The Bush Connection by Eric Orion – This book is extremely close, if not pushing exactly what Greg T Dixon told me in 1998.  The main difference being the author believes Israel’s Mossad is not involved… they are. It brings operation paperclip to a whole new level of understanding. I highly recommend purchasing it for a mere $9.99*.  Once you start to understand how the elites manipulate everything, and how virtually nothing “big’ ever just happens by chance – you’ll  begin to see why things are the way they are… and who really runs the show.  The author, Eric Orion, sells the ebook from his website called The Bush Connection, you can also buy it from Amazon.

dreamsFromMyRealFatherDreams From my Real Father by Joel Gilbert – This DVD is truly unbelievable, yet exactly what Greg T Dixon told me in 1998.  Dixon said Obama, when elected, would try and destroy America’s middle-class using Fascist ideologies – born from 1917 Soviet era success in annihilating its citizens.  Everything Obama says is the exact opposite of  what his true plans are.  Obama is the 44th president, “4” is the number of death… and exactly what he is planning for the economy… while simultaneously being targeted, a Manchurian himself, for a bullet to the chest, aimed at imposing gun control, the first step in Democide of American citizens.  I highly recommend this DVD from Joel Gilbert at his website for $18.95  [shipping included].

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