Rapist Murderer Martin Morgan Stalks Victims

Martin Morgan – Kirkland Council Candidate

In the early seventies, Martin Morgan, who is Jewish and descends from the prominent Jewish banker JP Morgan, moved into the Kingsgate apartments under the pseudonym of David Sunderland to target low income Aryan children for sex.

Not long after, one of Sunderland’s victims, a young Aryan boy, threatened to tell authorizes of the abuse he witnessed against another 4-year-old Aryan girl being abused by Sunderland also living in the same complex.

For making the threat, Martin Morgan (David Sunderland) murdered the young boy in his own apartment using a common kitchen knife pulled from his kitchen drawer.

The long bladed bread knife had a particular serrated pattern that should be identifiable in the boy’s autopsy report.

The manufacture of the bread knife was named Robinson, and was being sold to many households in the area, door-to-door, at the time.

After stabbing and twisting the long serrated bread knife into the boy’s torso several times in various locations, the young boy eventually bled out all over the carpet in Martin Morgan’s (Sunderland’s) second bedroom apartment, being using as a den.

Afterward, Martin Morgan cut up the carpeting surrounding the boy’s body and used to roll the boy’s dead body up in before dumping it in the second dumpster at the Kingsgate apartment complex.

Martin Morgan

Auspiciously however, Morgan used the wrong dumpster (a second one not being used) and the body was discovered by the King County Sheriff, Charles B Kringen, within a few days of the boy going missing.

Sheriff Kringen, who is Jewish, also recently at the time, had raped a 5-year-old Aryan girl named Jonelle Johnson while living directly next door to her at his home well below his income level in a Kirkland, Washington neighborhood – where afterward badly burned the girl’s stomach with gasoline upon cleaning up his mess.

Seattle: Jewish King County Sheriff Stalks, Rapes Multiple Aryan Children, Causing One Multiple Abortions Later in Life

Sheriff Kringen knew Martin Morgan (Sunderland) was stalking Aryan children for sex at the Kingsgate apartment complex, and by proxy, covered up the investigation by claiming the carpet came from another location outside of the complex.

Therefore, no investigation was ever conducted inside the Kingsgate apartment complex to locate the unit which the carpet was cut and pulled from, even though it matched perfectly in color, texture and style to virtually every residence therein.

Where thereafter, the owner of the Kingsgate apartments, at the time, an elite Jew, upon getting word of the murder, immediately sent in workers to cover up the DNA evidence by removing the remaining carpet, the pad, and then retrofitting the plywood floor and installing new carpet to conceal the murder – before later selling to Asian investors to distance himself from the crime and cover up.

The carpet in question, found inside the dumpster concealing the body, is aquamarine in color, shaggy, and contains Martin Morgan’s DNA embedded within. Thus, should be readily available to effortlessly match up to Martin Morgan upon investigators reading this report.

Unless of course, the crime is being covered up by the King County Sheriff’s office and other state investigators to protect Martin Morgan from implication – based on his elite genetic ties to JP Morgan (Chase).

Herb Weisbaum

Coupled with the fact Morgan shares the same biological Jewish father of both Bellevue prosecuting attorney Jeffery Torrey, and Seattle ABC KOMO 4 news reporter Herb Weisbaum – is it any wonder the murder remains unsolved.

Interrelated, near the time of the boy’s murder (around 1970), Dr. James P Haeg MD recently moved from Pocatello into student housing in Seattle with his wife and 4-year-old child to attend medical school at the University of Washington after transferring from Idaho State University.

At which point, Dr. Haeg and his wife befriended fellow UW student Mike Ferry and his Jewish wife Cathy, a few houses away.

Jewish Attorney Leon Kos

Not long after, Leon Kos, who is Jewish, moved to Seattle from Anaheim, California to set up of Mike Ferry for murder, after befriending his Jewish wife Cathy – from Pacific Palisades, California.

Cathy, who premeditatedly plotted her Aryan husband’s murder with Leon, had convinced her husband to take their Jewish neighbor, weakened from terminal cancer, crevasse climbing on Mt. Rainier, where he was looking for a way out of his agonizing pain.

Needless to say, both fell to their death on the mountain while tied-off together, per the plan Kos set up with Cathy, thus freeing up Cathy to marry Leon – which she did without delay – so allowing Leon to take Mike’s place as Dr. Haeg’s new best friend, as intended from the outset.

Jews Leon Kos, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer

Notably, Leon Kos was born the favorite son of California’s most prominent Jew. Whereby, Jews Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein were all selected to be elected through effort of Kos’ Jewish fundraising father. In fact, it was virtually impossible to become elected in California without the financial support of Kos’ Jewish father.

Whereof, Leon Kos presently meets in San Francisco every year with the three senators his father promoted to discuss furthering their Luciferian agenda of Aryan genocide – by means of killing top Aryans.

Jews Walt Disney and Leon Kos

Additionally, Leon Kos is Walt Disney’s nephew, where he literally grew up at Disneyland while it was being constructed in Anaheim during the 50s.

Jews Leon Kos, Frank Chopp and Merrick Garland

Furthermore, Leon Kos is also the half-brother of Jewish Washington State Speaker of the House, Frank Chopp (same father), besides being closely related to Jew Merrick Garland, whom was to be appointed to the Supreme Court under Clinton presidency.

Disney Jewish Heir Idaho Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Manager Salmon, ID

As well as being related to a Salmon, Idaho Bureau of Land Management (BLM) manger, who is close friends of Dr. Haeg’s brother-in-law and salmon High School calculus teacher, Frank Green.

Ernie Sigyarto

In the Seattle area, Leon Kos is also closely related to former Lake Washington High School teacher Ernie Sigyarto, who taught Dr. Haeg’s son geometry before transferring to Bellevue High School where he taught Dr. Haeg’s daughter.

While at Bellevue, Sigyarto set-up Dr. Haeg’s daughter as means to protect her rapist, and murderer, Martin Morgan, just as he did Dr. Haeg’s son previously at lake Washington to protect King County Sheriff Charles B Kringen, after Dr. Haeg’s son began dating the Sheriff’s child rape victim, Jonelle Johnson.

Bellevue High School Jews Infect Aryan Students with HIV/AIDS

Jewish King County Sheriff Stalks, Rapes 5-Year-Old Aryan Girl Causing Multiple Abortions

California elite Jewish attorney Leon Kos, around the same time of befriending Dr. Haeg – after murdering Mike Ferry on Mt. Rainer – ALSO, protected Martin Morgan in the murder the young Aryan boy at the Kingsgate apartments, by having Morgan change his name from David Sunderland and enlist in the US Navy in California, near Anaheim (Disneyland).

Where, rumor of the murder spread across the ship like wildfire, leading Morgan to be assaulted by crew members on multiple occasions, for which he later sued and won substantial settlement via help from Jewish attorney Leon Kos.

In fact, some of the crew reportedly went into port in California to file complaints, but the police were told by higher-ups it was just a ‘Navy gag’ so the multiple complaints taken, were destroyed without investigation.

Jews Leon Kos, Rep. Larry Springer and Jeff Jared

Further protections for Morgan comprise of Jewish Washington State Representative Larry Springer-D, being publicly friends with Martin Morgan, as well as Leon Kos, and Jeff Jared (where Jarred was later a classmate of Dr. Haeg’s son at public school).

‘The Springer’s‘ consist of an extensive Jewish inbred extended family who married into the extensive Jewish extended Tubs family – that married into the Green family, Dr. Haeg formerly was an in-law of while attending medical school and starting his medical practice in Bellevue, Washington.

Steve Springer, Rep. Larry Springer, Sandy Green (née Tubs)

Tubs, as well as being a family in law of Dr. Haeg, and Rep. Springer, is also protecting Martin Morgan from implication in the boy’s murder, whilst directly being involved in new crimes against multiple Green family Aryan grandchildren, directly related to her husband Bill Green.

Hereto in fact, Jews Leon Kos, Rep. Larry Springer and Sandy Tubs all premeditatedly conspired to infect Dr. Haeg’s 11-year-old Aryan daughter with HIV/ AIDS in 1987, when they sent Marin Morgan in to rape her while she was home alone – knowing full well Morgan had contracted and was caring the HIV/AIDS virus via the Navy, before they sent him in.

Months later, Leon Kos, Rep. Larry Springer and Sandy Tubs together, sent in another Jew who is related to Martin Morgan, named Pat McKowen, to rape Dr. Haeg’s daughter as well. However this time, Dr. Haeg’s daughter told McKowen to: “Get out of our house” – before he got the chance.

After an HIV/AIDS infected Morgan raped Dr. Haeg’s daughter in 1987, and  after Pat McKowen was sent into rape her again months later (reported), Martin Morgan stabbed Dr. Haeg’s son while he was working for Morgan’s company Coleman Services (US Navy Cole-‘men’), to cover up his crime – by attempting to infect him the virus.

Years later around 2005, Pat McKowen sold his home in a Kirkland neighborhood through Dr. Haeg’s ex-wife who sells realty. The same Pat McKowen who previously had attempted to rape Dr. Haeg’s daughter, was now in a home next door to the girl’s mother that her brother, Bill Green, positioned her into with help from his Jewish wife, Sandy Tubs, just two years prior to the sale.

Martin Morgan, furthermore, is related to an elite Jewish woman in Kirkland named “Rochelle,” who owns a large stretch of property near Kiwanis Park, West of Market street.

Where, Dr. Haeg’s son previously had worked on the ‘Rochelle property’ for Coleman Services with Martin Morgan around 1987 – repairing a deck that wasn’t tied off with bolts to the rim joist and was supposed to collapse killing him underneath.

Rochelle Property, West of Market, Kirkland

Reportedly, “Rochelle” and her family will attempt to set people up for death (like Dr. Haeg’s son and ex-wife) who could expose Martin Morgan for his numerous crimes against children – by attempting to kill them while making it look natural.

Specific warning preempted in 1998, reveals how the Rochelle family would take “Morgan witnesses” to Mason County (where she also owns property), and direct them to walk off the high embankment, steep cliff-side-edge, to their death below.

Perilously,“Rochelle” had previously contacted Dr. Haeg’s realtor wife around 2007 to sell her million dollar property in Kirkland. And, as of 2018, Rochelle is reportedly finally ready to sell, using Dr. Haeg’s wife as her Windermere realtor.

Nevertheless, Rochelle knows full well her relative, Martin Morgan, raped and infected Dr. Haeg’s daughter with HIV/AIDS in 1987, and is now currently, nonetheless using the girl’s own mother as her Windermere realtor to sell her million dollar property in Kirkland.

Therefore, this writer is heeding this public warning; because, “Rochelle” and her family are elite Jews with immunity for committing their crimes – and who can emotionally trick people into believing they are harmless wonderful people during their deathly attempts to kill the witnesses to Martin Morgan’s murderous crimes.

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