Mike Metteer’s Nepotistic Family Incest at the City of Kirkland

Mike MetteerI attended high school with current city of Kirkland Parks Manager Mike Metteer.  Around 1987, just four years after high school Mike Metteer obtained the very top Parks position with the city of Kirkland directly from his Jewish father – who previously held the position for many years.

Mike Metteer transitioned into this top-level Parks salary with the city directly out of college, taking the job straight from his Jewish father with virtually no interim or transition period.

Apparently, prevalent over the course of history a word was formed for this type of criminality and that word is: NEPOTISM.

Nepotism is defined as – favoritism shown by somebody in power to relatives and friends, especially in appointing them to good positions – Encarta ®

Ironically, this type of cronyism is catching up with the city of Kirkland and these nepotistic parasitic practices are causing the city of Kirkland to go broke.

After 28 years of free-loading off tax payers, Mike Metteer’s nepotistic practices are running out of fuel.

However, crony’s who refuse to give up these privileged criminal behaviors have filed an online petition to try and save Mike Metteer’s job with the city.

Mike Metteer, Greg Dixon and I all went to high school together and graduated in the same year.

Greg T Dixon is John R Bolton’s nephew and a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry.

Dixon said his uncle, Kirkland police officer Bauer Dixon, is the largest dealer of Child Porn on the west coast.

Dixon said Mike Metteer’s Jewish father has a Child Porn collection as large, if not larger than his uncle’s.

Dixon said Mike Metteer’s father owns a website where he posts pictures of nude children daily from his home in Kirkland, called “the daily picture site.”

Dixon said the FBI can’t figure out who owns the site, which was legal at the time in 1998, because the Metteer family uses sophisticated proxy servers to avoid detection.

Rich MculloughDixon said Snoqualmie Valley School District superintendent Rich McCullough, who is Jewish, has access to all student’s photos in every school district in western Washington, and is trading these school children’s photos with the Metteer family and others in exchange for Child Porn.

Dixon said the Metteer family then uses these school children’s photos to run through Photoshop, using the program to morph the faces of children they don’t Genetically like [Eugenics], mostly Aryan children, usually by morphing photos of boys into girls, then posting these corrupted photos on their “daily picture” website for all to see.

Kirkland police officer Bauer Dixon told me personally that he has an extensive Child Porn collection and keeps all the pictures and videos in one single folder, so when he accesses them “the scroll-bar is as thin as a piece of hair.”

Officer Bauer Dixon told me he then uses a sheet of paper held up to the side of the computer screen to mark the location of specific photos for reference… of which, Bauer claims [these children] are “all trash.”

Let’s do the math here… were talking roughly millions of photos of children Bauer Dixon thinks are all trash.  Is this not consistent with the Eugenics philosophy of fellow family member and Neocon John Bolton?

Dixon said like a large percentage of elites, the Metteer family practices incest.  And Mike Metteer’s oldest brother impregnated his own mother during one of these episodes – producing a child born of incest into the Metteer family clan – which is a crime in Washington State.

Brothers: Mike Metteer and  Morton Squibb
Incest Brothers: Mike Metteer and Morton Squibb

In order to cover up this crime, Dixon said the Metteer family adopted-out their accidental incest child to relatives by using Jewish connections [HUBS] they have access to.

Dixon said the new parents named their newly adopted incest child “Morton Squibb.”  Morton Squibb was a couple of years younger than Mike Metteer while also attending high school with us in the 1980s – forced to wear reading glasses he didn’t need to camouflage the fact he is really Mike Metteer’s brother – born of incest.

Here’s the simple equation:

Mike Metteer’s oldest brother + his mother = incest child Morton Squibb

Below is Morton’s 1983 LWHS annual picture and name – click to enlarge.

Morton Squibb - LWHS Annual 83
Morton Squibb – LWHS Annual 83

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