Bill Gates Arrested – Cop Fired

Bill Gates

In the early seventies, Bill Gates was arrested in his hometown of Bellevue, Washington after allegedly running a suburban stop sign.

The infraction is said to have occurred next to the Overlake Golf and Country Club near the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge in the affluent community of Medina.

Reportedly, Gates had just left his friend’s house off NE 24th St and was turning right onto 84th Ave NE when he blew past the stop sign right in front of Medina cop sitting out of sight across the street.

At the time, Medina operated its own police force notorious for staking out various intersections surrounding the golf course.

Consequently to being pulled over for the minor infraction, Gates, who is Jewish, admits he verbally accosted the ‘goy’ cop after leveling a durable litany of insults against him which ultimately led to his arrest.

Nonetheless, Gates feels the officer overreacted by keeping him in prolonged custody at the Medina police station while denied outside communication.

Gates however, not forthwith in revealing exactly what was said to the officer that got him arrested, does nevertheless admit to being ‘high as a kite’ after smoking marijuana with his Jewish buddy prior to the incident.

Side Note: Marijuana has a long and seeded history of standing up to authority – and partly why the authoritarian state forbids its legality.

Regardless the root cause of Gates diatribe against authority, the real authority came in the reality that Gates, with help from his prominent Jewish father, proceeded to have the officer fired for his arrest and protracted incarceration.

Per the record, Bill Gates appears to have had further issues with regard to authority based on the following:

Although details are sketchy and records have been lost over time, Microsoft founder and CEO Bill Gates was arrested on reckless driving charges on December 13, 1977 for a second time in New Mexico after speeding in his Porsche, running a stop sign and driving without a license. While much of the information regarding the arrest of Bill Gates in New Mexico remains unclear, a spokesperson for the Albuquerque Police has stated that no records of the arrest were found after exhaustive efforts to locate the details surrounding themugshot.

Although varying reports indicate that Bill Gates was arrested at least two times prior to his 1977 arrest, very little is known about Gates’ previous violations and citations. On April 29, 1975 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, however, reports indicate Bill Gates was arrested by the Albuquerque Police Department on charges of speeding and driving without a license. Since both New Mexico arrests are strangely similar in nature, it’s often difficult to corroborate the details surround the events in Albuquerque.

However, another report suggests that Bill Gates was involved in a third violation after being hit by a vehicle that ran a stop sign. Other sources have suggested that Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen was traveling with Gates in his Porsche at the time of his 1977 arrest, although there is no hard evidence to support the claim. A spokesperson for Microsoft has commented that Bill Gates does remember being taken into custody over driving without a license and a traffic violation, adding, “It is well-known that when Bill was young he didn’t have a very good driving record.” In addition to the New Mexico arrests, in 1989 Bill Gates was arrested over a decade later on suspicion of drunk driving charges, but the counts were later reduced. Since his infractions with the law, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates has gone on to become one of the world’s richest men, amassing a fortune estimated at over $50 billion dollars. In 2006, Bill Gates ranked #1 on Forbes’ list of wealthiest men in the world.


Purportedly, Gates wasn’t only arrested for speeding in his Porsche while driving with Paul Allen in the passenger seat (at age 21) in Albuquerque, the time police took his photo for a “minor traffic violation.”

An incident Microsoft later promoted (arrest photo) in a German advertisement with the slogan – “Good that there are no speed limits for software.”

Apparently, Gates also likes to dine in his car as well, and is often reported seen at Burgermaster restaurant in Bellevue, Washington.

– perhaps with the “munchies.”

Burgermaster Restaurant – Bellevue, Washington


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  1. I remember the Seattle area before the conjuring of the Mafiasoft beast, and those subhumans that created it; and also the ensuing droves of their ilk that subsequently, and inevitably, defiled the place following that beast’s creation.It was a much healthier, sane, and beautiful place then. I’m sure you, too, can remember.

    The area has been in a steady state of decline since. Now it’s essentially a WASTELAND, inhabited by vacuous, soulless zombies. The architecture, alone, since that period, says it ALL. One need look no further than that to identify the problem. That is, IF one is paying attention. Sadly, most still are not.

    You can always tell where the jews/pharisees are… or have been. Beauty is replaced by ugliness. Sanity, common sense, and logic ALL disappear Everyone is played against one-another. Lies, deception, and mammon-worship become the status quo. And then civilizations die.

    The year 1492 comes to mind… In Spain, that is. They had the right idea. We seem to have failed to exercise such due diligence. And I fear the period for doing so has passed.

    Anyway, I must state I appreciate your efforts… and all the information and insight you have provided over the last few years. Much of this certainly coincides with my own observations and experiences. Anyhow, I thank you. And don’t relent. You’re not alone.

    Be well.

    1. Thank you token white guy, the decimation of Christianity is their ultimate goal, and as long as there is one God-fearing Christian on this planet, they will be defeated.

  2. Gates is a rockefeller cousin and one of the rockefellers married into the rothschild family in the 1920’s or 30’s. Some claim he stole windows from the real creator and paid off the judge when he got sued.

  3. As a software technical writer for several decades, i have always been surprised by the close similarity between “MS-DOS” (Microsoft-Disk Operating System) which is, even today, buried in the pirated bloatware that is “Microsoft Windows,” and Linux, a true OS (Operating System). The command-line similarities are too close for MS-DOS to have been a true original and it is my opinion, after working for several countries around the world, reviewing and documenting (probably) millions of lines of code from different front end, back-end, middleware, and Enterprise softwares and databases, that Unix/Linux is the only true O/S and MS-DOS and it’s bloatware “Windows” is not. Gates may not have directly purloined the idea for MS-DOS — he would have had underlings do the dirty work for him — perhaps he simply copied the logic and the GUI. But, i am in no doubt that Gates never designed or developed Windows or MS-DOS without considerable “borrowing” from Linux.

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