5 Cryptos Survive Fiat Currency Crash

Source claims elite plan to ‘hack’ all but only 5 crypto currencies, which will be insurable from hackers via transfer to world currency after the Great Reset.

People will pay $50,000 for a crypto currency but won’t pay $1800 for an ounce of gold

According to John Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, Bitcoin and four other cryptos are a Deep State operation with the inventors all being in on the ruse to form a single world currency.

The goal is a trackable currency which can be and traced by the government to keep eye on all transactions.

Max Keiser boasts hanging with the elite while being bitcoin’s biggest public proponent.

“Gold is the currency of the elite” – Max Keiser

Max Keiser is a Fraud and Jews Run Cryptocurrency Industry – April 2018

Dixon said they plan cyber-attack hacks on ALL cryptos (other than the 5) which are uninsured.

The World’s Most Infamous Crypto Hacks and Scams

“The first alarm rang off in 2011 when 80,000 BTC was snatched by hackers through the means of stolen wallet credentials. Although Mt. Gox saw some changes in its CEO members, it didn’t stop attackers from stealing another 2,600 BTC, surprisingly by gaining access to the exchange founder’s account.”

In 1988, The Economist magazine issued a cover foretelling of a currency reset “coin” based on destruction of the dollar by 2018. 

The Fed issued ‘world coin’ will be insured and will replace all other crypto coins after they are relentlessly hacked, as was the beta test case using Mt Gox and others.

The Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Scam

At this point, Dixon said the ‘world coin’ will only allow 5 other cryptos to transfer their full value to the insured coin… leaving the rest subject to repeated Deep State backed hacks.

FEDCOIN — US Government version of Bitcoin cryptodollar

It appears that legislation hidden in the Senate infrastructure bill has two competing cryptocurrency amendments that would have dramatically expanded the number of cryptocurrency users and miners required to report transactions to the IRS. –  Infowars

Recently, an important JP Morgan release stating they will offer access to crypto funds for all clients.

JP Morgan offers access to crypto funds to all clients

However, they are only allowing 5 crypto funds to be traded.

“From 19 July, JP Morgan retail investors can receive investment advice for five crypto funds, four of which belong to Grayscale Investments and one to Osprey Funds. They are the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, Grayscale Bitcoin Cash Trust, Grayscale Ethereum Trust, Grayscale Ethereum Classic Trust and the Osprey Bitcoin Trust.”

What exactly is The Real Digital Plot?

“For years, I have watched behind the curtain how they operate. I believe that Bitcoin was “ALLOWED” to be created for the sole purpose of moving to a digital currency. Just as they float a balloon in first to see how the market reacts, which allows them to always deny it…”

Crypto: Senate Infrastructure Bill Targets Cryptocurrencies

“Bitcoin’s Lightning Network enables commerce for everyone by facilitating instantaneous transactions, so small businesses that take Bitcoin Lightning payments could be facing another tax and reporting hit from DC…”

It appears the Deep State, government and corporate interests are all players in the reset towards crypto.

In conclusion, finding the 5 other cryptos allowed be to be transferred to the ‘world coin’ issued by the FED will be the real trick… perhaps JP Morgan just gave us a clue.

With the lockdowns, devaluating currencies, carbon tax, inflation and Great Reset all coming into play, it won’t be long until we find out.

The Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Scam

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