Zimmerman is Jewish

George Zimmerman
George Zimmerman

I can tell simply by looking, Zimmerman is a Jew, particularly through his father.  Zimmerman is a Jewish surname.  There is no doubt about it. Yes, Zimmerman originates from Germany, but so do most Jewish surnames in the world today, like: Stein, Berg, Kline, Levine, and Snider, just to mention a few.

I surmise George Zimmerman was out hunting an unsuspecting black trophy for his weak and pathetic homosexually repressed manhood, the night he stalked and killed Trayvon Martin in cold blood.  As homosexually repressed people are truly intimidated and threatened by the mere presence of real men.

The mere fact Zimmerman was charged with a crime however, indicates he is a lower class Jew, and not elite.  The fact he is a lower class Jew cannot be revealed to the Jewish lower class masses however, or they will begin to question this Jewish divide, and ultimately why he was acquitted, I believe.

According to John R Bolton’s first nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, “Jews hate N***ers,” and exactly what (elite) Jews call them, he added.

It’s no secret Jews completely control the courts and prisons which are disproportionately packed with blacks.  And it’s no secret either, that Jews put them there.  It’s mainly blacks who are unable, as a group, to see that this is the case.

Mostly, because white-skinned Jews count themselves as whites on the U.S. census, and everywhere else they want to hide the fact they are really Jewish.  Including with Zimmerman, who possesses a surname that simply cannot to any further extent be anymore Jewish…, it just doesn’t get any more Jewish than Zimmerman-man.

Yet, the completely Jewish controlled media consistently portrays Zimmerman as Hispanic white or just Hispanic or just white.  But never what he really is – which is Jewish – to the absolute core.

Most people understand that being Jewish is not a religious or cultural connotation, but rather a racial one, as Jews exist in every corner of the globe and wear every skin color under the sun, including black, according to Dixon, who said the vast majority of Ethiopians and Somalis are of Jewish descent.

It’s an outright fact that white-skinned Jews count themselves as whites on the U.S. census.  But whenever a “whitey” commits a crime against a ‘white Jew’, they are always asked whether or not they knew if the victim was a Jew or not, in trying to establish a Hate Crime against unsuspecting whites.

However, if a white commits the exact same crime against another white, these questions never arise. Are the police that racially intelligent in knowing exactly which whites are Jews and which are not?  Or, do Jews, who do know, control the courts and prosecution as I have outlined?

Jimmy Kimmel, who is an admitted Jew, bears an uncanny resemblance to Zimmerman, and both are clearly Jewish by assimilation.  Just as Aryans are Aryans by the same assimilation and Bohemians, Bohemians as put forth as well … now, take a closer look, what do you see?

Jimmy Kimmel and George Zimmerman
Jimmy Kimmel and George Zimmerman

This isn’t the first time the Jewish owned press has identified a Jew who has murdered a black as being white.  It has happened many times before, as can be seen here.

A consistent methodology used by Jews aimed to create divisions among blacks and whites.  These Jewish driven divisions are based on unabridged hatred for both blacks and whites concurrently.

Zimmerman, because he is Jewish, will almost certainly go unpunished by the Jewish controlled legal system that systemically protects their own, while lying and cheating to prosecute and persecute all other races.

Perhaps we should seek an alternative form of punishment for these Sayanim tribal criminal conspirators… as the Jewish controlled courts simply aren’t working to bring them to justice, but rather protecting their criminality.

The best that can come from this blatant injustice is for blacks to realize that Zimmerman is a Jew, and Jews are neither a minority status nor friendly towards black people… but rather quite the opposite, acting as the predominate oppressive force in condemning all black actions and criminalizing their right to simply exist as free men with unalienable rights.

Both blacks and whites should stick up for human rights, and unite against this Jewish imposed plight.

Get your mind tight, and let the truth take flight!

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