Jew Economic Island

Leftist Jews team up with Chinese of Jewish origin to create a world economic island —

It’s well known China uses American and European technology as the foundation for its economic manufacturing base that produces the bulk of goods currently created worldwide.

This stolen (often Aryan) technology transferred by Leftist Jews from the West to Chinese Jews in the East creates a new world economic order under Jewish control – or Jew economic island.

Amazon is the key US based subsidiary and Jewish owned worldwide distributor of stolen products being manufactured in China – as the plan unfolds.

From “A” to “Z” (America to Zion)

Chinese of Jewish origin were handed the West’s technology and access to Jewish capital to create a manufacturing base second to none – as they have recently done under Clinton, Bush and Obama.

Corporate Chinese Jews use Aryan Chinese slave labor for producing products originally designed and created in the West, largely by European Aryans.

These products are then sold back to their original creators in the West by Jewish distributors such as Amazon, at costs Jews additionally profit from – to further finance their end game of Aryan genocide and depopulation worldwide – after economic destruction in the West is finalized.

The Leftist Marxist Jewish ideology wants America and Europe bankrupt  by destroying the manufacturing base in the West and then killing off its Aryan populations.

Since China’s Jews are currently setup with the West’s best technology and manufacturing facility schematics, now Leftist Jews call for Cap and Trade to seal off the Jew economic island.

China was handed the world’s rare-earth minerals and deep-water ports for re-distribution of Western technology back into America, Europe and worldwide.

Further oppressing countries like Sudan and Afghanistan by depriving them of accessing their abundantly rich natural resources, is all designed to keep China’s ‘Jew economic island’ on top.

Of course, Microsoft is the Jewish software accountant in the equation – being it is Jewish owned.

Jewish Bill Gates: Crypto-Jew, Pseudo-Christian 

Intel, also owned by Jews, embeds the processors for security so no one can steal back the stolen technology.

In due time, a similar technology will produce a one-world-cryptocurrency which will emerge from a worldwide economic crash manipulated by US Leftist and Chinese Jews through control of their economic island.

The coin will be encrypted by Intel – the mark of the beast – no one will be able to barter or trade without it.

Thoroughly in command of all the natural resources, rare-earth minerals, deep water ports, manufacturing facilities, distributing, and single currency, China becomes an economic island to the world – controlled by Marxist Jewish Banksters and governed by the Jew ridden UN.

It’s clear – Trump needs to impose an America First trade policy with China (as he is doing) or else America and Europe are doomed by the very inventions they themselves created.

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