TSA Poisons Travelers Drinks with Test Strips

The TSA has begun implementing a new policy of testing traveler’s drinks for explosives after they have already passed through airport security.  A bit odd don’t you think?  What’s the point of all this security if someone can apparently get a liquid explosive past the initial screening?  It just doesn’t add up.

TSA liquid testing inside terminal at Columbus OH Airport

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTZUZdJiI-Q&w=560&h=315]

Unfortunately, this all came about from the “liquid bombing” [false flag] incident of 2006, which completely collapsed in court as not a single bit of credible evidence was introduced.  Nevertheless, the TSA still deems it as a potential viable attack method and continues testing.

According to other websites, the TSA is hanging outside food courts just waiting to test strip patron’s food, drink and other items as they leave.

We started using test strips back in the summer of 2007 and continue to do so. The test involves a test strip and a dropper containing a nontoxic solution. In case you’re wondering, our officers don’t place the test strips in your beverages/liquids. They simply have the passenger remove the cap/lid and they hold the strip over the opening of the container. Procedures call for moving the test strip to the side and applying the solution from the dropper to test the strip. If the test results are positive TSA will conduct additional testing to make a final assessment. – blog.tsa.gov

There has to be something more to this, and according to John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, there is.

Dixon explained to me in 1998, how using test strips in the airports to test traveler’s food and drinks for explosives would ultimately come to pass, and what the true intent of this test strip “technology” is really for.

Dixon said when these test strips are held directly above the intended food or drink item to be tested for explosives, rising water vapors come in direct contact with the test strip above, which causes a chemical reaction triggering toxic microscopic release of poison directly onto the item below, namely your food and drink.

If these test strips can detect explosives from rising vapors on food and beverages without touching them, could they not also simultaneously create a chemical reaction that could release microscopic toxins directly onto your food or drink below?

Is it physically impossible for a chemical reaction to be taking place by the rising water vapors released from the food or beverage item onto the test strip activating a toxic discharge?

Let’s be clear however, the real test Dixon said, is the compliance test to their “system of conformity.”  If you comply, and allow your food or drink to be tested, you will then be rewarded with poison emanating from their toxic test strips reaction to water vapors.

This is the test.  Your compliance to their most absurd demands. This is exactly how they plan on herding everyone into FEMA death camps without incident, where you will receive a bullet to the back-of-the-head.

You are being pre-programmed to accept absurdity by willfully adhering to the TSA’s  ridiculous demands without question.

This is only a test.

Getting the masses to conform to their demands no matter how outlandish is the final objective, 90% population reduction to save the planet is their Mantra.

Happy travels in the testing fields.

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