FM Radio Frequency Link to Skin Cancer

450px-WSBC_Radio_Tower_Closeup_CenteredThere Are 15,330 Radio Stations in the United States.

The FCC‘s numbers show they have 30,367 total licensed broadcast outlets nationwide (AM/FM/TV) that includes 4728 AM stations, 6613 commercial FM stations and 3989 educational/non-profit FM stations.

Many of these 30k plus broadcasting outlets do not include another 830,000 amateur radio licenses that span across the Americas.

The chart below shows how malignant melanoma cancers drastically increased right after the inception of FM radio in 1961.

Melanoma Incidence Rates Great Britain 1975 - 2008

According to John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, the broadcast of FM frequencies (Frequency Modulation) causes mutations in the skin associated with underlying origins of melanoma.

The closer you are to the source of the FM signal (at both broadcast and reception) the higher the rates of skin cancer he said, and why the antenna is put on the right-hand side of the vehicle.

Dixon said many of the 830,000 amateur radio licenses spanning the Americas are placed covertly in neighborhood communities all across the US specifically for targeting the uninformed sworn enemy of Neanderthal Lucifer worshiping elite, namely Cro-Magnon Aryans.

Radio Frequency Modulation
Frequency Modulation

The elite however, want you believing the sun is the cause for the uptick of skin cancers worldwide. Yet the sun is good for you, and frequency modulation (FM radio) is the real culprit.


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