Jew State Police Hiring Practices

Jews who control the state reject heterosexual police candidates in favor of homosexually repressed applicants, willing to cover-up facts, and target virile citizens who can take on state oppression, they are secretly sexually attracted to through existential envy  – source

This is why most police never investigate beyond black and white – for the simple fact that they don’t want you finding the real truth through scrutinized facts, which they repressively are covering up, regarding their homosexual feelings.

This formula works all too well for the criminal Jew-run-state, who uses low cognitive IQ homosexually repressed ‘goy’ police to repeatedly charge people with low-level crimes like jaywalking, California stops, and no turn signal type offenses… yet lets Jewish pedophile networks and financial fraud run amuck – because that would require real investigation the homosexually repressed police are ultimately terrified of, by proxy of the same analytical techniques that could also expose their true homosexual disposition.

Furthermore, Jew controlled states are seeking only homosexual repressed police applicants to become cops in a scheme to control their virile opposition, where through existential envy, the homosexually repressed police specifically target the best and brightest citizens – most able to take on Jew State corruption.

When the Jew State has an entire police force pissed off for self-oppressing their true sexual desires, they’re going to fucking oppress yours too, no matter how mundane law is they’re ‘enforcing.’

Because the real law the police are enforcing, is the law of oppression. And why Jews only profile and hunt homosexually repressed police officers. Who know self-oppression firsthand, all too well, and will be dammed to let you get away with breaking any low level social norm, no matter how mundane – because they want you to feel their pain.

Homosexually repressed police are so pissed-off that mommy and society won’t let them be who they really are – that they will literally jump your ass for even looking at them like they are gay, and are willing to die the ‘HERO’ in order to cover up their emotional homosexual repression status.

Particularly, when thy themselves won’t allow for any deviation from their own indoctrinated perceived “social norms,” regardless of whether legal or not, and will target virile men simply based on existential envy, which serves the Jews interests all too well, while also being incredibly profitable for the state.

This is further evidenced by the fact that there are virtually no Jews in jail or prison – yet, Jews singlehandedly control the courts as judges and prosecutors.

It’s sad that these frustrated enforcer archetypes feel the need to retaliate against people who they deem ‘free spirited’ or liberty minded, simply because these citizens are free to express themselves, which annoys the homosexually repressed cop, who is constantly hiding their true identity through invariable fear of the truth.

Whereby, no means necessary, could they ever act on their true sexual feelings mommy and the Jew state has brutally indoctrinated in them – in the most virulent and stringent of forms. And therefore, constantly feel the need to act out in order to prove their manhood to themselves (and mommy) by oppressing all others that, in any way shape or form, inflame their puerile emotions.

This is where “police brutality” typically stems from… homosexually frustrated broken cops who could never act on their true sexual feelings, and want you to do the same, no matter how mundane the law is – that is broken.

In fact, the very act of this underlying homosexual repressed emotional mental infirmity most police hired by the Jew State bear, is why the state continues hiring only this type of repressed archetype.

Thus, hoping they’ll lash out at the drop of a hat against virtually anyone who pushes their painfully sensitive homosexual-repressed buttons, which is extremely pleasing to the Jewish controlled state, who’s constantly looking to incite this kind of insanity upon the virile citizenry.

In part, why most cops are provided child pornography, where they can purchase images of young boys, preferred by homosexually repressed police, it’s reported, as means as an outlet to their true sexual desires, while still maintaining their arduous public posture of heterosexuality.

Yet, drugs are strictly forbidden however, under a self-imposed fear that, while high, they might reveal their true homosexuality, which is terrifying for the repressed cop to even consider, and why they have no problem targeting non-violent drug users, regardless of the damage mass-arrests has on society, for incarceration.


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