China Solar Panel Components Venerable to EMP Attack

Diodes made in China for solar panels are designed to purposely fail under EMP strikes.


Chinese made solar panel diodes are intentionally designed to fail when hit with an EMP attack, which will also take down the entire US electrical grid.

This is but one of many ‘Dark Winter’ plans elites have at their disposal just waiting to be unleashed on humanity.

China is fully participating with US Marxist Bolsheviks in the making of these EMP susceptible diodes for solar panels sold in the US.

Together, they can take down the entire US electrical grid system – including solar – with a Dark Winter EMP false flag attack at a time of their choosing.

They will perform this attack from a first-world position, having full electricity and infrastructure, while the masses are left without, forming a third-world hell hole Dark Winter.

However, the solar panels will still work without their diodes, but not in conjunction with the batteries, which makes the system fully functional.

So, Chinese made diodes are a key component for off-grid solar systems to work properly, and without these diodes the system will not be able to store the solar electricity it produces for any length of time – rendering the system essentially useless.

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