Evidence Tampering: Attorney Leon Kos Breaks into Home, Steals Wooden Scroll

Jewish City of Issaquah Administrator - Leon Kos
Jewish City of Issaquah Administrator Leon Kos

About a decade ago, NBC King 5 news anchor Lori Matsukawa reported on how people who possess “wooden scrolls’ with legal documents attached, are actually in possession evidence representing fraud, foul play, and unfair legal practices.

Further, Lori reported people who have been issued a wooden scrolls by their attorney or law firm, need to seek a different attorney, “and they’ll know what to do about it.”

In 1998, prior to Lori’s local Seattle based King 5 news report, John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, explained exactly what Lori Matsukawa had reported on air that sounded like legal advice.

He specifically informed how in a representative case, city of Issaquah Administrator and attorney Leon Kos, was responsible, along with famed Seattle divorce attorney Juan Peterson, for issuing Dr. Haeg’s wife one of these ‘fraudulent’ wooden scrolls securing her divorce decree.

Wooden Scroll

And, just like Lori explained, how the “wooden scrolls” represents an instrument of fraud and malpractice in the local Seattle area.

Dixon said Leon Kos, who is Jewish, conspired with Juan Peterson, also Jewish, to throw Dr. Haeg’s wife under the bus while falsely pretending to serve their buddy Dr. Haeg and preserve his multimillion dollar money interests, they currently have positioned themselves to inherit (catch).

Dixon said they want to keep all the money in Dr. Haeg’s hands, because it would be much easier to steal it all this way… from just one person.

Also, they don’t want Dr. Haeg’s children having money in order to make it easier to target their Aryan death.

Dixon said Leon Kos and his Jewish wife conspired to steal Dr. Haeg’s wife’s legal divorce papers  rolled up on a wooden scroll by famed attorney Jaun Peterson, before it caught up with them, implicating both attorneys in fraud and malpractice.

In order to secure the self-incriminating evidence, Leon Kos had his wife, Kathy Kos, break into the home of Dr Haeg’s wife where she began rummaging through belongings until she located the aforementioned wooden scroll.

Legal misrepresentation and fraud is exactly what these wooden scrolls have famously come to represent.

By proxy, Dr. Haeg’s wife and children have been systematically defrauded by two of the area’s most prominent and affluent attorney’s.

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