Maleng Murdered: Satterberg, Sherman Rig 2008 KC Prosecutors Race

Murdered King County Prosecutor Norm Maleng
Murdered King County Prosecutor Norm Maleng

SEATTLE, WA — Norm Maleng served as King County prosecutor for 28 years, winning seven elections straight, starting in 1966 up until his death from an apparent natural heart attack in 2007.  I say apparent natural heart attack, because according to John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, King County prosecutor Norm Maleng was set to be murdered.

In 1998, Dixon explained how Maleng was an elite Mason who was married to a Jewish woman at the time of his death named Judy.  Norm and Judy Maleng had two children, Karen and Mark.  In 1989 Maleng’s 12-year-old daughter tragically died in a sledding accident after being treated at Harborview Medical center in Seattle.

Maleng’s sudden and unexpected death on May 24, 2007 from an apparent heart attack, ended his career, paving the way for current King County prosecutor Dan Satterberg to take over as interim, up until the 2008 special election held later that year.

Dan Satterberg Banner

Dixon said as Seattle’s top prosecutor, Maleng was informed about numerous incidents involving high ranking fellow elites raping children.  Information provided, so Maleng wouldn’t be caught publicly uninformed if any number of victims ever decided to come forward or file civil suit in his King County courtroom – while the criminal statute of limitations still remained in effect.

However, Dixon said Seattle area elites, mainly Jews, thought Maleng wasn’t following their instructions closely enough, and were worried he might not be trusted as the one they want handling these “issues” anymore… being that they brandish such dire consequences if mishandled.

Dixon said many Masons are being told they are “elite,” but are not truly elite, but simply pawns being played, as Fritz Springmeier has routinely documented.

Maleng Family
Maleng Family

Reportedly, elite Jews contacted Maleng’s wife Judy, also Jewish elite, and explained their concerns of her husband continuing on as King Co. prosecutor (Jews often target non-Jews for genetic dissolution, and Mason’s are no exception to this rule).

These elite Jews then conspired with Maleng’s wife Judy, and her Jewish disseminated son Mark, to kill their respective Masonic husband and father using poison, aimed to induce a heart attack, yet making it look all so natural.

Dixon said Maleng’s 12-year-old daughter Karen, who had genetically disseminated from her father, was targeted for death by her mother as well – in a freak “sledding accident,” then rushed to Harborview medical center where doctors made sure she never lived to talk about it.

Dixon said on the morning before his death, Maleng would be poisoned by very the people in his life he trusted most, his Jewish wife and Jewish son.  And within hours, on 24 May 2007, Norm Maleng was no more, dead from an apparent devastating heart attack that dropped him instantly in the lobby of the building he called home.

Norm Maleng, as reported, had no prior health issues, and being an “elite,” would most assuredly have been seeing the very best of professional medical doctors.  Doctors who could offer no medical reason as to why he dropped dead from an apparent heart attack.

Judy and Mark Maleng
Judy and Mark Maleng Cutting Ribbon on the Maleng Building Adjoining Harborview Medical Center

After Maleng’s death, his wife Judy, and son Mark were all too happy about it on camera, as was newly appointed interim King County prosecutor Dan Satterberg – all Jews!

Elite Jews wanted Dan Satterberg to replace Norm Maleng as King County prosecutor because they trust that Satterberg, being Jewish, can help them better cover up the rape of children by elites… particularly by Jewish elites.

Dixon said Satterberg, specifically pertaining to me, as the first newly elected KC prosecutor in 28 years, will be requested to cover up the rape and disfigurement of Jonelle Johnson at the hands of King County Sheriff Charles B Kringen – along with other crimes committed against me by Jewish elite.

Dixon said Satterberg wants me dead, and will attempt to publicly demonize me by means of bringing false criminal charges against me in attempts to have me killed in jail, specifically aimed at keeping me from filing lawsuits, including one against King County Sheriff Charles B Kringen for raping and disfiguring Jonelle Johnson at the age of five, which physically caused her to abort all three of our children between us, thus consequently resulting in the murderess death of three of my children at the hands of Sheriff Kringen.

 Dan Satterberg - R
Dan Satterberg – R
Democrat Bill Sherman
Bill Sherman – D

Dixon said to ensure that Dan Satterberg wins the 2008 King County prosecutor’s race, elite Jews will rig the opposing Democratic challenger – by bringing in a patsy Jewish attorney named Bill Sherman to run against Satterberg. Needless to say, Satterberg won the election.

Just as I preempted in my verbal testimony on the Bellevue court record in August of 2007, right in front of a Dixon family prosecutor and Jewish crypto family in-law on my mothers side.

Thereafter, when these two Jews paired off again in the 2010 election, Democratic patsy challenger Bill Sherman still needed to be less appealing then Satterberg. Viscerally, not an easy task at hand to pull off, yet nonetheless, resulted in Satterberg winning again.


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