Issaquah City Administrator Leon Kos Rapes Daughter

City of Issaquah Administrator - Leon Kos
Leon Kos: City of Issaquah Administrator

Jewish city of Issaquah administrator Leon Kos (left) outed by his wife for raping their 5-year-old daughter, caused fear and panic to all informed of this knowledge, at the time.

Family friend Kathy Kos confided in Dr. Haeg’s ex wife how she suspected her husband, city of Issaquah administrator Leon Kos, was sexually abusing their then 5-year-old daughter Nicole, around the summer of 1981. Kathy explained a number of suspicions leading to her conclusion.

All of which, Dr. Haeg’s ex wife promptly conveyed to the preponderance of her family, including to her son with Dr. Haeg.

In fact, one day in particular stands out.  It was a sunny summer afternoon when Dr. Haeg’s ex wife explained how she was going to meet Kathy Kos for lunch at Carillon Point in Kirkland.

Before leaving for Carillon Point, Dr. Haeg’s ex wife explained to her two children with Dr. Haeg, how Kathy had just recently discovered suspicions that Leon was having sex with his daughter Nicole, as she had previously explained, but was afraid Leon might try and do something to Kathy and herself at Carillon Point for having this knowledge, this time.

Dr. Haeg’s ex wife specifically said, and I quote: “I’m afraid Leon might try to kill us, then dump our bodies in Lake Washington… and all you’ll see is our heads floating upside down into Yarrow Bay.”

This information was conveyed in a nervous, quasi-joking manner, yet subconsciously, there was real potential for Leon to act against both her and Kathy for the fact that at this particular meeting, Kathy was going to decide weather to act on this knowledge that implicates Leon so severely.

As far as Dr. Haeg and his ex wife know of Leon Kos: he is a family friend, an Attorney from California, and routinely brags about getting away with sitting on a pound of marijuana while he works for the city of Issaquah, where he has many prominent and influential friends.

I personally remember driving along Lake Washington Boulevard on that warm summer day, and as I passed Carillon Point where Dr. Haeg’s ex wife and Kathy Kos were having lunch, I started looking for “heads floating upside down” all along the shoreline of Lake Washington into Yarrow Bay, just to make sure, for even then, I too knew the real potential of Leon Kos.

Yarrow Bay

Ultimately, Kathy confided in Dr. Haeg’s ex wife, on that day at Carillon Point, how she felt she would be killed by Leon if she were to pursue the issue with regards to their daughter being sexually abused, and thus, never did.

Years earlier, around 1979, while waiting for Dr. Haeg’s ex wife to pick her son up from the Kos’ Bellevue, Washington home, I personally witnessed Leon Kos instruct his then 5-year-old daughter Nicole to go upstairs to the master bedroom.

During this verbal instruction, Leon simultaneously tapped Nicole on her ass – twice, in a very suggestive sexual manner, similar to how I would tap my then girlfriend on the ass at the time right before sex – an indisputable sexual gesture.

Moments later, Leon went upstairs to the master bedroom, the only room on the second level, where he just sent his daughter Nicole.

While waiting in the kitchen doing homework, the phone rang, I waited for Leon to pick it up, but he didn’t, so I answered it. It was Dr. Haeg’s ex wife requesting to speak to Leon… I pulled the long white phone cord to the base of the stairs and called up to the master bedroom: “Leon, telephone.”

There was no verbal response from Leon: I listened further only to hear Leon let out an undeniable sexual grunt, and then an “oooooh.”

It sounded like Leon was having full-sexual-intercourse with his 5-year-old daughter Nicole – and I just prematurely interrupted him, thus triggering his verbal emotional release.

John Bolton

According to John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, that’s exactly what happened, and further, that Leon was fully penetrating his 5-year-old daughter right before climaxing, when I called out his name holding the phone at the base of the stairs.

Dixon said Leon wanted me to go upstairs to the master bedroom and catch him having sex with his daughter that day, and was planning on using some type of scheme to entrap me somehow.

However, I never went upstairs, even after Dr. Haeg’s ex wife’s request, because I got the strong feeling Leon was having full sexual intercourse with Nicole and I didn’t want be a witness – for fear of worse.

Dixon said his uncle, Kirkland police officer Bauer Dixon (John Bolton’s first-cousin), was dealing child pornography to Leon at the time (and still is), and Leon “confessed” this to him.

Jews Walt Disney and nephew Leon Kos

Dixon said Leon Kos is Walt Disney’s nephew, who literally grew up at Disneyland while it was being constructed in the 50s  – and by proxy of his very powerful Jewish family from California, whose bloodline descends directly from Illuminati Royal Bloodline of the 15-Families (below), Leon Kos’ father was handed control of the money politics within the state, where Leon became, and is currently, good friends with Dianne Feinstein [Jew], Barbara Boxer [Jew] and Nancy Pelosi [Jew] – all of whom have ties to San Francisco in the 1970′s.

Further, that Leon Kos is secretly the Jewish half-brother of current Washington State Speaker of the House Frank Chopp (same father) – who literally runs the State Legislature, Dixon said.

For more proof of Leon’s (family) immunity, around 1988, while living at his Bellevue home, he approved and supported a publicly known sexual relationship between his then 13-year-old daughter Nicole, and a 23-year-old musician neighbor.

In fact, Leon publicly defended the relationship to friends and neighbors who questioned it – saying he thought it was a good experience for her to have (a common practice within the Jewish Bar Mitzvah or commandment that states a Jewish child becomes an adult at age 13).

Anyone can ask Leon about this underage relationship involving his daughter that he approved of – point blank to his face – and he will have no choice but to expose this reality.

If Leon publicly approved of his 13-year-old daughter having a sexual relationship with a 23-year-old man, How big of a leap is it for Leon to have had an underage sexual relationship with her as well – particularly tied to Disney?

A sexual relationship that puts Leon’s wife, and anyone she told of the sexual abuse involving her daughter, in jeopardy of the wrath of the Disney pedophile empire.

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