The Criminal Practice of Eric Lindell

Big time defense attorneys like Eric W Lindell act as inside agents for the prosecution, hoodwinking their clients into pleas and other arrangements beneficial for the State.

Masonic Attorney Eric Lindell
Eric Lindell

Typically, whenever there is doubt as to the viability of charges sought by the State in a criminal case, or if the State has something within the case they want to remain hidden, the State will look at who the defense attorney is, to see if they are one of the countless defense attorneys agents actually working in conjunction with the State to help facilitate a favorable colluded outcome for the State.

This colluded schema is regularly accomplished by council simply advising defendants to plea the case, or by destroying key evidence and omitting key facts related to the case that would be harmful to the prosecution.

Odds are very high, according to John Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, that you will retain your defense attorney from your local yellow page ad, or through referral by another state colluded defense attorney.

Dixon said all “large ad” attorneys advertising in the yellow pages, and most “renowned” attorneys who receive acclaims and awards in their specialty, are actually agents of the State, and will be used against you to makes sure all is covered up, assuring you will lose your case.

Renowned Masonic Defense attorney Eric W Lindell has already hoodwinked Gary Ridgeway into a false multiple-murder plea as the Green River Killer, according to Dixon, and is in the process of setting up Conner Schierman for four Aryan murders he did not commit to protect Jews who did.

Conner Schierman: Pasty Victim of Elaborate Jewish Murder Scheme 

Eric Lindell was able to spare Ridgway (who falsely plead guilty to 48 murders of local prostitutes murdered by the State) the death penalty, yet was unable to spare a man a life sentence on a 3-strikes charge stemming from the daylight theft of a woman’s purse containing only $336 in cash. Both of these outcomes substantially help the State.


Photo Credit: The Seattle Times
Photo Credit: The Seattle Times

Eric W Lindell posing as the underdog defense attorney savior at his tiny ground floor office in west Seattle behind a giant bulletproof glass barrier.

Dixon said Eric Lindell’s office on California way in Seattle is lined with bulletproof glass all along the front of the building for his defense (after setting-up his clients), and he always has a gun at his desk and a secret way out through a small doorway at the base of the front window bay.

Dixon said when an unknown client (or one he has set up) walks into Lindell’s office off the street, his inside office door automatically shuts and locks, while simultaneously, the entry door off the street also shuts and locks behind the “client-perpetrator,” locking him into the ‘Lindell cell’ space.

Many of Lindell’s ex-clients have returned to confronted him about being set-up Dixon said, including one man who became locked inside Lindell’s bulletproof glass office jail cell before taking out a hammer and beating on the large glass dividing window made of bulletproof glass, as Lindell escaped through his secret passageway and called police.

This should be all you need, to see that Eric Lindell is controlled opposition for the State, to further the elite agenda, by covering-up, deceiving, or otherwise hiding evidential truths regarding criminal matters, while offering up what looks like genuine opposition.

Buyer beware !

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