Is Obama Going to ‘FAKE ONE’ for Gun Control?

Barack Obama

John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, explained to me in 1998 how the Global Power Elite, mostly Jews, are planning to abolish the Second Amendment in attempts to remove guns from their legal and rightful owners all across America.  How exactly this is to be done, ultimately, remains unknown.  However, Dixon said the GPE are tentatively planning on using a false flag attack on the Presidency.

Dixon said the GPE are Globalist wanting to create a one-world Government through use of the United Nations as a vehicle to control world populations, mostly through economic control of investment and banking, i.e. the IMF, but also maintenance by a hostile police state, feel they need to take guns away from the American population before they can implement this worldly control over America and it’s citizens.  One, to be solely implemented and mandated by means of their United Nations Oligarchy takeover.

Dixon said while fomenting a plan of action for removing guns from the American citizenry, the GPE all came to the same conclusion: “shoot the President”

But not to kill, Dixon said, explaining how the GPE need an elite Presidential co-conspirator to make himself available to the shooter at the right time, providing the right angle to be shot, but not killed, as they don’t want to have to do that again [JFK].

Dixon said the GPE contacted Barrack Obama [prior to 1998] and told him of their plans to use a special agent of the United States Government to act as the False Flag shooter of this future President… as means of gun control.

Dixon said the plan, as explained by the GPE to Obama, was that this special agent would only shoot to wound the President in his right shoulder, leaving him alive, but the Second Amendment dead and buried.

Dixon said Obama agreed to the plan if elected as President, that he would step up and “take one for gun control,” but conditioned it based on his confidence in the shooter to be someone he trusts implicitly to hit the mark.

Dixon said the GPE asked Obama whom he might trust to send a bullet screaming inches from his “smarts,” heart and hitting him squarely in the right shoulder of his garment, an area where there is little chance of permanent damage occurring, provided the bullet is precisely placed while passing cleanly through the President’s right shoulder correctly.

Dixon said Obama instantly knew of only one person he trusted thoroughly enough to shoot him in the right location… through the right shoulder, his good friend and basketball buddy – thus, the right shoulder – Obama doesn’t want to lose his jump shot… being that he is left handed.

The only problem, Dixon explained, is that the GPE, having second thoughts now, doesn’t believe simply wounding the President with a bullet to his right shoulder will be enough justification for the Fed’s to begin removing guns from the homes and “willing” hands of American citizens.

Reggie Love
Reggie Love

Dixon said the GPE, realizing they only get one shot at this, contacted the future potential special agent false flag shooter, whom is to become Obama’s Presidential “body-man,” currently is his friend and basketball buddy, and told him he now needed to shoot to kill the President … explaining that wounding him would not be enough justification for taking guns from the citizenry.

Dixon said Obama’s future Body-man, basketball buddy, and government special agent, agreed to kill future President Obama by putting a bullet in his chest… clearly being more loyal to the GPE than to his good “friend” Obama. Where is the love?

In late 2011, Reggie Love left his job working as “body-man” for President Obama, his plans unclear.  Is this the sign that he is preparing to become a rogue, false flag shooter of re- elected President Obama in 2012-2016?

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