CBS KIRO 7: The Steve Raible Skin Cancer Affair

Steve Raible
Steve Raible

If you ever happened to had watched the local Seattle CBS affiliate, KIRO 7 evening news, during the mid-1990’s, you would have witnessed Steve Raible, who is Aryan (German), anchoring the newscast right alongside his Jewish co-anchor, Susan Hutchison.

Astute viewers of the broadcast also would have noticed Susan openly paying Steve what appeared to be overt gestures of flirtations during their live on-air reporting together.

For those of you who may have missed it, or forgotten, let me recite exactly how it went:

Whenever Steve Raible was facing the camera reading from his presstitute scripted text while reporting the nightly news, Susan Hutchison, like clockwork, would turn towards him and smile at the side of Steve’s face in a “smitten manor.”  Susan, who wasn’t the least bit shy about it, hung visually fixated to the side of Steve’s face for extend periods of time, glancing up and down as if he were some kind of Idol whose magnetism she was uncontrollably attracted.

Of which a married Raible, peering from the corner of his eye, would ultimately reciprocate by auspiciously smiling back, right after finishing the teleprompter.

Upon witnessing this event over the course of several years, I was entirely convinced the two were indeed indulging some type of sordid love affair, as I am sure other viewers were as well.

Susan Hutchison
Susan Hutchison

However, in 1998, the truth about this “sordid love affair” was finally revealed to me late one evening by no other than US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton’s first nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry.

Dixon explicitly explained how Steve Raible, at the time, had developed signs of skin cancer on the left side of his face, and because he is Aryan, Susan Hutchison, who is Jewish, was all too happy to see the marker of the disease becoming visible on his cheekbone, and thus, why she repeatedly was caught blatantly turning and smiling towards the side of Steve’s face during live broadcasts of the nightly news the two co-anchored together.

Dixon said Steve Raible eventually caught the mild case of skin cancer on the side of his face in its early stages, had it treated, and has since been religiously indulging his face with the utmost care and therapy, and most likely why he shaved off his mustache of 28-years.


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