“Jews Your Daddy” Comment Lands Langley Police Officer at Door of Unincorporated Island County Property

Ryan Raulerson
Langley police officer Ryan Raulerson

Around the summer of 2002, I was shopping at a Jewish owned and operated grocery store, named the “Star Store” located within City limits of Langley, Washington.  As I was picking out organic vegetables in the produce section – I noticed the piercing eyes of a young Jewish boy employee watching my every move.

It quickly became, in my opinion, an incident of harassment [typical], but because this star store employee was clearly a Jew, I decided to let it go, and not complain to yet another Jew [of course] by asking to speak with management.

The radio was playing in the store as I continued picking out produce, and the recent 911 terrorist attack was being disused, this prompted me to think of “their” next big false flag event, and I said to myself, under my breath, aloud, “you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

I continued shopping for another twenty minutes or so, and after paying for my Jewish distributed groceries, I was pulling my vehicle out of the star store’s Jewish parking lot when I noticed this same Jewish employee, who had been visually harassing me in the store walking down the sidewalk.  As my window was already open, I blurted out, “Jews your daddy” [a factual statement].

I did this to let him know the only reason he is able to get away with harassing me is because he is a Jew, and as such, is protected by other Jews who control the small minds of the [homosexually repressed] police, through proxy of their Jewish colluded emotional superiority.

Within hours of returning home I heard someone knocking on my front door.  I went to the window to see who it was.  A Langley police officer in uniform was standing on my deck looking around.  I continued watching as he started jumping up and down on my deck looking for weak deck boards, when he found one, he tried to break through, but couldn’t [very odd that this non-jurisdictional cop has now deemed himself building inspector checking the integrity of my decking].

As I watched further, this City of Langley Police officer, who had pulled his City of Langley police vehicle clear onto my unincorporated Island County property, well out of his jurisdiction, started to go around to the back of my property through my latched gate, but as he began to lift up the latch, I saw him think twice, and he put the latch back down and walked away.

Langley police officer Ryan Raulerson

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