attempting to ruse 13-year-olds trying-out for the Kirkland Magician basket ball team coached by Al Williams that it wasn’t because of their basketball skills why they were being picked, yet never came clean to the real reason he didn’t try-out for team himself.

Kirkland Magicians Basketball Team 1978

Dixon said Jews are poisoning Miles’ Masonic mother at her workplace, as well as Keith Lohnes’ Aryan mother, and are considering killing Miles as well, but just when they are planning his German death, he brings them another victim to be subverted or infected with HIV/AIDS they wouldn’t of had access to otherwise.



Both Miles Johnson and Keith Lohnes are very well-known in and around Seattle, and the fact that Miles is a Mason who was drugged unconscious and raped by Al Williams, who is Jewish, shows just how pervasive these pedophile rings are at creating victims – 77 by Williams in King County alone it’s reported.

Jack Nicholson and Greg Dixon (source)


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