Bellevue High School Jews Infect Aryan Students with HIV/AIDS

Jews at Bellevue High School team up with black Masons in Seattle to infect white (mostly Aryan) students with HIV/AIDS. Lori Matsukawa of NBC King 5 news, a Mason, helped cover it up.

Bellevue High School, Washington
Bellevue High School – Bellevue, Washington

In the school years of 1993-1994, Jewish Bellevue High School administrators, teachers and students unleashed a sinister plot to infect multiple innocent Aryan students attending Bellevue High School in Washington State with HIV/AIDS.

It’s alleged that multiple Jewish teachers, administrators and Jewish students conspired with black Masons (Freemasonry) from Seattle to bring white (Aryan) girls from Bellevue High school into the city to be sexually set up with black men known to be infected with HIV/AIDS.

It appears the Jewish girls from Bellevue High School, in preparation for this attempt on their white counterparts, already formed a trusting sexual relationship with their black Mason boyfriends which they had actually met months earlier to the ruse, in downtown Seattle.


And in fact, prearranged meeting up with them at Westlake Center in Seattle to make it look like a random black ‘sexual hookup’ to their white counterparts, who were also hit on by black men at Westlake Center the black Mason boyfriends knew had HIV/AIDS and had specifically directed to hit on the white girls.

Per the ruse, the black Mason boyfriends would sexually engage their prearranged Jewish “white girls” as though they had just met on the streets of Seattle for sex.

These black Masons would then tell the other black men they knew, and knew were infected with HIV/AIDS to hit on the ‘white girls’ (who were, actually ‘white’).

Jewish teachers and administrators at Bellevue helped to arrange and then cover up these incidents involving top Jewish students. Particularly after one of the parents got word as to what was going on. He found out that the Jewish girls had prearranged relationships with the black men and only pretended to have met randomly at Westlake Center for sex, where they encouraged others to follow, fooled by this Jewish led apparent ‘rite of passage’ sexual adventure in Seattle.

This brought up the question of HIV/AIDS regarding who the ‘other black men’ were, as the parents didn’t know these black men were actually known by the black Mason boyfriends personally to have HIV/AIDS, and specifically directed to infect their white daughters with the disease.

I mean, what a hell of a joke, as the girls all later claimed, to pull on someone, huh?

Lori Matsukawa
Lori Matsukawa

Some of the parents were unhappy with this answer and went to the police, threats of lawsuits were rumored; the media picked up the story.

This is where NBC King 5’s Lori Matsukawa, who reportedly is a Japanese Mason with family ties to Japan’s most prolific baby killer, reported on the event as though it was just girls playing pranks on their fellow classmates, no big deal, move along, nothing to see here, knowing full well it was a Jewish/Masonic attempt at killing white, Aryan girls, something to which her family history can copiously attest.

Pedophile Protector: NBC King 5’s Lori Matsukawa

This is the only place you will hear about this incident, it has been kept quite by the elite who wish to cover it up in the Seattle media.

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