Snowden: NSA Operative

Jew Edward Snowden - Wikimedia Commons
Jew Edward Snowden – Wikimedia Commons

The NSA, in its Orwellian push for a total surveillance state, or should I say total surveillance planet, has employed the likes of “limited hangout” operative Edward Snowden to help facilitate their elite, mostly Jewish, driven agenda of a New World Order.

In 1998, US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, explained to me how “Snowden,” who is Jewish, would be revealing top-level spy secrets to the American people and the rest of the world by spelling out exactly how everyone is being covertly spied upon, while actually still working on behalf of the US government.

This is what’s known as a limited hangout, or in Snowden’s case, by provoking independent states, a triple agent.  A well thought out psychological ruse preemptively sanctioned and facilitated by the NSA to acclimate the American public, and the world, into accepting government policy of openly and “legally” spying on its own citizens.

The NSA actually wants us to know that they are indeed spying on us, Dixon said. And in fact, are touting this covert subterfuge as a major stepping stone towards the final implementation of a complete worldwide Oligarchy takeover… openly accelerated through use of psy ops Edward Snowden in hopes of quickly obtaining consensus acceptance to the fact we are all being spied upon, hoping people do not question their master’s assertions… happiness in slavery style.

The visual incline associating psyops Snowden with being physically “snowed-in” (covered in snow) afforded me by Dixon in 1998, was explicitly designed to help me retain the name of this now infamous “Snowden” character upon inevitable exposure by the mass media and to remind me of his true ominous intentions.

Extraordinary revelations regarding America’s deep decline into a police state with the final outcome set to be a eugenic driven mass depopulation event, and further, skewed towards a specific species of humanity, Dixon said, namely, “Cro-Magnons,” particularly Aryan ones.

Thus, the very basis and design of these premeditated “Snowden leaks,” which are expected to get people to become submissive towards being spied upon by their own government, and ultimately, willfully giving up their liberties in the name of “national security.”

What the government doesn’t want, Dixon said, is the painstaking slow cumbersome effect of “small leaks” of espionage against its citizens (and nations) being surfaced repeatedly over a long period of time. Where acceptance would be argues and gradual, thus slowly being imprinted on the American psyche through smaller time consuming increments, mostly through the lower courts, time and time again.

Far too cumbersome for the impatient total control freak elites, who much prefer revelations of their unscrupulous behavior be dropped like a bomb with its associated shockwaves quickly dispersed widely throughout the entire world instantly. This way, the elite apparatus can unilaterally defend these audacious NSA’s spying practices in unison, all at once across-the-board, without much further ado.

Again, the NSA wants you to know about them outright spying on you, and you not having “the balls” to object, thus ultimately accepting it.

A ‘die-bold” wholesale line of attack, Dixon explained, based on superseding the argues task of defending an array of smaller claims made by individual citizens, groups, or nations, in favor a onetime take it or leave it approach.

Consequently, giving way to a total surveillance state, implemented under this predetermined timetable intended at ‘legally’ being able to acquire information on all on the people of the world, by essentially using one’s own “consent” – permission they need from you first, enabling them to identifying objectors and insurgents, before they set out to implement their false flag New World Order agenda takeover.

A proven and timeless ever present methodology acquired from supreme war master himself, Sun Tzu:

“If you do not know your enemy, don’t go to war with him.”  –  Sun Tzu  

This, and this alone is the reason why the NSA is spying on you. The reason why they run conspiracy psy ops websites, and unleash the likes of Edward Snowden. They frantically need to know who you are and how you will react when they set off the final “false flag” event.

Coincidently, Jews have a history of this type of controlling behavior, and next to the Hegelian Dialectic, understanding your “enemy” is supreme amongst deceivers.

You say, “But I don’t mind, I don’t have anything to hide” – Yet this is exactly what they are counting on you to say, as you cower to their oppression, depopulation aggression, which provides no time for second guessing, can’t tame their Satanist obsession.

Let the “Sun” shine into your conscience and enlighten you to their methodology, understand why they desperately need to know everything about  you. Realize they urgently are seeking your full consent, and their need to identify those who will not consent… so they can be targeted first… know what they are planing for humanity.

In attempting to warn others about the elites, I preemptively testified to the above information in 2007 on the Bellevue, Washington court record in front of pro tem Judge Elizabeth M Asher, a Dixon family female prosecutor and a Jewish crypto family  in-law court reporter on my mother’s side, all while being digitally recorded by the state, who has most assuredly erased my testimonial record.

This is not the first attempt at revealing limited information to gain greater control. Watergate was a coup d’état of sorts, Dixon said, staged to oust an uncooperative Nixon who was not following bankers orders as relating to their Bretton Woods system of finance concerning the US dollar… thus, angering Jewish financial interests. Where at first, Dixon said, they wanted to assassinate Nixon, but thought better of it, being on the heels of the JFK’s assassination roughly a decade earlier.

Edward Snowden, Bob Woodward and Daniel Ellsberg are all Jews, so is Mark Felt, more commonly known as “Deep Throat.” Dixon said Jews only trust other Jews to act as inside agents to further the elite agenda, particularly when working as a limited hangout. Of which, the aforementioned Jews were purposely positioned for just such a task.

Not only is Snowden a Jew, but Greenwald and Laura Poitras are both Jews as well. The Guardian is Jewish owned, and Nixon’s Watergate was done exclusively by Jews as well, as identified above.

All of whom have since become media darlings, this fact alone should give it straight away, Snowden is an inside agent working for the NSA-CIA.

And further evidencing the fact it takes Jewish (Neanderthal) emotional superiority to fool the less-savvy Cro-Magnon mindset.

These NSA so called “leaks” by Edward Snowden are of the same mindset as the Jew Assange, who like Snowden, sources his rise to ‘whistleblower’ status through computer skills he established under the screen name “Mendax,” meaning “the Liar,” verses Snowden’s screen name of “Verax,” meaning ,”the “truth teller.”  Screen names polar opposite in meaning, but identical in servitude.

The Snowden disclosures, as preempted to me by Dixon in 1998, and preemptively referenced on the Bellevue, Washington court record again in 2007, paints a premeditated limited hangout NSA-CIA operative narrative which has the American people, as with Watergate, swallowing whole these lies, hook line and sinker.

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