ABC Komo 4 Ken Schram’s Crypto Scam

Ken Schram
Crypto Jew: Ken Schram

Ken Schram is a local Seattle area reporter best known for hosting, and instilling conflict in, the local-affairs show Town Meeting and Komo 4’s news segment called “Schram on the Street.”

Most recently, Schram hosted a self-gratifying segment were he gave out a personal Oscar-style award debasing mostly local and regional people he thought were guilty of bone-headed decisions and/or appalling or asinine behavior, titled the “Schrammie.”

For several years, Ken Schram also hosted the talk radio show, The Commentators, with conservative Jew John Carlson, where among many other asinine “mind-fucked” comments, Schram compared public breast feeding to public urination – a hypocritical comment clearly worthy of a “Scammie.”

The elites, for which Schram is being misled into believing he is part, are seeking worldly control of humanity through eugenic methodology explicitly stated by elitist Bertrand Russell, who openly preaches; it’s all about the nutritional genetic divide.

A divide, for which the practice of breast feeding significantly decreases, and by far the most important equalizing health regimen one can easily partake.

But this isn’t the issue I’m addressing in this post, Schram’s types are everywhere and people are waking up to the importance of healthy foods, healthy lifestyles and danger of GMOs.

The issue I intent to expose with Schram here, is that according to John R Bolton’s first nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, Schram is a genetic scammer, a bold faced race liar – a Crypto Jew!

Ken Schram is openly claiming to be of German descent [Aryan]. However in reality, he is really a Jew… a Jew for which I can easily decipher.

Holstering an entire countries race and genetics hostage, loaded with the liberty to act a fool with.

This reality really gives new blood to the meaning “Schram on the Street”

Pseudo German – Crypto Jew

Dixon said Schram’s racial deceit and genetic scam stems from his own Jewish held belief, and fact, that Jews are in far too disproportionate numbers to that of the general population in holding the vast majority of prominently held positions within our society … particularly within the media.

Schram, who has publicly stated that he is German, is exploiting the entire German race… solely to hide his true Jewish genetics. Crypto Jewish Genetics, vociferously touting very harmful lies used to deceive his listeners, mostly Aryans.

Although, ever since Republicans got crushed behind the weight of their own ignorant paralyzing stumble in not recognizing the sway off the public, hard-core, right-wing “ignorant fucks” the likes of Schram and others are no longer considered an asset.

Crypto Jew scam artist Ken Schram was fired from ABC Komo 4 and radio on 04 December 2012, after a 35 year career, citing cutbacks to full-time employees.

Providing yet again, a whole new standpoint to “Schram on the Street.”

Dixon also said his uncle, Kirkland police officer Bauer Dixon, is the largest dealer of Child Porn on the west coast and is dealing to Schram…

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