Codeword: Evidence GridEx II is for Nibiru (Ison)

US-ISRAEL-POLITICS-OBAMA-NETANYAHUIn the first article on this subject, I revealed how there’s another planet roaming our solar system which returns to orbit around the sun every 3,600 years. This planet, named Nibiru or Planet X, also comes into extremely close contact with earth during its elongated orbit around the sun and contains alien life in the form of humanoid looking beings called the Annunaki – as thoroughly documented by the Sumerians.

According to John R Bolton’s first nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, the Annunaki seeded mankind and are solely responsible for human life on earth as we know it (they are the son of God – Ison).

Dixon said the Annunaki are only able to fly their aircraft from planet Nibiru onto earth during this 3,600 year long orbit around the sun, when Nibiru comes into close contact with earth, leaving the window of opportunity very short.

If you read my first article written on September 24th titled “The End is neigh: October 1st Surprise, GridEx II is for Nibiru (Ison)” you will see how the Annunaki and planet Nibiru (Ison) may be playing a big role in what is currently going on as regards to GridEx II and the power grid failure “exercise” set to commence on November 13th and 14th.

Then, connected to the event, there’s the eye-opening revelation of very strange behavior emanating from the White House on September 30th that revealed Vice President Biden “absentmindedly” holding a document folder clearly marked with the words “CODEWORD” and “Classified Document” on the cover for all to see.


This photo-op clearly was done intentionally during a White House press event held directly after an hour-plus talk with Israeli Prime Minister Bibi about Iran, Syria and other significant topics.

The “CODEWORD” symbolism is most likely in regards to Nibiru’s potential to wreak havoc upon our electrical grid system by means of EMP disruption that could possibly lead to a total grid failure throughout the entire country, and/or something even worse, including various types of false flags… including nuclear war intended to hide Nubiru’s return.

I believe it is clear that Biden is warning elites that something is real… and to prepare for the event.


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